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At M OON D ANCE V ILLAS , we host dozens of weddings every year. Only one wedding per day is performed, ensuring that all of the attention is on you. Weddings at M OON D ANCE V ILL AS are Complimentary with your 4-night stay and include: A Coordinator, the Ceremony, a Wedding Officiant, license and paperwork, bridal bouquet, and boutonnière. M OON D ANCE is also happy to host any other events for you and your wedding guests over the course of your stay with us: rehearsal dinners, beach barbeques, post-wedding brunches, romantic breakfasts-in-bed, or whatever else you think will complete your celebration.

Certified original copies of the birth certificate of both the bride and groom The bridal couple must be in Jamaica at least 48 hours prior to their ceremony If either party is divorced, Proof of Divorce If either party is a widow or widower, Certified Original Copies of the Death Certificate (if applicable) Photocopy of ID (Drivers license or Passport)

Weddings at M OON D ANCE V ILLAS can be as large or small as you would like. We cater to wedding parties anywhere from two to 100. Up to 40 guests can stay in the Villas. You may invite the same number of off-site guests as you have on-site guests to the wedding and reception (i.e. if you have 20 guests staying in the Villas, you may invite an additional 20 to your wedding who are staying at other hotels in the area). Couples choosing to rent out the entire resort may host up to 100 total guests at their ceremony and reception.

Immediately after booking your Villas: Decide which wedding package you would like for the duration of your stay: All-Inclusive or European. All members of your party will be on the meal plan of your choice. Assign all of your guests to rooms! Our reservations agents are happy to provide you with an easy-to-use sheet so you can simply arrange your bridal party and guests in the Villas of your choice! After this sheet has been returned to the reservations office, tell your guests to start calling us with deposits. We’ll have your rooming sheet ready and can book them into the correct Villa. Book your photographer! Photographers in Negril, and everywhere, are busy and tend to book up far in advance. Inform the Wedding Coordinator of the preferred denomination of your Officiant.

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Let your Wedding Coordinator know if you will be using off-site vendors for your flowers, cake, and music. Twelve weeks prior to your wedding: Start discussing your menu! Phone or email your Wedding Coordinator about the menus you’d like for your reception, as well as any other events you may be having (rehearsal dinner, beach barbeque, brunch, etc). Your coordinator will be able to give you choices and recommendations that are fresh, seasonal, and delicious! Eight weeks prior to your wedding: Fax your Wedding Coordinator all appropriate documentation so your marriage license can be obtained. Six weeks prior to your wedding: Decide what spa and beauty services (hair, nails, massage, etc) will be needed, on what days, and for how many people (bride, bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride, etc). Let your Wedding Coordinator know so that all appointments can be booked in a timely fashion. The week prior to your wedding: Finalize your schedule of events, menu selections, ceremony time, wedding day schedule, and any other odds and ends that may need to be taken care of! The day of your wedding: Hair and Spa Appointments Ceremony Your ceremony time will be dependent on the time of year. Your Wedding Coordinator can advise as to the best times of day for ceremonies. Photos Cocktail Hour Reception Before you leave Moon Dance Villas: Confirm your current mailing address and double check all personal information with the Wedding Coordinator so she can get your marriage certificate to you promptly!

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From flowers and arches to entertainment and cakes, M OON D AN CE V ILLAS offers a comprehensive list of extra services to help give your wedding a truly personalized atmosphere. If there is a wedding amenity you would like that is not on the list, please let your wedding coordinator know and she will do her best to track it down for you.
Arch made by Moon Dance Arch by local florist Aisle by Moon Dance Aisle by local florist Bridesmaid Bouquet Boutonniere Photographer Videographer Favors Decorations Cake by local bakery Chairs^ Chair Covers^ Chair Tie Backs Champagne Goblets Tables Live Ceremony Music: Keyboard, Soloist, or Guitarist MC DJ Live Band Tent (30 x 50) Bride’s Hair and Make-Up Spa Wedding Packages Butterflies (25 to 50) Doves

$50 $450 and upwards $50 $400 and upwards $30 - $150 $5 - $8 $450 Upwards $500 Upwards $10 upwards $150 average cost (varies according to requirements) $350 Minimum $2/each, White wooden chairs $8-10/each, Chivari Chairs $2/each, White wooden chairs $8-10/each, Chivari Chairs $2/each $10 $10/each $200 Minimum $150-250 $200/hour, 3 hour minimum $900 $500/day Starting from $40 at kamala Starting from $80 at kamala $125 - $250 $100/pair *Please note these are current prices and are subject to change ^Price does not include transport 4|P a g e W e dd i ng I n fo r ma n t

The Negril area has many excellent florists who can provide flowers for your dream wedding. Available local services include arches, centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnière, corsages, and aisles, along with whatever else you might want!

kamala, the modern salon and spa at M OON D ANCE C L IFFS , offers services ranging from hair and

nails, to skin scrubs and massages. Your wedding coordinator will be happy to arrange any appointments you or your guests would like at kamala.

Many couples decide to use local photographers for their ceremony and reception photos. Other couples are more comfortable hiring someone from the states and paying for their room, travel, etc. If you would like to learn more about local wedding photographers, please ask your Coordinator for contact details.

There are several bakers in the area who do wonderful, delicious wedding cakes. Costs vary according to the size and type of decoration. Please consult your coordinator for samples and details.

Your wedding coordinator will be happy to liaise with any entertainers you would like, reserving them for your wedding day and submitting lists of all requested songs and music.

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The pace of life is different in Jamaica; it’s slower, more relaxed, easier. Please keep this in mind during the course of your planning. If a vendor or contact doesn’t reply to your request straight away, especially early on in the process, it is certainly not because you’re wedding isn’t important. Rather, they are focusing on celebrations that are happening more immediately. Customs and shipping in Jamaica can be very slow, so if you have special favors or centerpieces you would like, we recommend packing them in an extra suitcase rather than shipping them ahead of time. Pictures are appreciated! If you have a photo of the flowers, arch, or cake you would like, please send it to your Wedding Coordinator and she will do her best to have it recreated on your wedding day. Please remember that Negril is a small town and Jamaica a small country. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain certain foods, beverages, and flowers and often these things depend on the time of year.

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There are simply few words to describe the experience M OON D ANCE provided to my now husband Jon, myself, and our 100 guests. We booked all the villas and spent a fabulous week with four events leading up to the wedding. They will arrange Jerk barbeques on the beach, picnics with tiki torches, live music bands at your table, and almost anything you can imagine on a beach. It was a lifetime of amazing memories! Linus (our planner and commander-in-chief) took great care in all the details and allowed my husband and I to relax, lie back, and just have a great time. M OON D ANCE will spoil any luxury traveler with high expectations. Whatever you want you can get—active or passive, private or public, luxurious or rustic. It’s just amazing. -Tamara & Jon I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thanks so much for making our "weddingmoon" a true fantasy. Everything was exactly how I had pictured it and more! You truly made it a memorable experience. We are already planning our next vacation to M OON D ANCE . The upgrade to the five bedroom villa was absolutely fabulous. The staff at M OON D ANCE is topnotch! I will be recommending M OON D ANCE to everyone. Everyone was so professional and performed their jobs with such ease. It was incredibly organized and everything was planned perfectly. Thanks again for a fantasy vacation/wedding! We will be back soon. -A.B., married at Moon Dance Spring 2007 A great big Texas "THANK YOU" to you and your staff for the great job you did in planning and carrying out the most perfect wedding for Keri and Max and the most amazing vacation for all the guests. We are still talking about what a wonderful time we had and all the great memories that will be with us forever. We really appreciate all the help you gave us in the planning stages months before the weddings. You were so informative and helpful in letting us know what needed to be done. Every recommendation you gave us (from the photographers to the band) met our expectations and beyond. Thanks for being so patient as we bombarded you with questions in the months leading up to our visit. Thanks again for a great wedding and vacation that every single guest enjoyed! I hope we can come back to M OON D ANCE and see you and your fantastic staff again." -M.L., The mother of the bride We would like to thank you and your entire staff for the superb visit we had at M OON D A NCE V ILLA S this month. My daughter’s wedding was an excellent, exciting affair. Your accommodations deserve all the high praise they can get, especially the staff: Mark, Cherry Ann, Sheri, Serge, Connie,

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and Sonja to mention a few. Of course Linus was terrific and conducted the staff like a true expert and professional. We will be sure to recommend your facility to all we come in contact with. -Sid & Lynn Lupu Our stay at M OON D ANCE was amazing. The place was even nicer than the pictures. The food was great and the staff was incredible. They made us feel like family. We had never been to a place like this; all of our friends and family want to go back. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Montego Bay for the second half of our trip. The Ritz was also very nice, but didn’t compare to M OON D ANCE …Thanks for all of your help over the past year! -Jerome Shannon and I wanted to thank you for all your help in setting up a great vacation and wedding for us. All of our guests loved the resort. You definitely delivered a great place unlike any other resort in Negril. The group has already started the “M OON D ANCE Vacation Fund” to start saving money for the next vacation. We had a blast. The staff at your resort is amazing. Glen, Robert, Polly, Apple, and Dale were in our villa. They were even better than we had hoped. They are great people and we really enjoyed our time with them. There will be many repeat visitors from our crew. -Rich and Shannon M OON D ANCE V ILL AS is a fantastic place to stay and have a wedding. The facility is beautiful! The service is exceptional and the staff is a wonderful group of people. I had my wedding there and would not have it anywhere else; if I had to do it all over again, it would be at M OON D ANCE without a doubt. Thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime! --Twana Patrick Jemerson Roland and I had the most amazing time at M OON D ANCE V IL LAS and our wedding was just perfect!! We have two weeks of wonderful memories instead of one or two days, so we are very fortunate. I had an image in my head of the resort but nothing like what it was like in reality. It is hard to describe M OON D AN CE to people. I think the resort is beautiful but it is definitely the staff that makes M OON D ANCE the wonderful treasure it is. I don’t think I have ever found a place where the people are nicer, than the “crew” at M OON D ANCE . Finally, to Linus, a HUGE THANK YOU to you for all of your help over the days leading up to the wedding. You spend a lot of time just being my “wedding planner” and I really appreciate that, and I think the fact that you are such an approachable person made me feel like I was in good hands at all times, so I think you for all those silly jobs you did with me which took you away from your office. I definitely plan on returning to M OON D ANCE V ILLAS , as it was a fantastic trip. Again, Linus a

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huge thank you to you and your staff for the most amazing wedding and honeymoon we could ever have had. -Debbie and Rollie Jack and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for putting on the wedding of Tami & Kevin’s dreams! We would also like to thank you for the extra special care extended to my elderly parents and our little grandson—your staff took excellent care of them! Glenn, Mark and Polly anticipated the needs of everyone and seemed to know when and where to be visible and available. Kudos to all of them, in addition to many other staff members, for being extremely helpful in so many ways. We have stayed at some pretty fabulous places, but M OON D AN CE is second to none! Jack and I really enjoyed our days there alone together after we moved to Lilac Mist and felt as if were honeymooning once again! Although the celebration of the wedding with the beach barbeque, ceremony, and reception was our main focus, it certainly was great to say goodbye to the family and have much needed time together! -Jack and Terri Loftus

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