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Starting Points Series


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									Starting Points Series

Vacation Work
In today‟s competitive employment market the more work experience you have on your CV at the start of your career the better. Vacation work can give you an opportunity to develop new skills and earn some money at the same time. Whether you want to work at home or abroad during holidays, there‟s a wide variety of jobs on offer. To get the most out of the experience think clearly and realistically about your goals. What do you hope to gain and what can you contribute? An insight into a particular work sector may also give you a clearer idea of the career path you‟d like to pursue in the future. Whatever you decide to do start your planning in good time. Closing dates may vary but some can be early. Any work experience is valuable and if you‟ve done your research and identified your objectives, the more positive your experience is likely to be. A most successful learning experience can be gained when you are clear as to your contribution to an organisation and what you learn from the experience. This can be enhanced if you register on the „Employability through Work Experience‟ module and get credit and a certificate for the work you do. (There is no charge for this module.) Through this module we can help you to:  Find short term and part-time employment  Get recognition for part-time work you are doing  Enhance experience already on your CV  Build and record your employability skills development

Career Development Centre September 2009

What will you have to do?  Register online with the Work Experience Development Unit: /registration_form.phtml.htm Participate in a short briefing session to introduce you to the module. Complete 80 hours work experience Create a short e-portfolio describing outcomes from your experience.

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Contact Work Experience Development Unit for help: email telephone 028 9036 6280. Work Experience Development Unit (WEDU) University sourced short-term or part-time opportunities to:  complement your academic studies by providing practical experience in a working situation which earns you credit from the University free of charge. develop your interpersonal skills and career awareness. enable placement providers to demonstrate the career potential within their organisation and to contribute to your learning process. provide an experience that will enhance your confidence and level of maturity.

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Work Overseas Combining work and travel can broaden your horizons. Either arrange a definite job before you go, possibly through a scheme which will require an organising fee or take a gamble on finding something on arrival. Going Global provides country specific career and employment information, including worldwide internship, job postings and career resources for 30 countries ( The following organisations offer camp counselling opportunities in different countries:        British Universities North America Club (BUNAC) - Camp counselling and work experience opportunities in the USA. Also offers programmes in Canada, Australia and New Zealand plus voluntary work Camp America - Counsellor and youth leader opportunities CCUSA - Camp counsellors/Work America plus work experience in Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Brazil IST Plus - Work and travel USA, Australia and New Zealand. Teaching Thailand and China. EURES - Vacancies and seasonal work in Europe Disneyland Paris - Work in restaurants, sales, sports and leisure attractions. IAESTE - The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

Employer Programmes specifically for Law students  Allen & Overy -  Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert -  SJ Berwin -  Wragge & Co -  Employer Traineeships A number of companies/organisations offer structured vacation work opportunities where you can gain an insight into the specific employment sector. Entry to these schemes is very competitive but your work experience may be used as an extended interview, which can lead to a job offer on graduation. Examples of major recruiters are: Ernst & Young - Summer internship programme  PricewaterhouseCoopers - Summer internship programme  BT-Summer Placements www.btplc.comcareercentre/undergraduateplacements  Civil Service - Placements in a number of departments  Unilever - Summer Internship Scheme-10 week business projects for students in their penultimate year


What else can I do? All kinds of businesses need staff during vacations. Much of this work will be to cover seasonal demands and even if not directly career related can help to develop the skills that employer‟s value. Some of the major categories of work are:  Business & Industry “Temping” in Offices/Banks, Sales, Cleaning, Retail, Factory work  Working with Children - Playworkers, Youth Leaders, Nannies, Nursery Assistants  Tourism - Beach Guards, Information Officers, Tour Guides  Hotels & Catering - Waiting Staff, Bar Staff, Chefs  Marketing & Advertising - Festivals/Fairs/Event Coordinator Voluntary Work Undertaking voluntary work can be an excellent way of gaining skills and experience directly relevant to your intended career whilst „making a difference‟. Opportunities exist in a wide range of organisations both in the UK and overseas. Find more information in the "Voluntary / Community Sector Work" Starting Points leaflet. You could start your search with: Volunteer Development Agency - World Service Enquiry - Reference Materials Available in the Career Development Centre: Jobs and Careers Abroad. Guy Hobbs, Vacation Work, 2006 Summer Jobs Worldwide. Vacation Work 2008 Work your Way Around the World. Susan Griffith, Vacation Work, 12th edition International Voluntary Work. Victoria Pybus, Vacation Work, 2005 Work Placement Guide, Hobsons annually Workabout Australia. Barry Brebner, Vacation Work, 2004 Useful Websites Information on vacation work opportunities can be found through the Work & Learn iLINK on the My Career tab of the student portal and also at Other useful websites are:     

Want to work in Northern Ireland? Local papers and jobcentres are a good source of vacancies, find more in the "Part-time work" Starting Points leaflet. For further advice and guidance contact the Career Development Advisers on campus or via the web THIS SHEET CAN BE MADE AVAILABLE IN ALTERNATIVE (EG LARGE PRINT) FORMATS – PLEASE ASK AT THE RECEPTION DESK

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