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Ben and Jerry Entrepreneur


This is an example of ben and jerry entrepreneur. This document is useful for studying ben and jerry entrepreneur.

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          Ben and Jerry
•   Ben and Jerry is created by two childhood
    friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.
    They both took a $5 correspondence in ice
•   After a failed attempt by Ben Cohen to return
    the company to private ownership, Ben and
    Jerry's was purchased in August 2000 by the
    Unilever conglomerate for slightly over
    $326.43 million. Jerry made about $19 million
    dollars through the deal, and Ben about $46
• By the lack of education Milton S.
  Hershey went nearly bankrupt at age 30
  and then went on to become not only one
  of Americas wealthiest individual but
  also a successful entrepreneur.
Mary Kay retired in 1963 for a month after a
lengthy and successful career in direct
sales. She decided to write a book to help
women thrive in a man-dominated business
world. She made two lists: one contained the
good things in some companies. life savings
of $5,000 and the help of her 20-year-old son
Richard Rogers, she launched Mary Kay
Cosmetics on Friday, September 13, 1963.
The Company she founded remains today one
of the greatest success stories in the annals
of business. The Company today includes
more than 800,000 Independent Beauty
Consultants in 37 markets on five
  Donald Trump
• Trump began his career at his father's
  company, the Trump Organization, and
  initially concentrated on his father's
  preferred field of middle class rental
• He is the CEO of Trump Organization, an
  American-based real estate company in
  the premium real estate market
• By 1994, the effects of recession left him
  unable to meet loan payments

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