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									Great Ideas for Personalizing your Custom Cards
Whether it is mommy cards for playdates, thank you cards for favors, note cards for gifts and even corporate business cards, there is nothing like personalizing your custom cards to add that extra special something to them. If you want to give the best mommy cards, thank you cards etc. etc. then you have to always consider adding some personal touches to their designs so that extra special something is always there.

If you have no idea though how to start personalizing your designs, then below are four great ideas that you should consider for personalizing custom cards.

1. Adding your own images and graphics - Most people think that cards are just cards. So they expect little from them except a few lines of text and maybe a logo if it is a business card. Of course, as you might imagine, this concept is wrong. Business cards, note cards, thank you cards and even mommy cards really benefit from the addition of other more personalized images to make them stand out.

For example, adding cartoons and cute icons in mommy cards can be quite beautiful and impressive for people. Business cards can also carry small images of the owner so that he or she can be easily recognized by a business contact. There are plenty of advantages to adding your own personal graphics to your card, so try it out in your custom designs as well.

2. Printing your motto or catch phrase - Another cool personal touch to custom cards is to print your own motto or catch phrase in it. If you find yourself repeating a personal maxim or expression that everybody knows, then people will indeed recognize you and your custom card if that maxim is printed onto it. The more people recognize you in these ways, the more you benefit from your custom cards.

3. Adding other types of materials - You may also want to add other types of materials in your custom cards as a way of adding personal taste. For example, adding things like sticker holograms, metallic inks, string borders and even adding texture and embossing to your custom card will do a lot to make them quite memorable. Do this if you really want people to consider your custom cards as special and keep it for themselves as mementos.

4. Using cards in different sizes and shapes - Finally, and perhaps most obviously, the best thing that you can do to personalize your custom cards is to use different sizes and shapes. Circle shaped thank you cards, or baby shaped mommy cards can be quite the interesting sight, and it only takes a little adjustment in your design and printing order to do this easily. Differently shaped cards will of course be quite memorable and effective, so you should consider this technique as well if you really want to be noticed via your custom cards.

So those are some of the great ideas for personalizing custom cards. Why not try them out?

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