; Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
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Research Pedigree - 4 Generation


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									Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Turner's Memphis Blues
Reg Name: Turner's Memphis Blues Reg #: RN116087/02 Birth Date: 06/07/2006

Breed/Variety: West Highland White Terrier Sex: Male

Magic Olac Slaska Gwara PKR III-42204 Merlin Urwiska Szkocji RN061358/02 06-05 (Poland) White AKC DNA #V461857

Olac Master Moontrotter PKR 26554/3572 Misia Slaska Gwara PKR 38079

(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online) (Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)

Quincy King Of Joy Samantino Polonica (Not Available Online) PKR 29056 (Not Available Online) Vlitter Anastazja Romanov PKR III-38080 (Not Available Online) Fleur Lady Of Samantino Polonica PKR 28742 (Not Available Online) CH Gulliver Of Guilliland RA922200 09-85 (United Kingdom) White Lanarkstone Frosted Fantasy RB238018 06-90 White CH Whiskybae Toby Tyler RB217747 09-91 White Kobea's Bonny From Katy RB192761 06-89 White CH Peppy Paws Of Pandwyck RB206094 12-91 White Ceedee's Squittal Squattal RB357005 12-91 White Martin's Aspen Ski Boy RB030532 11-86 White Martin's Kathrine Macglam II RB030533 11-87 White

CH Ziegshire Helojo Wadayano RM031475/04 11-96 White Turner's Memphis Blues RN116087/02 White Austins Star RM194705/03 02-98 White AKC DNA #V92265 Naron's Bay B Prickley Pear RM139672/07 03-97 White Pandwycks Tess RM305672/03 11-01 White Talla Of Pandwyck RM111526/01 04-95 White AKC DNA #V92263 Pandwyck's Deva RM180910/02 08-97 White Zachary's Misty Morning RB324855 03-91 White

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