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European Medicines Agency Standard Operating Procedure Title - PDF - PDF


									European Medicines Agency Standard Operating Procedure

Title: Travel Arrangements for EMEA Delegates PUBLIC
Lead Author Name Fabienne Radelet Signature: « On File » Date: 24-JAN-08 Approver Name: Sylvie Bénéfice Signature: « On File » Date: 01-FEB-08

Document no.: SOP/CN/6007 Effective Date: 06-FEB-08 Review Date: 05-FEB-11 Supersedes: SOP/T/6007

1. Purpose The purpose of this SOP is to establish the procedure for the electronic organisation of travel arrangements of EMEA delegates. 2. Scope This SOP applies to the Communication and Networking Unit, Meeting Management and Conferences and relevant Unit organising meeting. . 3. Responsibilities It is the responsibility of the Head of Sector of MM&C to ensure that this procedure is adhered to within the sector. The responsibility for the execution of a particular part of this procedure is identified in the right-hand column of the procedure table. 4. Changes since last revision Lead author and minor procedure changes. New Flow chart 5. Documents needed for this SOP Travel request form Delegate’s confirmations 6. Related documents SOP/CN/6000: SOP on Meeting Preparation SOP/CN/6001: SOP on Meeting Requests 7. Definitions Travel request form: protected form sent to the delegates, together with the invitation, by the meeting secretary. This form is automatically displayed by processing a reimbursed meeting in MMS III. Meeting Management System (MMS III): electronic database that contains the participants’ details and is used by MM&C to create the reimbursement documentation according to the meeting secretary’s information.


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8. Process Map(s)/Flow Chart (s)


1. Send Travel request form.

2. Enter MMS III and find the meeting

3. Find the delegate’s name

yes 4.Check if delegate reimbursed/non reimbursed No yes 5. Contact the secretary and check if status is to be reimbursed No

6. Inform delegate that booking can’t be made and go to the end.

7. Proceed with electronic reservation.

8.Fill in the travel details.


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9. Save and exit booking form

10. Send travel requests to the Travel Agency

11. Receive flights confirmations from Travel Agent

12. Check the accuracy

13. Confirm the booking to the delegate

14.Print two copies of the confirmations

15. Amend the booking when and if necessary.



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9. Procedure
Step Action Responsibility

Start of Procedure 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 Send travel request by fax or email to MM&C Enter MMS III system and find the meeting via search function (by meeting code or name) Check that delegate is indicated in participant list (MMS III) Check the reimbursement status under “Status column”. If delegate is reimbursed go to step 7.0 If the delegate is not reimbursed contact the meeting secretary for further clarification(Go to step 5.0) 5.0 The meeting secretary is responsible for indicating the delegate as “reimbursed” or “non reimbursed” and can amend the status. Travel arrangements can not be made for non-reimbursed delegates. If the secretary amends the delegate status as “reimbursed” proceed with the booking and go to step 7.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0 14.0 15.0 If the delegate is to be non reimbursed, advice him/her that travel arrangement cannot be made and proceed to the end. Select in MMS III “view travel form” option and proceed with electronic reservation. Indicate travel details in form and provide information about any special requirements. Save details and exit booking form. Open travel details and send request to travel agency (copy automatically sent to Chrono MM&C) The travel agency has to provide MM&C with the reservation details via email (functional email address: Check accuracy of the booking details provided by the travel agency Confirm the travel booking details to the delegate by email Print two confirmations (one for filing, the other one to be attached to the reimbursement form). Amend arrangements if necessary End of process 10. Records When completed, approved and numbered, the retention of the hard copy will be the responsibility of MM&C. MM&C MM&C MM&C MM&C MM&C Travel Agency MM&C MM&C MM&C MM&C MM&C Meeting secretary Delegate MM&C MM&C MM&C


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