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Physician Policies Year 200_
1. Physicians may sell vacation days by informing Administration as early in the year as possible. A maximum of 20 vacation days can be sold per year. Sold vacation time will be paid to the physician proportionally on a quarterly basis. 2. Pay for sold vacation days will be $2,400/day if notification is given between January 1 and August 30, and $1,500/day if notification is given between September 1 and December 31. No vacation days can be carried from one calendar year to another. Any vacation days forfeited at the request of administration will be paid at the $2,400/day rate. At the discretion of administration, and dependent upon the staffing needs of the practice, physicians may purchase up to 20 additional vacation days at the rate of $3,000 per day. 3. Scheduled vacation days will be charged to the physician if cancelled less than one week prior to the scheduled vacation (unless asked to do so by administration). Vacation days must be taken in half-day increments. 4. Physicians are expected to submit vacation requests in writing to administration 3 months prior to the requested date of absence. The Executive Director and Associate Administrator will consult with the Central Scheduler to determine if adequate physician staffing levels will be maintained. The vacation request form (indicating approval or denial of request) will be signed and returned to the requesting physician within one week. 5. PRACTICE has a fully developed policy regarding the requirements for specialty and sub-specialty boards, as well as associated incentives for completing boards. As physicians are now required to have specialty and sub-specialty boards in order to provide services within the practice, all physicians are strongly encouraged to take board review courses prior to writing their board exams. No financial support will be provided to shareholder physicians, other than the incentive that will be paid according to the policy if the exam is passed. Further, shareholders are expected to take board review courses within their existing vacation allotment. Additionally, up to three days of additional time-off will be provided to actually take the board examination (one travel-day pre-test, one test day, one travel-day post-test) although, when possible, physicians are encouraged to take Board Exams in CITIES or nearby areas. 6. PRACTICE will pay for costs associated with Boards for non-shareholders up the Employment Agreement limits (currently $2,500). Non-shareholders will be allowed up to three additional days of PTO during the workweek to take board review courses or board exams. All other days will be charged to the physicians PTO account. 7. All personal expenses incurred by PRACTICE for an individual physician or employee will be deducted from the individual’s salary or quarterly compensation. 8. Physicians attending “Journal Club” (scheduled for the first month of each quarter), or a “Local practice-Board meeting” (scheduled for the second month of each quarter), or a “General Physician Meeting” (scheduled for the third month of each quarter) will be paid $500 for each meeting attended. Current members of the Board of Directors, Medical Director Council, or Finance Committee will be paid $250 for each meeting attended. 9. All full time offices must have at least one physician staffing the office during normal office hours in order to satisfy patient needs and testing requirements. 10. Only those physicians Board Certified in cardiology or CV/PV surgery Boards may advance from non-shareholder to shareholder status. The following additional polices have been approved by the Board: 1. Retirement Policy (attached) Specialty Board Policy (attached)


The Board plans on developing further policies, as outlined in the “Board Work Plan” in 2005. The policies will be consistent with the mission, vision & physician compact – and will be designed to promote the wishes of the shareholders as expressed in those documents.
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