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As Mumbai came under attack, an awestruck nation watched its bravehearts step up and fight valiantly to save hundreds of innocent lives, sacrificing their own. Be it the brave NSG commandos, the ATS officials, the valiant policemen or the indomitable hotel staff, they fought in the line of duty in an attempt to save innumerable lives. The valour and heroics of these men redefined the meaning of being a true Indian. Ashok Kamte, Additional Commissioner, Mumbai Police, East region Gajendra Singh, Commando, NSG Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Major, NSG Vijay Salaskar, Inspector, Mumbai Police Tukaram Omble, Assistant Sub Inspector, Mumbai Police Hemant Karkare, ATS Chief, Mumbai Police And Many More .............. A tribute was paid to the police officials and commandos who lost their lives in the hands of terror. With every candle, a pledge was taken to raise voices against terror and crime. हलॠलॠयातील शहिदांना शॠरदॠधांजली..............


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