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					Trust Deeds and Real Estate Investing

Money invested through a mortgage broker is not guaranteed to earn any interest or return and is not insured. Before investing, investors must be provided applicable disclosures. Past performance does not guarantee future results or success. Consolidated
requires a $20,000 minimum investment.

Nevada MLD#284 – Consolidated Mortgage, LLC. 1291 Galleria Drive, Suite 220 Henderson, NV 89014 P. 702.739.9090/877.739.9094

Company Overview
• Founded in 1977 • Over $2 Billion in real estate transactions closed • Over $500 Million under management

What is a Trust Deed / Mortgage?
Definition of Trust Deed Private Notes - Public Deeds 1st Trust Deeds Only

Types of Trust Deeds
• Land Acquisition
• Land Development • Construction

• Bridge

Why Borrow from Consolidated?


The Art of Choosing Good Loans
• 5 C’s of Lending
– – – – – Collateral Capacity to borrow Character of the borrower Capital Conditions of the market

• Fact Sheets

Risks Involved in Trust Deed Investing
• Borrower Defaults
• Illiquid or Non-liquid • No tax benefits for nonqualified funds

Why does a Trust Deed belong in your portfolio?

Is your portfolio diversified?

Growth vs. Income
(Example: 100 – Age = Growth Percent)

Fixed Income Bonds vs. Trust Deeds
• Backed by company issuing bond • Backed by borrower and collateral (real estate)

• Interest paid monthly, • Interest paid monthly quarterly, semi-annually, annually • Maturity Dates vary • Yield is traditionally 6 – 8% • Secondary market • Maturity dates typically are 12 months • Yield is traditionally 12% and higher • No Secondary market

Fixed Income Annuity vs. Trust Deeds
• Backed by Insurance Company • Typically interest paid annually • Maturity – Date of death • Yield is traditionally 3 – 5% • Tax deferred • Backed by borrower and collateral (real estate)

• Interest paid monthly • Maturity dates typically 12 months • Yield is traditionally 12% and higher • Tax deferred if invested with IRA

Why is there an opportunity to invest?
• State of the Market
– Credit Crunch – Real Estate Bubble

• State of the Southwest
– Increasing Population – Increasing Employment

Clark County Population

Southwest Regional Employment

Local Hot Spots – Las Vegas
The Palazzo
Capital: $1.6 Billion Rooms: 3,025 suites Opened: Jan. 2008

Palms Place
Capital: $650 Million Expansion Rooms: 347 Condos Opened: Feb. 2008

Capital: $1.9 Billion Rooms: 2,045 suites Estimated Completion: 2008 This project will make Wynn Las Vegas the fifth largest hotel in the world.

City Center
Capital: $8.4 Billion Rooms: 6,650

Echelon Place Billion Capital: $4.8
Rooms: 4,713 Estimated Completion: 2010
The Echelon will be divided into five partially separated towers.

The Plaza
Capital: $5+ Billion Rooms: 4,100 Estimated Completion: 2011 Current plans are to create a replica of the ultra luxurious New York namesake.

Estimated Completion: 2009
This construction project is the most expensive privately funded in U.S. History

Have We Hit Bottom?
• Property Values • Land, Development and Construction

• Lending Opportunities • Credit Crunch • Bank Quality Loans & Borrowers • Lending at the bottom

Why Lend in Today’s Market?

2006 Value 2008 Value 2008 Loan 2008 LTV $5,000,000.00 $3,000,000.00 $1,800,000.00 60%

Would you make this loan?????

What types of funds can I use to invest?
• Money in checking and/or savings account • Roth IRA or IRA • Corporate Funds (LLC, Inc, etc…)

Benefits of Trust Deed Investing
• • • • • Secured by Real Property Short Term Commitment Double Digit Annual Returns Interest Paid Monthly Portfolio Diversification

Thank you for attending


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