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					Saturday June 10,2000 Wedding Program of Susan Ryan and Eric Freudenthal Guests should note that they are to be seated during “Whistle A Happy Tune” Bridal Processional March of the Siamese Children Composed by Richard Rogers Ushers: Saul Hansell Dan Millstein Officiating Ministers: Rev. Susan Davison-Archer Rev. David M. Bryce Order of processional: Freudenthal family Ryan Family David Cooperman Max Cooperman Gabriel Kates-Shaw Emma Kates-Shaw Emily Adler Jennifer Adler Eric Freudenthal Susan Ryan  

Opening Words: Rev. Susan Davison-Archer Tree of Life: This is from the home of Ruth Freudenthal. The piece comes to the family through Eric’s paternal grandparents. Susan and Eric have brought it here today as a symbol of unity. They acknowledge the separate paths that have led them here and affirm their future together by asking the following people to light a branch of the tree. (Please leave the top candle for the bride and groom) Molly Ryan and Joseph Frische Ruth Freudenthal and David Freudenthal Max Cooperman and David Cooperman Carol Klitzner and Marla Speers Saul Hansell and Norma Faas Questions to the Couple: Rev. David Bryce Questions were traditionally asked of both the families and the bridal couple to ensure all parties came of their free will. Susan and Eric include

      

a version here as a promise to each other. Recognizing Susan does not enter into this marriage alone, they include Susan’s sons David and Max Cooperman in this promise. Song: “ One Hand, One Heart” Sung by Andre Peart Composed by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim  Vows: Rev. Susan Davison-Archer Susan and Eric appreciate and recognize a gift when they receive one. They thank both ministers present for their Humanistic and Unitarian Universalistic contributions.  Exchange of Rings: Rev. David Bryce Susan’s ring was chosen for its beauty and uniqueness. She has been wearing it at his request as a symbol from Eric of his intention to be married. She remembers her Grandmother Mary Culver by wearing a necklace left to Molly and Kathleen Ryan.  Two other husbands’ have worn Eric’s ring. It first belonged to his mother’s grand Uncle Martin Couney who brought her family from Hitler’s Germany.Eric’s mother Ruth gave the ring to her husband Peter on their wedding day. May this marriage be as happy as the legacy it comes with. We are grateful to Ruth Freudenthal for remembering how much love Eric had for his father.  Song: “Married” Composed by John Kander and Fred Ebb Sing, as you are able.  Words of Celebration: Rev. Susan Davison-Archer  Pronouncement: Rev. David Bryce  Hymn: The Best of Times is Now Guests are invited to come forward to congratulate the bridal couple and their families. 

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