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									Miami Island Masterpiece
3 bedrooms + loft with additional , 3.5 bathrooms 6,000 sq. feet, heated pool, 3 stories, roof-top terrace There is no better way to describe this home without saying it’s an architect’s brainchild. This modern marvel gets your immediate attention with its brazen lines and it’s fantastic symmetry. Nowhere else in Miami will you find as stunning a property, and now we have it available just for you. Located just NE of South Beach, this home is situated in its own little world, where although you are not in the center of the hectic hustle and bustle, you are most definitely able to reach it in time for the late night parties that are a trademark of the South Beach Culture. As you enter this home your eyes will widen to the open feel of this loft style home. Each piece of furniture was chosen to fit perfectly into the shape and size of the space. You have the modern crisp white colors of the fabrics of our sofas and ottomans, combined with bright palettes to capture the light in the room. This house is light friendly, offering any guest an amazing optical illusion. The dining area offers a fascinating treat, made to blend continuously into the kitchen, so that guest and chef can combine the enjoyment of cooking with the feel of family and friendly conversation while preparing meals. The dining area seats 9, with additional seating for one more optional. The kitchen offers a feel of a rustic Italian kitchen with a modern flare. No chef would be set without a full set of cookware and cutlery that makes this kitchen complete. If you would like we can also arrange a private chef daily during your stay. Within this home you will find 3 main bedrooms and a loft area that sleeps additionally 2-4 guests. The bedrooms are all done in hardwood, with minimalist furnishings, plasma televisions for your enjoyment. The bedrooms each have their own fabulous bathrooms, with glass showers, the master having a large oversized shower with seating area. This home is also open for photo shoots, movie productions, cooking shows, and small intimate gatherings.

Dates 11/1/2007 to 4/30/2007 7 nts min.. 5/1/2007 to 11/01/2007 7 nts min.. 12/15/2007 to 1/01/2008 7 nts min.. Holidays 7 nts min..

Accommodations 3 Bedrooms(up to 8 people) 3 Bedrooms(up to 8 people) 3 Bedrooms(up to 8 people) 3 Bedrooms(up to 8 people)

Rates (per week) US$9,500 US$9,000 Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

Rates (per month) $23,500 $22,600 Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

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