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									POSITION DESCRIPTION Position title: Reports to: Salary Classification: Basic function: DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS TRAVEL Corporate Director of Sales Salary Exempt Generate corporate business travel room nights in each of the Magnolia Hotels through direct sales to corporate travel managers, local administrative assistants and other appropriate sources for lead generation. Position will also foster relationships with travel agencies, Consortia managers and wholesalers.

Magnolia Hotels Service Standards for the position: The Director of Business Travel will work with each of the properties local and national markets for business travel room night generation, which will require the development and maintenance of a strong local and national network of business contacts to generate and prospective leads. Since most business will be conducted on behalf of each property, the Director of Business Travel will truly be an ambassador of each Hotel as well as the company as a whole. Some of the core Duties and Responsibilities of the Director of Business Travel includes: 1. Identify, research and develop new clients in each local and national markets for corporate transient business (IBT), consortia and wholesale bookings. 2. Identify, research and develop clients from companies (based on annual revenue and staff) as potential clients for negotiated rate contracts. Position will also, at times, uncover group and catering leads; these leads should then be directed to each appropriate local Sales Manager for follow up. 3. Review in-house booking reports for each property to identify new potential leads for business travel, travel agency bookings and consortia production. 4. Work with Corporate Director of Sales to review monthly consortia and travel agent productivity reports. 5. Create travel agent and wholesaler promotions to increase revenue. 6. Identify top feeder markets for business travel and travel agents. Visit feeder markets to increase Magnolia Hotels awareness. 7. On a monthly basis, review the hotels’ monthly Hotelligence reports to identify business travel trends, potential areas for growth, travel agency positioning and the hotels’ strengths in each market. Submit summary analysis to General Managers and Directors of Sales. 8. Coach the hotels’ IBT Managers on reading, analyzing, and acting on leads from Hotelligence. 9. Work closely with each hotels Director of Sales and Corporate Director of Sales to identify all business travel penetration needs/markets and segments. 10. Identify and actively solicit travel agencies and wholesalers that may have potential in each of our hotels’ markets. 11. Negotiate and submit to the Revenue Manager any new negotiated corporate contracts as well as annual renewals of any existing contracts.

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12. Visit all properties a minimum of once per quarter. Pre-set site visits, sales calls and other functions directly related to the business travel for each property. Director of Business Travel should also participate in joint sales calls with each properties IBT Managers. Participate in the training of the hotels IBT managers by taking them on sales calls at least quarterly during travel to each property. 13. Conduct monthly group conference calls with individual hotels IBT Managers. 14. Assist in completing the business travel components of the individual hotels Business/Marketing Plans. 15. Assist in completing strategic action plans with individual hotels for all relevant market segments, booking channels and revenue streams on a quarterly basis. 16. Review production and pace reports with individual hotels and assist in forecasting budget and industry trends. 17. Understand individual hotels sales strategies in order to evaluate new and incremental business opportunities to maximize revenue for the hotels. 18. Maximize current individual hotels key accounts by helping them identify and capture those that offer revenue growth. 19. Plan and implement with individual hotels an on-going target account development “hot list” in order to create new revenue and acquire valuable hotel contacts and contracts. 20. Utilize yield management techniques assisting and coaching individual hotels IBT Managers to profitably negotiate room rates in order to enhance the hotels financial performance. 21. Develop with individual hotels customer profiles and maintains an effective trace system, including trace dates and references, in order to best meet client needs, resulting in superior account service and increased revenues. 22. Conduct, research, surveys, personal investigation and studies market place and territory with individual hotels in order to effectively capitalize on the individual hotels strengths and competitor’s weaknesses and capabilities. 23. Manage the RFP season nationally and locally keeping the hotels on track and coordinating with revenue management. 24. Stay current with new business travel trends, upcoming hotel and national events and hotel-related business trends. 25. Participate in scheduled Sales/GM meetings and training courses, as needed. 26. Assist in new hotel openings in regards to new business development, sales blitzes, grand opening preparation and business travel market study. 27. Maintain all phone and e-mail contacts, ensuring prompt (same-day) return of all calls and e-mails. 28. Maintain all calls, tentative bookings, definite bookings, annual IBT contracts and other relevant data in the daylight sales software. In addition to making weekly / monthly goals for business development and correspondence activities. 29. Attend various business travel and other related trade shows and/or meetings that will have a direct correlation to increasing business travel, consortia and wholesale business. Coordinate all aspects of the NBTA convention including shipping of collateral, booth, supplies, group sales calls, hotel arrangements, flights, and on property attendees.

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30. Work with and professionally interact with the local Directors of Sales, General Managers, Sales Managers and affected department heads regarding hotel services provided to IBT clients. 31. Process all contracts in a timely manner; maintain client files to sales standards and daylight software. 32. Other duties as assigned by the Corporate Director of Sales. 33. Have a flexible schedule to be able to attend last minute meetings or events in other cities when necessary. Uniform: The position is not provided a uniform. Business casual or business attire shall be worn while on duty. Appearance Standards: The position will follow the appearance standards as outlined in the Magnolia Hotels Appearance Standards Policy. Due to the high public contact nature of the position, the Appearance Standards must be adhered to without variance. Desired Qualifications and Minimum Requirements: The Desired Qualifications of the position include: 1. Previous sales experience preferably in a hotel/resort setting, handling IBT or corporate bookings or sales experience involving a contract booking procedure. 2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to professionally interact with clients, Hotel staff, and government officials. 3. Organizational/time management skills, with the ability to successfully multi-task assignments. 4. Strategic planning skills regarding sales, booking process, prospecting, creativity and following up on sales leads. 5. Understanding of sales contracts, and experience in rate negotiations. 6. Experience with Word, Excel and property management software. 7. Experience in writing and administering sales related contracts. Minimum Requirements: Physical Requirements Standing Sitting Lifting (25 lbs.) Bending Reaching Pushing/Pulling Ascend/Descend Other Requirements English Comprehension Math Skills Visual Ability Minimal X X X X X X No Yes X X X Description Read, write, speak Add, Subtract, Audit Read computer screen, printed material Regularly Continual X

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