Sarah Palin Myths and Facts

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					Sarah palin: Myths and FACTS MYTH: Palin fired Walt Monegan due to a personal consideration FACT: Walt Monegan was reassigned because of "outright insubordination" and
resistance to the Governor's budget. The investigation into the case was also sustained by Obama affiliates in the state of Alaska. Monegan refused reassignment.

MYTH: Palin forced her pregnant teen daughter to have her baby
and get married.

FACT: In the state of Alaska, teens aren't required to notify their
parents in order to have an abortion. Bristol chose to have her baby and marry the father.

MYTH: Palin has no experience. FACT: Palin has more executive experience than both of the candidates on the
Democratic ticket combined.

MYTH: Palin is relatively inexperienced in foreign policy. FACT: It is rare for candidates to have significant foreign policy experience. Clinton,
Reagan, few sitting presidents had foreign policy experience coming in. Palin understands energy issues which are relevant in foreign hot-spots like Georgia and the Middle East.

MYTH: Palin's experience as mayor of Wasilla was insignificant. FACT: Palin was an effective mayor of Wasilla, who got things done. Wasilla did well
economically, and she gained real executive leadership experience.

MYTH: Palin banned books in Wasilla FACT: A blog commenter made up some false claims on a librarian's website.

MYTH: Palin misrepresents her views on the "bridge to nowhere" FACT: Palin broke with the prevailing popular support for the bridge in Alaska,
and with the Alaskan Republican party by opposing it. She broke the status quo of support for it.

MYTH: Sarah has a special needs child and a large family and won't be able to do the job..... FACT: Sarah Palin was chosen by McCain because she is intelligent, experienced, a proven
multi-tasker and reformer. Sarah has a strong family network of support. She is committed to serve her country in this important role at a time when our country needs someone with her leadership background and vision.

MYTH: Palin has only been Governor for a short time. FACT: Palin has these significant legislative achievements already accomplished: an ethics
reform bill, a natural gas pipeline deal, a reduction in federal earmark requests, etc. In fact, in the 20 months she has been Governor, she has more legislative achievements than Barack Obama has in his roughly 40 months in the US Senate.

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