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									Curriculum Vitae

Frank Gibson
“The man has an enviable international reputation.”-Mike Nock Gibson is the very model of the tasteful rhythmically impeccable, trio drummer.” – Los Angeles Jazz Times “Gibson is the kind of drummer most musicians are only destined to wish for in this life … He has an acute sense of dynamics and chooses approaches that are often unexpected but never in the way.” – excerpt from Jazz Forum. “One of the greatest ballad players in the world.” - Alan Broadbent

PO Box 24-503 Royal Oak Auckland, 1345 New Zealand Phone 0064-9-6255334 Fax: 0064-9-6255670 Email: Website:

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson

Personal Details
Full Name Address Frank Harvey Gibson PO Box 24-503 Royal Oak Auckland, 1345 New Zealand 0064 9 625 5334 (hm)

Telephone Email

Service Contributions
• • • Inducted into the Avedis Zildjian Hall of Fame for Performance and Workshops Certificate in Appreciation and Recognition of Distinguished Services and Exceptional Dedication to Percussive Music Education, Promark Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA. Worldwide endorsee for Promark. Endorsee of Yamaha Drums.

Published Works
• • Monthly article in the New Zealand Musician magazine from June 1997 to present day. Currently writes articles on drum set discipline, historical aspects and all genres. Completed a paper on “Practising Improvisation: A multi-faceted approach for jazz drumset, leading to ultimate self expression, a personal perspective.”

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson

Professional Experience and Performances

1980 – 1992 and 1996 – 2007 ongoing

While based in New Zealand

• Los Angeles concert (Gianelli Centre) and performances
with Alan Broadbent, Putter Smith, Gary Foster, VR Smith (2007)

• Jazz festivals: The Frank Gibson Jazz Quartet and backing
artists @ the Melbourne International Jazz festival, Tauranga, Waiheke and Mission Bay Jazz festivals. (1997-2007).

• New Zealand Symphony Concerts (2003). ‘Jazz meets
symphony’ with Tierney Sutton and Alan Broadbent

• Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Concerts (1997-2002).
Diana Krall Quartet (2002) Performed with American Grammy Award winning pianist. Alan Broadbent and high profile American musicians (2001, 1999). Hawaiian based multi instrumentalist Matt Cattingub (1998).

• Toured New Zealand with American pianist Alan
Broadbent and bassist Putter Smith (1997).Los Angeles (2007). • Played on countless radio programmes, studio dates, and commercials, TV specials, light entertainment programmes, movie sound tracks and on over 160 CDs and albums. • Performed with the Frank Gibson Jazz Quartet, Jazzmobile (own band), Frank Gibson Quartet, Auckland Jazz Ensemble, The George Chisholm Quartet, The Peter Wood Trio, and The Murray McNabb Group • Teamed up with Murray McNabb to form ‘Space Case’ with Brian Smith, Kim Patterson and Bruce Lynch. • Along with Andy Brown and either Murray McNabb or Phil Broadhurst (piano) became the Auckland ‘House Rhythm Section and played and/or recorded with the following international jazz artists: Saxophonists:

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson
Sonny Stitt, Ritchie Cole, Ricky Woodard, Gabe Baltazar, Joe Henderson, Ronnie Scott, Al Cohn, Don Menza, Dave Liebman, Mat Cattingcub, Lee Konitz, Bernie McGann, Dale Barlow, Johnny Griffin, Don Burrows, Frank Foster, Lanny Morgan, Buddy Tate, Scott Hamilton, Ernie Watts, Gordon Brisker, Pete Cristlieb, Red Hollaway. Pianists: The late Eddie Thompson (UK), George Cables, Jack Wilson, Oliver Jones, Dwight Dickerson, Mike Nock, Julian Lee, Ben Sidran (and vocals), Mickey Tucker, Dave MacRae, Mark Levine, Diana Krall and Alan Broadbent Bassists: Ron McClure, Larry Gales, Charlie Haden, Putter Smith, Andy Brown, John Clayton, Patrick O’Leary, Ben Wolf. Guitarists: Cal Collins, George Golla, Ted Dunbar, John Scofield, Steve Erquiaga, Mundel Lowe, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Smith, Emily Remler, Larry Koonse. Trombonists: Julian Priester, Carl Fontana, Urbie Green, Slide Hampton Trumpeters: Kenny Wheeler, Bobby Hackett, Claudio Roditi, Bobby Shew, Red Rodney, Bill Stapleton, Warren Vache, Nat Adderley (cornet), Chuck Findley, Don Rader, Bill Berry Clarinettist: Kenny Davern, Don Burroughs Vibraphone: Milt Jackson Accordion: Art Van Damme Singers: D.D. McNeil, Ernistine Anderson, Jimmy Witherspoon, Mavis Rivers, Elaine Delmar, Anita O’Day, Almeta Speaks, Diana Krall. 1992 - 1996 Perth, Australia • Perth Jazz Society, Australia (Backed artists: Tenor saxophonist Dale Barlow, UK and internationally renowned guitarist Martin Taylor and trombonist Ed Wilson

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson
• Frank Gibson’s Jazzmobile (also performing at lunchtime concerts and Jazz in the Theatre with Jazzmobile) • International Association of Jazz Educators (3 – 10 July 1993) performed with Americans John Clayton (bass), Jeff Clayton (alto saxophone), Bobby Shew (trumpet), David Garfield (piano), Carmen Lundy (vocalist) as well as Sydney based musicians, Dale Barlow (tenor saxophone), James Morrison (trumpet), Roger Frampton (piano), Dave Colton (guitar) and Adelaide’s Andrew Firth (clarinet). • Played alongside Murray Wilkins bass, and either Graham Wood or Don Gomez, piano. In house drummer for the Perth Jazz Society backing the following international jazz artists: Saxophonists: Don Menza, Bernie McGann, Dale Barlow, Johnny Griffin, Don Burrows, Scott Hamilton, Ernie Watts, Ken Peplowski, James Carter, Sam Rivers, Jeff Clayton. Pianists: George Cables, Mike Nock, Andrew Hill, and David Garfield. Bassists: John Clayton, Rufus Reid, and Ben Wolf. Guitarists: Charlie Byrd, Larry Koonse. Trumpeters: Bobby Shew and Bill Berry Clarinettist: Don Burroughs Singers: Carmen Lundy and Mark Murphy. 1977 – 1980 London • Played with top names in jazz and rock whilst maintaining a busy studio schedule Rock: • Performed and/or recorded with Rick Wakeman, Leo Sayer (3 years), Dusty Springfield, Elton John, Brian May and Ray Cooper (1 session), The Four Tops, Tina Charles, David Essex, Georgie Fame and Alan Price Jazz: • Performed and/or recorded with George Coleman, Billy Butterfield, John Taylor, Kenny Wheeler, Alan Holdsworth, Dick Morrissey and Jim Mullen, Pete King, Louis Stewart, Tough Tenors (Dick Heckstall-Smith, Don

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson
Weller and Art Themen), Tony Coe, Tony Lee, Gordon Beck, Bill Le-Sage, Pacific Eardrum (Dave MacRae and Joy Yates), George Chisholm Groups, Peter Ind, Ray Warleigh and, on a couple of occasions, ‘The Jack Parnell Orchestra’, the late Ronnie Scott. • Played concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, Hawaii, Canada, Australia and Ireland with many groups.


New Zealand and Australia • Worked 5 to 6 nights a week, up to 4 studio calls, concerts, TV shows and teaching • Part of a group called the ‘Mixed Bag’, played at Embers Niteclub (Bruce Lynch, Bob Jackson and Tony Baker). • Played in another group later on called ‘Dr Tree’, the first real fusion band in New Zealand: Murray McNabb (keyboards), Bob Jackson (bass), Martin Winch (guitar), Kim Patterson (trumpet), John Banks (percussion), and occasionally Colin Hemmingsen (saxophone). Played all the festivals, recorded and played regularly. • Played with some of the world’s greatest jazz and pop artists: – Dionne Warwick – The Temptations – Glen Campbell • Played with a variety of club and restaurant jobs (usually 6 nights a week) • Commercials with Jimmy Sloggett, Julian Lee, Mike Harvey and others • Big Bands with Julian Lee, Bob Gillette, Russ Garcia, Dale Alderton, Crombie Murdoch and pop sessions with some of the same people • Small group radio programmes involving leading my own groups and working for many others. • Monmatre Jazz Club, Auckland, Mike Walker’s trio Other work came with Alan Broadbent’s Trio (Denny Boreham - bass), the late Claude Papesch, Dave Donovan, Bob Gilette and many others

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson

Selected Discography
Artistic activity: played on over 160 albums/CDs encompassing all musical genres. Selected albums/CDs listed below .To listen to some tracks please access my website . Jazz As a leader • • • • • • • • • • Frank Gibson Quartet, Unreleased recording. Recorded in Auckland. (Ode records. Frank Gibson Quartet, The Rainbow Bridge. Recorded in Melbourne. (Ode records, (Released December, 2003). Frank Gibson’s Space Case ‘Executive Decision’ (Ode Records NZ) Frank Gibson’s Space Case ‘Space Case 11’ featuring Americans Claudio Roditi trumpet and Ron McClure bass (Ode Records NZ) Frank Gibson’s Space Case ‘Space Case 111’ (Ode Records NZ) Frank Gibson’s ‘Parallel 37’ featuring Americans: Milt Jackson vibraphone, John Scofield guitar, Bobby Shew trumpet, Steve Erquiaga guitar, Mike Nock piano (Ode Records NZ) Frank Gibson’s duets with the late Emily Remler- yet to be released. Frank Gibson’s Jazzmobile ‘Spreading the Word’ (Kiwi Pacific Records NZ) Duo: Frank Gibson and Mike Nock ‘Open Door’. Frank Gibson’s Doctor Tree, ‘Doctor Tree’ (EMI NZ)

As a sideman  Jazz meets Symphony. Alan Broadbent Trio with Tierney Sutton (December, 2003). • Phil Broadhurst, The Road Ahead (Vox, 2003) and Phil Broadhurst ‘Iris’ (Ode Records NZ) • Estate (Summer), Julie Mason, 2005 • Dan Papirany, Live at the MLC, 2005 • Twelve O’Clock Tales, Julie Mason (Vox), 2002 • Strut, Jamie Oehlers (Request Records), Sydney, 1998 • Passion, Julie Mason (Vox), 1998 • Don Burrows ‘Tasman Connection’ (Cherry Pie Records, Australia) • Murray McNabb ‘Waiting for You’ (Ode Records NZ) • Ray Warleigh ‘Reverie’ with John Taylor piano and Ron Mathewson bass. London 1977 (Vinyl Records of Munich) • ‘Paz are Back’ London, (Spotlite Records) • George Chisholm ‘Resolution’ (Ode Records NZ) • George Chisholm ‘Auckland Jazz Ensemble’ (Ode Records NZ) • Brian Smith ‘Rendevouis’ (Ode Records NZ) • Frank Gibson’s Jazzmobile ‘Spreading the Word’ (Kiwi Pacific Records NZ)

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson
• • • • • • • • • • Alan Broadbent Trio ‘Song of Home’ recorded NZ 1986 (Kiwi pacific Records NZ) Alan Broadbent Trio ‘Everything I Love’ CD recorded Los Angeles, 1987 (Trend Discovery Records) Alan Broadbent Trio ‘Further Down the Road” CD recorded New Zealand, 1987 (Kiwi Pacific Records NZ) Alan Broadbent Trio ‘Away from You’ CD recorded Los Angeles, 1989 (Trend Discovery Records) Alan Broadbent Trio ‘Over the Fence’ CD recorded New Zealand, 1989 (Ode Records NZ). Alan Broadbent Trio ‘Another Time” CD recorded Los Angeles, 1990 (Trend Discovery Records) Andy Brown Bass ‘On Song of Home and Further Down the Road’, Putter Smith bass on all other Broadbent albums George Chisholm ‘Fine and Dandy’ CD recorded New Zealand, 1991 (Ode Records NZ) Alan Broadbent piano, Andy Brown bass) Detour Ahead, Garry Lee and June Newman, John Green Request Label, 1994 Pacific Standard Time, Alan Broadbent Trio, Concord Records, USA, 1995

Rock • • • • • • • • • • • Lonnie Donnegan ‘Puttin’ on the Style’ (Chrysalis Records, London) Walker Bros ‘Nite Flights’ (GTO Records, London) ‘Half Brother’ (Arola Hansa records, London) Rick Wakeman ‘Rhapsodies’ recorded in Switzerland (ATM Records, London) Graham Dee ‘Something Else’ (Pye Records, London) Shona Laing ‘Genre’ (Polygram Records, NZ) J D Blackfoot ‘The Song of Crazy Horse’ (Pye Records, NZ) Tina Cross ‘X’ (Pagan Records, NZ) Suzanne Lynch ‘Suzanne’ (EMI, NZ) Hammond Gable ‘Hammond Gable’ (WEA Records, NZ) Hammond Gable ‘Every Whisper Shouts’ (WEA Records, NZ)

Sampled by the following DJs Dr Tree track, Eugeno D. on a (Creative Vibes) compilation: Respect Overdue. Vol 2, (2000). • • • DJ Numark of Jurassic 5- Hands On (2004) Fingathing- Drunken Master 11 off the album Superhero Music (2002) ‘DJ Vadim ‘How to Exercise The Turnatable Record Player from the album Life from the Other Side (2000)

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • 2004, Frank Gibson Quartet, The Rainbow Bridge. Recorded in Melbourne. (Ode records) Finalist Jazz Record of the Year 1994, Certificate in Appreciation and Recognition of Distinguished Services and Exceptional Dedication to Percussive Music Education, Promark Corporation, Houston, Texas, USA 1991, George Chisholm, Alan Broadbent, Andy Brown, Frank Gibson, ‘Fine and Dandy’ Jazz Record of the Year 1987, Frank Gibson and Mike Nock ‘Open Door’ Jazz Record of the Year 1986, Phil Broadhurst ‘Iris’ Jazz Record of the Year 1985, Shona Laing’s ‘Genre’ – Australian Awards (Rock Music) 1985, Hammond Gambles ‘Should I Be Good, Should I Be Evil’, Film Sound Track of the Year (Blues) 1985, Jacqui Fitzgerald’s ‘The Masquerade is Over’ – Jazz Record of the Year 1984, Brian Smith’s ‘Southern Excursion’ Jazz Record of the Year 1983, Inducted into Zildjian Hall of Fame 1983/4/5 Patsy Riggirs Award Winning Country Albums 1982, Frank’s solo album ‘Parallel 37’ Jazz Record of the Year 1977 – 80, Resident in London 1976, ‘Dr Tree’ (1) Top Group Performance – Rock Music) (2) Top Instrumental Track ‘Vulcan Worlds’, own group

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1980 – 2007

Bracknell, London, York Montreux, Switzerland All Southern Comfort Festivals, Auckland Wellington Festival of The Arts, several Opening of Michael Fowler Centre Melbourne International Jazz Festivals York Jazz Festival Singapore Jazz Festival (‘Space Case’) Nelson Festival of the Arts Opening and closing ceremonies of Commonwealth Games Tauranga Jazz Festivals Midnight Rock, Chicago, USA Christchurch International Jazz festival Mission Bay Jazz festival

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson
• Titirangi festival

TV Shows:
From 1970 – present: Various countries: NZ, UK, Australia, USA and Germany.

Teaching Experience
Lecturing and Teaching
2003 -2007 (ongoing)Massey University: part time drumset tutor 2000 – 2004 The University of Auckland Part Time Tutor/Lecturer • Principal study: individual drumset tuition. • Participation in organisation, direction and running of ensembles • Rhythm section workshops • Tutoring Stage 1 to 3 students • Lecturer in jazz history (2001-2) 1996 – 1999 Schools: Mangere College, Auckland Girls Grammar, Papatoetoe High, Auckland Metro and St Mary’s College Drum Teacher

1992 – 1996

W.A.A.P.A., Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia Full Time Lecturer – Jazz 5 years Artist-in-Residence – Jazz 3 months • Supervision of graduate students • Initiated two new courses: – Rhythm Section Workshop – Vocal Percussion • Tutored big bands, sectionals, small group ensembles, percussion ensembles, vocal percussion and drumset principal study students • Involved with groups lead by Conservatorium tutors such as Pat Crichton, Head of the Jazz Department, Bass tutor Murray Wilkins and the Western Australian Jazz Coordinator Garry Lee

Private Teaching

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson

1972 – present

Private Tutor Syllabus includes all aspects and styles of drum set playing with transcribed examples of the great drummers, plus recordings and videos/dvds of jazz and rock studies, sight reading, studio techniques, formulating a style, history of jazz and rock. Latin studies, all kinds of techniques and more.

Presented Workshops:
• • • • • • • • • • • • Massey university with Michael Brecker Christchurch School of Music Titirangi and Tauranga festivals Master Class Nelson School of Music With American International Clinicians Dom Famularo, Auckland With Jack DeJohnette and Dom Famularo, Seminal American Drumset Players Workshops on behalf of the Sabian Corporation, Canada, Remo Inc Hollywood, Promark Corporation, Houston, Texas Auckland Grammar, Rutherford High, Wellington Polytechnic and Christchurch Polytechnic PIT Hollywood, Los Angeles Jazz Australia and master classes with Rufus Reid and Akira Tana International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE); conference, Perth With Louis Bellson – famed American Drumset Artist formerly with Duke Ellington

      

An international reputation, performance profile and record of achievement. Proven record of successful experience in teaching rock, jazz and drumset. Proven ability in teaching jazz history and performance. Proven ability to direct ensembles. Development of an extensive syllabus. Proven organisational skills within an academic environment including the development of comprehensive course outlines and assessment criteria. Extensive record, book and CD library including private taped library of lessons and interviews with US Drummers/Percussionists:

Curriculum Vitae


Frank Gibson
• Mel Lewis, Larry Bunker, Elliot Zigmund, Mike Clarke, Fred King, John Dentz plus a lesson with saxophone great George Coleman (All these lessons were taped and are part of my extensive syllabus. Students and colleagues are able to access these resources).

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