Government of Pakistan Ministry of Textile Industry by a93840ran


									                                                                                                          Most Immediate
                                                     Government of Pakistan
                                                    Ministry of Textile Industry

      No. F. 8(28-B) TID/07 -P-I                                                        Islamabad, the   14th   March, 2008.


                          In continuation      of this Ministry's letter of even number dated 20-2-2008 on the above
      subject. It is stated that the associations were asked to furnish requisite data on the prescribed performa
      iil   respect of their all registered members/ exporting firms to this Ministry latest by the 12th March 2008.

      2.                  It is pertinent to mention that the associations were also asked not to process the R&D
      claims of their registered members after          12th   March 2008 who have not complied with the instructions
      issued by this Ministry and are defaulters in providing the said data.

      3.                  The associations are hereby directed that they should stop processing of the R&D claims
      of such defaulting firms/ members registered with them from 1sl April 2008 till the complete information
      is sent to this Ministry and the association concerned send completion certificate in the matter.

      4.                 After   1st   April 2008 State Bank of Pakistan would be approached not to process the claims
      of the defaulting units and associations.

-- - -5~.- - --          'fhis-issues with-tne approval of Secretary Ministry of T~tile_ Industry.

                                                                                              (Khalid Mansoor) {t.,' ....
                                                                                             Section Officer (P-I) , 1<'1
                                                                                               Ph: 051-9217248

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