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									                Graduate School of Applied Linguistics, Da Yeh University
                  Graduate Student Requirements of the English Stream
                                       2004/10/19 Established by the AL Graduate School Curriculum Committee
                                           2004/10/28 amended and approved in the AL Graduate School Meeting
                                            2005/9/20 amended and approved in the AL Graduate School Meeting
                         2006/5/4 amended and approved in the English Branch of the AL Graduate School Meeting
                                                           2006/6/1 approved in the AL Graduate School Meeting
1. Completion of the required credits (at least, the minimum credit number) approved graduate
   course as specified in the student's Planned Program of Study. Student's course-taking list must
   be approved by their appointed advisor and serves as the approval of graduate credits.

2. At least one report handed in to their supervisor within one week after attending an
   international/local conference relevant to their studies and evaluated as 70 points, including
   certificate of the attendance. Publishing at least one article in a research journal or presenting at
   least one research paper at a conference also meets this requirement.

3. Essential Undergraduate Course
(1) Students of and after academic 2005 must take undergraduate courses required by the advisor,
    based upon the evaluation of students’ background knowledge and research needs (must report
    the list to the university before the drop-and-add courses period of the 1st semester).
(2) Students of and after academic 2006 must take "Introduction to Linguistics (I)" and
    "Introduction to Linguistics (II)" if the students did not take such courses in their undergraduate

4. Every student has to participate in the “Weekly Colloquium” every semester and report the
   latest thesis to the class. A thesis proposal approval form must be signed by three professors
   before data collection and analyses.

5. Students of and after academic 2005 have to pass the GEPT intermediate-advanced test or the
   equivalent level of other language tests.

6. The above three requirements are basic. The supervisor or the research team may add other
   criterion/criteria when necessary.

7. A checklist of thesis test approval must be submitted along with the application form of thesis

8. The criteria apply to, except rule 3 and 5, to the students of and after Academic Year 2004.

9. The graduate student requirements will be effective immediately after they are approved by the
   graduate school meeting and the college-level meeting. Any revision will have to be approved
   by the same meeting.

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