Unemployment by giriputhoor83


									Causes of Unemployment
Unemployment is another term being use for having no job at all. If you are going to refer it to the person involved, he or she may be called as a person who is unemployed. Unemployment or being unemployed can be voluntary or involuntary, depending on the situation. The cause of being unemployment will greatly vary according to the situation where a person is working or not. Unemployment can even happen even when you are currently working, yet you are given a signal to stop on working in a certain company for a certain reason. It can be voluntary sometimes, when it is the person's choice to become unemployed. One of the causes is when people will tend to move from one job into another, especially when he or she is not comfortable with the kind of job that he or she is working. On the other hand, it can be also when people are moving from one job to another when he or she is not satisfies from the wages and benefits that he or she receive in the company that he or she is working for. However, this depends on you, whether you are voluntarily leaving your job or not, it is always a case to case basis. Another reason why people become unemployed is that when time comes that they tend to move from one place to another. When a person is living for another place, and when the company that he or she is working with is far from the place that he is living, then automatically, he or she must withdraw from his job. Another cause of being unemployed is the occupational immobility. This refers to the time when a person finds difficulty in learning new skills in his work. If he cannot cope up still with his or her work, then he must be rejected by the company that he or she is working for. Being flexible and versatile sometimes is very much needed if you are going to look for a job, since there certainly new skills that you can meet along the way. Another reason why unemployment occurs is when there is a great economic depression, or now becomes famous with the term "global recession". When economys fall down, many are becoming affected, most especially the employees. During this kind of situation, employer and other business owners will be force to reduce their workers in order to cope up with the right wages of the workers. There are so many causes why people become unemployed. However, the answer to this problem is still within your decision. Bear in mind that being unemployed can be voluntary or involuntary, thus, you can still make the best choice for your life, and that is to be employed or to remain unemployed and jobless at all. Whatever the cause of being unemployed if a person will still pursues to look for a job and become employed then there is no reason for you to stay unemployed.

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