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2004 Wesley Walk for Others


									27th Annual Wesley Walk for Others
Saturday, October 24th, 2009, 7:30 A.M. Stone Mountain First United Methodist Church

Thank You Walk Coordinators
Thank you for agreeing to serve as your church’s Walk Coordinator for Wesley Community Centers’ Annual Wesley Walk for Others. Because of the dedication and hard work of individuals like you, Wesley Community Centers is able to continue to serve those in need. We currently serve through three ministry areas:  Camp Wesley is a Christian based program for children and youth in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  Bethlehem Senior Center is a weekday center for seniors in southeast Atlanta that provides fellowship, special activities, a hot meal and fieldtrip. Our homebound program offers assistance and referrals to seniors and their family members.  Project Extend provides home repairs at no cost to low–income seniors to help them remain independent and to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Thank you for all you are doing to help make these ministries possible!

Tips for Using This Packet 1) Read through all of the instructions even if you are a long-time Walk Coordinator as we
have made some modifications since our last Walk. 2) THINK of new people and groups that you have never invited to participate in the Walk. 3) CHECK to make sure you have enough supplies for your congregation. For additional supplies contact Wesley Community Centers: “Call” the Office 404-872-0086 or Download from 4) BEFORE arriving at the Walk, make sure that you have filled out all forms that need to be turned in at the registration table.  Walkers’ Registration Forms (unless you registered on-line)  Indemnification Forms  Group Registration Form 5. DOUBLE CHECK with your church Treasurer to make sure funds are remitted in a timely manner after the Walk. (1)

_____Review Walk materials and order extra supplies, if needed. _____ Recruit walkers and volunteers  Talk to Sunday School Classes, UMM, UMW, Youth, Boy/Girl Scouts, Sports teams. etc.  Give a presentation on Wesley Community Centers during Sunday School, Wednesday night service, or part of a mission fair, etc. (feel free to invite an employee or Board member from Wesley Community Centers to tell our story).  Post flyers around your church.  Include a few lines each Sunday in your bulletin about “giving feet to the faith of the church” (See enclosed Bulletin “Blurbs”). _____ Inform Walkers and Volunteers  Distribute Walker Packets (sponsor envelops, walker cards, tips and information sheets). Encourage participants to fill out Registration and Indemnification forms as soon as possible and return to you so you can turn them in on the day of the walk.  Emphasize that it is easier to collect donations at the time the pledge is made, but if they prefer to wait until after the Walk, encourage them to collect the money and return the sponsor envelop to you in a timely manner.  Minimum donation to receive a T-Shirt or Scout patch is $25.  Minimum donation to receive T-Shirt, Scout patch and Hat is $100.  Urge walkers to become familiar with the walker tips to help them have a safe and profitable walk.  Encourage walkers to arrive early (7:15) to participate in warm-up exercises.  Mail in Volunteer Recruitment Sheet no later than Oct. 19, 2009. Be sure to provide a schedule of volunteer opportunities to those willing to work on the day of the Walk.  Inform interested parties that even if they cannot be at Stone Mountain on October 24, they can walk the same day where ever they are and support Wesley Community Centers. They can also participate in a mini-walk prior to the Walk day with a group of friends, family, co-workers or fellow church members.  Notify Walkers that Stone Mountain First UMC provides foods and beverages for sale in fellowship hall on the day of the Walk. All proceeds go to the Wesley Walk for Others. _____ Before the Walk:  Collect Registration and Indemnification forms from all walkers and verify they are filled out completely and accurately.  Double check a parent or legal guardian has signed all minors’ forms.  As close to the walk date as possible, confirm donation amounts because, Walk Coordinators must sign the appropriate box on the Walker Card before Walker can pickup his/her t-shirt, patch or hat on day of the Walk.  Enter the name of each walker on the Group Registration form and clip all of the Registration and Indemnification forms to the back of the form. (2)

_____ Day of the Walk:  Arrive as early as possible to make sure that your materials are turned in when the Walkers begin to arrive.  Check-In at your District table (in the registration area) to turn in your Group Registration. Make sure registration and indemnification forms are attached.  If you are not affiliated with a United Methodist Church, check in at the “all other district” table. _____ After the Walk - as soon as possible (preferably Sunday after the Walk)  Collect the Sponsor’s Envelopes from Walkers and Volunteers.  Fill out the Coordinator’s Financial Report. o List number of walkers, volunteers, amount of money collected o List youth and adult raising largest amount of money and total amount raised.  Mail the Coordinator’s Financial Report by the end of November, 2009 to:
Wesley Community Centers, Inc. 859 Metropolitan Parkway, SW; Atlanta, GA 30310

 Ways to Submit Funds Collected: 1. Submit directly to Wesley Community Centers, (preferred method) at above address. 2. Submit to your Church Treasurer along with your Local Treasurer Remittance Form (Ask the treasurer to return the top portion of the form to WCC as soon as possible even if the funds are being sent through the conference). o Submit funds through the North Georgia Conference Treasurer. Funds should be clearly marked for the 2009 Wesley Walk for Others – Advance #3990)  Encourage walkers to use the Thank You cards to show their appreciation for those who supported them in the Walk.  Share your good ideas that promoted this Walk with us, so other congregations can benefit from your success story! _____ Preparing for next year:  Express you personal appreciation to those who walked and volunteered.  Choose one of Wesley’s ministries (Camp Wesley, Bethlehem Senior Center, or Project Extend), and encourage your walkers to do a group hands-on mission experience throughout the year.  Look for opportunities throughout the year to talk about your experience at the Wesley Walk for Others and the ministries of Wesley Community Centers, Inc.  Schedule a church wide program to better inform your congregation about the opportunities for hands-on mission at Wesley Community Centers, Inc. (3)

 Sponsor envelope (one for each walker) which includes:  Walker card  Walker Tips and Information Please make copies and distribute to walkers and volunteers:  Registration form (one each)  Indemnification form (one each )  Map (one per walker, or as needed)  Volunteer Recruitment Sheet (as needed)  Thank you cards (as needed) Other forms included:  Group Registration Form (one per 25 walkers)  Bulletin “Blurbs” (one each)  Coordinator Financial Report (one each) - green form  Local Treasurer Remittance Form (give to church Treasurer to complete) - pink form FOR ADDITIONAL FORMS OR MATERIALS Call the office at 404-872-0086 Download directly from website at

+ Soft drinks, sports drinks, juices + Individually wrapped candy (not something that melts) + Snack foods (pretzels, peanuts, breakfast bars, potato chips, animal crackers) + 6-ounce paper drinks cups At least 5 days prior to the Walk, contact Wesley Community Centers, Inc., (404-872-0086) to arrange contribution pick-up or deliver your supplies to: Wesley Community Centers, Inc. 859 Metropolitan Parkway, SW Atlanta, GA 30310 (404-872-0086)

For more information visit us online at www.

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