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Weddings by the Seashore


									Weddings by the Seashore
There is something magical happening between the towns of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Ocean City, Maryland that has brides and grooms dreaming of their spectacular wedding day! Weddings by the Seashore, (the original beach planning service) has worked with brides and
grooms from all over the continental United States to dream, plan and organize their spectacular event. It all starts with the perception of what the day, weekend, or weeklong event should be. From that point, every effort is made to help make the dream come true while staying within the bride and grooms budget. Some brides want limos, a violinist, white gowns, and tuxedos. Others chose to arrive by boat in Hawaiian dresses, or in island printed shirts with Khaki pants, while a guitarist plays on the beach. Our caring ministers will make sure you have a copy of your wedding ceremony long before your special day so that any special family request may be added to make your day individually and uniquely your own. Weddings by the Seashore also works with a number of local florists to add those elegant and affordable flowers to make your day complete. Each bride’s personal taste is taken into consideration. Floral tropical arm bouquets, hand tied seasonal flowers, or any other arrangement can compliment your special day. No matter how the event is perceived, the goal is to make it happen. Various sites such as National Parks, private homes, and beachside locations can be chosen as the wedding and/or reception site or picnic setting, Hawaiian Luau Buffet, or famous Eastern shore crab cakes and filet mignon are just a few of the available options. Whatever your style reception, it can be catered to delight your wedding guests and your personal taste. Before, during, and after your wedding the event can be recorded to share with the family and friends that could not join in the festivities. We work with several local photographers, each with their own specialties, to bring you the best in capturing that special moment. It is a perfect opportunity to have family photographs done with a professional touch. The local photographer will capture the spirit of your special day to preserve forever. No wedding would be complete without the sweet ending of a wedding cake. Weddings by the Seashore can guide you to a number of local bakeries depending on your style and wishes. One local bakery has received the honor of doing the majority of the wedding cakes by providing a wonderfully delightful Seashell Wedding Cake that is as delicious to look at as it is to eat. The vendors working with Weddings by the Seashore are members of the local area Chamber of Commerce and are dedicated to helping make your wedding dream a reality.

Who Are We Anyway?
WE ARE WEDDINGS BY THE SEASHORE: We are the people who started to do beach weddings with some very special people to make it cost effective, fun, and an experience you and your guests will not soon forget. There are others trying to "copy cat" our experience, and style. But we are the originals, and if that sounds like we are having fun, we are!!! We work with very special people who do everything possible to make your day the very best it can be. We do not do "weddings in a box." Each wedding is planned with what is important to you, what works with your budget, and your family and friends. Weddings can be as simple as the two of you eloping or as elegant as a sit down dinner and champagne fountains. We do everything from picnic weddings to luau buffets. It is your day and we believe you should have it your way!! Weddings by the Seashore is unique in that we are dealing almost exclusively with out of area residents that rely on our service to guide them and provide them with the services they need to have their dream wedding on the shore. We are blessed with the fact that our beautiful waterways allow us to have sunrise weddings on the ocean and sunset weddings on the bay. We are ideally located in Ocean View, DE and 7 miles from Ocean City, Maryland. We work with an incredibly talented group of people who will work within the bride and groom’s budget to facilitate their dreams and accommodate their spending allowance. Usually the bride and groom, parents, and attendants take care of their wedding attire and rings at home. We help them carefully plan everything else here at the beach. First we have the bride and groom pick a date, (Saturday Evenings GO VERY QUICKLY) we then ask the bride and groom to give us a vision of their dream wedding on the beach. Some brides want very formal weddings and a WOW beach party afterwards. Others want wonderful brunches or luau themes. One thing all beach brides have in common is they want their wedding to be fun and one that their guests will not soon forget. We accommodate new brides, encore brides, and wedding renewals. We have chosen the professionals we work with very carefully. We listen to feedback from our couples after the wedding. We do our best to alleviate their fears and accommodate their desires. If they sound like they want a strictly structured wedding, then a beach wedding may not be for them. The atmosphere is always nice, always upbeat, the weather is almost always wonderful, the food is great, and the service is excellent. It is, however, definitely a different pace. We deal with several establishments where most of our weddings and receptions take place. We deal with them over and over again because of their excellent history of providing great service to our brides and their families. We deal with various venders where the entire affair can take place. In any case, it has been our experience that all of the sites we work with have one common goal: To make your day absolutely wonderful! We help the bride and groom decide what is most important to them and where their budget dollars should go. If spending a ton of money on flowers is less important than a really good photographer, we suggest they purchase and hand tie flowers or have silk bouquets and corsages made at home. However, most of our brides deal with the florist on our planning sheet because they are the most cost effective. We deal with several cake makers because they make the signature Seashell Wedding cake right from a confectioners dream. It can be a two tier cake or a multi-tiered beauty. Not only is the cake delicious but also the homemade candied seashells and the sugar-spun coral is as wonderful to look at as it is to eat. If recording your event is really important, we suggest a group of photographers so you can find out who is most cost effective and accommodates your individual needs. Many families have beach houses or condos where they chose to host their special day. A wedding right on the beach outside your motel or near your home is not uncommon. We will take care of contacting the appropriate authority to get permission.

Rev. Charlie’s beach ceremony is sent to the bride and groom well in advance so they can make any necessary changes or additions to enhance your special day. Rev. Charlie does everything possible to make the bride and groom feel comfortable and at ease during the ceremony. It is such a glorious celebration and that feeling is present throughout the entire event. If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call. We would love to have you visit one of our beach weddings. (Only after we get permission from the bride and groom, of course!) We are sure it will be an experience you will remember and talk about whenever the subject of a "special wedding" comes about. We appreciate your interest in WEDDINGS BY THE SEASHORE and look forward to hearing from you. Please mention to the vendors that you are dealing with WEDDINGS BY THE SEASHORE and in most cases some special price will apply.

Weddings by the Seashore Etiquette 1. Reservations provides for 30 minutes of the ministers time. Please be prompt as a courtesy to other wedding parties. 2. A 50% deposit is the only thing that secures your wedding time and date. 3. Your deposit is non refundable. Total amount due is payable 30 day prior to your wedding date. There will be no refunds of the remaining balance if your wedding is canceled within the thirty days period. 4. A marriage license for the state and county in which you are to be married must be obtained prior to your wedding. Delaware contact number is 302-855-1221 and the local contact number for Ocean City, Md. Is 1-410-632-5500. If you live outside the state of Maryland, you can apply by mail 6 months prior to your wedding date. 5. We require that the Groom and Best Men arrive 30 minutes prior to the wedding with a marriage certificate in hand. The bride and guest should arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the wedding ceremony. There will be a rescheduling fee is you arrive late or if we have to wait on your guests. We have other weddings scheduled, therefore, please be courteous to other brides and grooms by being on time. 6. Packages do not include the gratuity to the minister. The gratuity to the minister on all packages is $175.00. It is payable directly to him prior to the ceremony

Wedding Reservation Form

Weddings by the Seashore Cynthia Funbar 31226 Wango Lane Ocean View, De. 19970 1-302-537-1590 Date: Brides Full Name: Address: Contact number email contact Cell phone Grooms Full Name Address: Contact number email contact Cell phone Date of Wedding: Place of Wedding: Exact time of Wedding: Reception Site: Approx. number of Guests at Wedding: Photographer chosen______________Cakemaker_________________ DJ chosen_______________________Extras We need this sheet back with all pertinent information to help plan your ceremony. Number of bridesmaids: Children: Groomsmen: License must be obtained through the appropriate channels. Please call for details. The fee for planning help, travel to your site, and personal assistance for the ceremony is $395.00. A $175.00 deposit is needed to hold the date and the remainder is due 30 days prior to the ceremony. If you require a rehearsal there will be an additional fee charged of $150.00 and upward. The deposit is non-refundable. Checks should be made payable to Cynthia Funbar. A date is not confirmed until the deposit is received. Penciled in dates are held approximately 10 days until confirmed. Thank you. There will be a $75.00 consultation fee for meeting with brides in Ocean City before the wedding. Packages do not include the gratuity to the minister. The gratuity to the minister on all packages is $175.00. It is payable directly to him prior to the ceremony.

Your Ceremony

A Celebration of Life as And Take the vows of commitment and Marriage to each other Dear Friends and Family, We are gathered here today in the presence of God and in the face of this company, to join together And in Holy Matrimony. The marriage of And unites their families and creates a New one. They Ask Your Blessing. (rev) WILL ALL OF YOU DO EVERTHING IN YOUR POWER TO UPHOLD AND STAND FOR THESE TWO PEOPLE IN THEIR MARRIAGE?? Guest Answer---We will ********************* (Please be seated) Address Marriage is the joining of two people, the union of two hearts. It lives on in the love you give each other and never grows old, but thrives on the joy of each new day. Marriage is love. May you always be blessed in your hearts with the wonder of this special day? May you always be able to talk to each other, confide in each other, to enjoy life together and to share moments of peace and quiet when the day is done? May you always be blessed with a lifetime of happiness? Commitment are you ready to make this vow to each other? (Bride and groom answer) YES Do you promise to be faithful and honest with each other? To forgive each other? To truly share your life together? To try to understand each other, the world, and God through the best and the worst of your lives together as long as you both live? (REV) and WEDDING PRAYER (Please bow your heads) Our Heavenly Father, please be with all of us and give us the strength to do Thy will. Bless us with the courage to endure the hard times as we enjoy the good times. Thank you for the many blessings you have given us, the love of each other and our family and friends. Please bring peace to our hearts and keep us under your guiding care. Strengthen our love for each other from this day forward. Especially bless and As they proclaim their love for each other. Amen. A READING FROM CORINTIANS 1.13 LOVE is patient and kind; It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. Love does not take offense and it is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes along. Love does not come to an end. There are three things that last, Faith.......Hope.......and Love. And the greatest of these is LOVE. THE VOWS (Bride and groom please face each other) (Groom- repeats after REV) I, take you /

To be my wedded wife/ To have and to hold/ From this day forward/ For better, for worst/ For richer, for poorer/ In sickness and health/ To love and to cherish/ With my whole heart. (Bride-repeat after REV) I, take you / To be my wedded husband/ To have and to hold/ From this day forward/ For better, for worst/ For richer, for poorer/ In sickness and health/ To love and to cherish/ With my whole heart. THE BLESSING AND EXCHANGE OF RINGS (REV) These rings are an outward and visible sign of the love you two share for each other. May God bless them and you that you will always remember the solemn vow that you have given to each other? REV: Repeat after me (groom) I give you this ring/as a sign of my vow/ and with all that I am/ and all that I have/ I love and honor you. (Place ring on bride) REV: Repeat after me (bride) I give you this ring/as a sign of my vow/ and with all that I am/ And all that I have/ I love and honor you. (Place ring on groom) PRESENTATION OF HUSBAND AND WIFE REV: Now that and have given Themselves to each other by solemn vow and the exchanging of rings, I pronounce that you are husband and wife. REV: You may kiss your bride.

THE BLESSING OF THE MARRIAGE By the power of the ocean, the wind and the air, By the power of the love that you two share. May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand As he has since your time together began. REV: May I present to you---Mr. and Mrs.

Raimondi's Florist 800-466-9696 Raimondi's has teamed up with us to bring you a truly elegant Beach special that adds a touch of romance to your wedding day! Whether it's just flowers for the two of you or for your entire Wedding party and family you will be truly excited and pleased with the offerings from this unique shop.

Ask for this specific package to limit your cost
Beautiful Bridal Bouquet $35.00 For Your Elegant Attendants $25.00 Corsages for those special Women in your life $11.95 Of Course, Boutonnieres for the Gentlemen $3.95 Delivery Fee $9.95 If you require something other than these specials, just ask. They will be more than pleased to design your special request!!!!! Now you know why this is Ocean City's Favorite Florist

Weddings by the Seashore 1-800-884-0026 Wedding Day Tips
Please remember why you have chosen the beach for your special event. The bays and the Oceans are decorated naturally and really do not to be decorated saving you money. Most of the facilities we work with have areas designed to meet your wedding day needs. You chose the beach because of more relaxed atmosphere; please don't let that mood be ruined by trying to cram too many things into your special event. All brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day. Please do not get sunburned. Lobster brides are extremely uncomfortable. Try tanning at home prior to your special day. Many brides chose to have their flowers done here at the beach, which can be quite costly. Other brides chose to have silk flower done at home that can be saved long after your special event. If you have you flowers done here, please tell the florist you are on a budget and ask what flowers are in season at the time of your event. Remember, you can always display your favorite wedding photo along with your silk flowers together at home as permanent reminder of your special day.

We mention several different photographers on our planning sheet. All have different price ranges and packages. Please make sure that the things that are important to you are included in your package. (Who keeps the negatives, how much are reprints, etc) If you are being married on the beach, a train on your dress (depending on the size of the train) could present some unique problems. Many brides have them bustled for the ceremony and let them down later. Another unique idea is to look at the white prom dresses, as they go on sale after the prom season. Some are very "bridal" and will give the same illusion with the addition of a headpiece and flowers, saving you a ton of money. Budgeting for your reception is very important. Some brides choose sit down meals and others choose to have heavy appetizers. Whatever your budget we can try to work with you. Sometimes an open bar is not within the budget. Why not have a social hour open bar and a cash bar afterwards. There is always the option of open bar for one hour, which is closed during dinner and open for another hour afterwards. Why not just a domestic beer and wine bar?? The option you choose must match your budget and your dream. Some brides do not have DJ's at their wedding. We suggest if you are not having a DJ, why not substitute a processional song with a slow dance that is meaningful to the two of you, and have your very first dance right there in the sand inside your wedding circle. It can be extremely romantic. If you are having a violinist or guitarist, why not have him play during your ceremony, and then, right before you say your vows, take a moment and walk to the water, just the two of you and proclaim "quietly" your love for each other or remember someone who could not be with you. This is also a really neat time to perhaps throw a fresh gathering of wild flowers in the water. Who knows where they may travel or whose lives they may touch. We suggest you speak with our photographers. All have different programs and ideas regarding your wedding. This may indeed play and important part of your wedding budget. If you are going with a package deal, please be very specific about what is included and what is not included. It is best to have everything in writing prior to making a commitment. WE have worked out some creative projects that will allow you to add more people or more options and still stay within your budget!!! Ocean Side Ceremonies-----The pictures are absolutely beautiful. However, there are inherent problems with a beach that is not owned by anyone. Tourist may wonder thru or behind you. The ocean noise is incredible when you are videotaping and saying your vows and your guest may not be able to hear. There is nothing quite as romantic as an ocean wedding but be prepared for some of the obstacles also.

PLEASE CONSIDER BOOKING NOW AS OPPOSED TO WAITING. THE RATES ALWAYS GO UP OVER THE WINTER MONTHS. THIS PERTAINS TO PHOTOGRAPHERS, DJ'S, ROOM RATES, ETC. Winter packages are extremely affordable, as are the room rates and other costs associated with traveling. You will also have more attention from the motels and reception sites. We feel that staying within your budget does not mean giving up your dream; it just means getting more creative with where your money goes!

Weddings by the Seashore
We are the original Beach planning service. 1-800-884-0026
We have been working with brides and grooms from all over the United States to help them plan their dream beach weddings. We have teamed up with the following professionals to help make your day as wonderful as your wildest imagination. Weddings by the Seashore, will help from the beginning of the planning and follow thru with you on your wedding day to make sure everything goes as well as you dreamed. The planning of your most important day begins with your officiate and the site of your wedding. We provide a minister, and a personal on site coordinator prior to and during your ceremony. You will have a copy of the ceremony ahead of time to make any additions or changes so there will not be any surprises on your wedding day. We will help you arrange for your state issued license and make sure the paperwork is filed in a timely manner with the state after your wedding. We will also make sure that any official permission for your wedding is processed. Therefore no matter where your wedding takes place, on the beach outside your motel, a state park or at a private facility, we are with you all the way, making sure your wedding dreams do come true. The gratuity to the minister is separate and the groom should take care of this when presenting your license for your wedding. Budgeting is very important to us and you should know up front exactly what your wedding would cost. We have teamed up with the wedding professionals to offer some really wonderful deals.

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