Alex of Alex and Elsie by fionan


									Heart of the City Piano Program Benefit Concert
February 3, 2009 7:30 PM Tanna Schulich Hall, McGill University

Alex of "Alex and Elsie": Nathan Mador-House, guitar and harmonica From the Oasis (You Can Make It) Micah Langer, soprano saxophone Brenna Langille, alto saxophone Alana Goldscheid, tenor saxophone Nathan Mador-House, baritone saxophone An Impossible Story About How There is No Such Thing as Good and Evil Dominic Painchaud, cello Ruxandra Oancea, piano Sonata pour violoncello et piano - Allegro (tempo di marcia) David Ryshpan, piano Keeper of the Flame Alexandra Hill, voice Sanaz Sotoudeh, piano Infatuation, On Poetry by Hafiz Charlotte Bhaskar, Julie Cumming, Leah Edgerton, Edmund Milly, Adam Poole, Lianna Portnoy, Karen Jarboe Singletary, Adam Spencer, Finn Upham Katie Rowell, voice Soar Away Delight Daniels

Nathan Mador-House (b. 1990)

Brenna Langille (b. 1989)

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)

David Ryshpan (b. 1985)

Arr. Sanaz Sotoudeh

A. Marcus Cagle (1884-1968) Simeon Coan (pub. 1798) Neely Bruce (b.1994)

Benefit Concert Program

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Shiori Kobayashi, clarinet Akiko Tani, piano Victorian Kitchen Garden Suite for Clarinet I. Prelude II. Spring V. Summer Phillipe Sly, voice Jean-Willy Kunz, piano My Funny Valentine

Paul Reade (1943-1997)

Richard Rodgers (1902-1979) Lyrics by Lorenz Hart (1895-1943)

Denis Bluteau, flute Lara Deutsch, flute Maggie Lauer, flute Amelia Lyon, flute Jour d'été à la montagne I. Pastorale II. Aux bords du torrent IV. Ronde INTERMISSION The Bombadils: Sarah Frank, fiddle, vocals Dan Goldthwaite, guitar, vocals Evan Stewart, bass Noam Bierstone, percussion Anh Phung, flute Paperboy Ensemble Mont-Royal: Catherine Meunier, marimba Shawn Mativetsky, tabla Jugalbandi Evgenia Bakulina, soprano Ellen (Olga) Bakulina, piano Now I'm all with fever shaken The Youth and the Maiden The Snow Maiden

Eugène Bozza (1905-1991)


Payton MacDonald (b. 1974)

M. Glinka (1804-1857) A. Dargomyzhsky (1813-1869) P. Tchaikovsky (1844-1908)

Benefit Concert Program

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Junghwa Hong, piano Piano sonata in E major, Hob.XVI:22 Allegro moderato Andante Tempo di minuetto Lara Wong, flute Diego Montenegro, guitar Café 1930 Cannon Wagon: Gizèlia Pacheco, vocals Clément Brunet, trombone Martin Bigras, tenor saxophone Alix Némorin, alto saxophone Joey Leckman, guitar Stéphane Vaucher, keyboards Guillaume Bourque, bass guitar David Lavigne, drums Father and Funk Find it in yourself

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)

A.Némorin (b. 1980) Lyrics by Clément Brunet (b. 1976) Clément Brunet (b .1976)

Benefit Concert Program

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