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The Global Concerns Club by forrests

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									Saint Vincent Ferrer High School 151 East 65th Street New York, NY 10021 212 535-4680

The Global Concerns Club



Global Concerns Club has been an active part of the SVF community since September 2004. The club works closely with CONCERN Worldwide who operate a highly successful high school education program. The aim of the club is to teach and energize students about current international issues, and to create meaningful and innovative ways to voice their opinions and take action for international causes. The club believes that in order to be active global citizens and leaders in an increasingly interdependent world, high school students must be well informed about international issues, and to be able to understand the relevance and importance of the issues in their own lives. The club has worked on many projects in the school. Last year we raised over $3,000 for many worthy causes including Tsunami victims and Haiti. The club also held “awareness weeks” on such topics as AIDS and Women’s Rights, posting literature, showing videos and welcoming many international speakers. The club also organized International Week and asked the entire school for their personal stories — a very interesting display was posted for all to see.

This year, the first disaster to deal with was Hurricane Katrina, the club organized a thrift store and along with raising a great deal of money for a school in New Orleans, the girls also showed how easily they rally together for a worthy cause and even enjoy doing it! Presently, the club is working on an awareness campaign on the Millennium Development Goals — the aim is to make all the students in the school aware of these goals. PBS has invited us to join the teen outreach campaign for the Rx for Child Survival PBS series, and we look forward to sharing our projects with them this spring.

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Letter from the Principal’s Desk






O . P.

Friends, Happy New Year! When you think of a New Year, usually you think of resolutions. Most of us make a resolution at midnight, but by the end of the month have forgotten what it was we intended. Aside from the common resolutions of losing weight, exercising, or curbing a bad habit, other resolutions aim to continue to strive for something. At Saint Vincent Ferrer, our resolution every year is to continue to strive for academic excellence and to provide an atmosphere where our students feel intellectually challenged, physically safe and emotionally confident. It is because of this purpose, we are dedicated to stay steadfast in our mission of educating these young women in the intellectual tradition of Saint Dominic. Our school has had a wonderful winter so far. The Drama Club presented a hugely successful production of an original play, “Aftershocks,” written by our own English teacher, Mike Beil. The Music Department, under the direction of Ms. Caruso, once again, put on a wonderful Christmas concert for the Ferrer community. Also, in keeping with our Christian tradition of helping the less fortunate, money and canned foods were raised by Campus Ministry and the Global Concerns Club. And this is only the tip of the iceberg! Every day something special happens inside our green doors.

As always, Ferrer’s strong supporters continue their support of our Annual Fund. Your generosity speaks volumes about your belief in our mission. The education of our students depends greatly on the support of our donors and we thank you. Through it all, the support and encouragement of so many is a constant reminder of God’s loving care for all of us. The next few months will no doubt see more of God’s blessings and I hope that if you have the chance to visit the school, you will! Sincerely, Sister Gail Morgan, OP

Teacher Profile: James Kennedy
New Year to all! Thank you to all my former students for asking Ms. Debbie Keehner about me. As you may know by now, I have transferred to the Guidance Department, and am currently the School Counselor for grades nine and ten. Remember those days? However, I am still active in the Religion Department as Department Head — please keep those Bibles open! I am also still Moderator of the Guitar Club — former members please feel free to help out at any time. I grew up in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY and attended Brooklyn Public Schools. I attended The City College of New York, The Graduate Faculty of The New School for Social Research, The Pontifical Institute for Advanced Studies in Catholic Doctrine at St. John’s University, and the Graduate School of Education and Human Services and Counseling at St. John’s University. I am a life-long learner, and am delighted to see many of my students doing the same. I have been at St. Vincent Ferrer for 23 years, probably because I have found the faculty to be supportive, friendly and welcoming. Equally, I have found that the students have provided a challenge to me as an educator and counselor, and it has been a privilege to be a part of their educational experience. Every entering class of students has its uniqueness

about them as a class, as well as individually, and that, I feel, is what tests our strengths and weaknesses as teachers and counselors. I find it exciting and rewarding helping students reach success. I love music and play guitar — jazz and blues especially. I like books and movies that help us explore the triumph of the human spirit especially in adversity. My favorite book? Hmmmm, the Bible?

The “Aftershocks” Experience



of the many challenges of producing plays at a Catholic girls’ school is finding suitable material; in many cases, we have found that either the subject matter is inappropriate or all the leading roles are for males. Likewise, many of the so-called “comedies” written for all girl casts are badly dated, and often poorly written. This dilemma finally drove me to do what I have been threatening to do for some time: I would write a play myself. The result of that lapse in judgment is “Aftershocks,” which the St. Vincent Ferrer Drama Club presented on November 17th and 18th in the lower church. When I started writing the play, I had a few parameters in mind. It had to be an all girls cast, it had to be set in the present, and it had to deal with a serious topic — an issue that confronts a number of Ferrer students. Obviously, I wanted the play to de entertaining, but as an English teacher, I had, naturally, ulterior motives. I saw an opportunity to get a message across and I wasn’t about to waste it. My protagonist, Emily Milagros, is an illegal alien, and she is forced to deal with the prejudices of some of her classmates and a system that turns its back on her when she graduates from high school. Her character was inspired by former students who faced (and are still facing) many of the same challenges that Emily experiences in the play. Sara Tyluki, who has done an amazing job of directing over the past four years, agreed to direct, and we were

fortunate to bring together a cast of ten serious actresses. These young women, many of whom have appeared in several plays at Ferrer, were a pleasure to work with, and, in the end, did a fantastic job. From my perspective, it was immensely satisfying to see the play produced, but I was most proud of the girls for what they achieved. As for the future, we have exciting plans for the spring production, scheduled for March 30th and 31st. Rather than one full-length play, we are holding a one-act play competition in which each of the four classes will present a play of 20-30 minutes. Judges will select a best play, best actress, and other awards, and the audience will choose its favorite as well. If you have any questions about the spring play, please feel free to contact me at We hope to see you all there.

Sunday Brunch Reunion
November 6, 2005, 20 Ferrer alumnae braved the streets of Manhattan during Marathon Sunday to get together and celebrate their reunions. The women who attended were from the graduating classes of the 50s and 60s. The day began with a Sunday Mass at the Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer. After the Mass, the women were brought back into the school for a tour where they marveled at all the changes that have taken place since they graduated. They took pictures, reminisced, saw old friends and made new friends as well. At noon the school hosted a brunch at the 212 Café on 65th Street and Lexington Ave. If you have any questions about reunions or would like to host one for your class, please send us an e-mail at

I N AT T E N D A N C E : Julia Englehardt O’Rourke ’50 Mary McKenna Burns ’55 Kathleen Mulkeen ’60 Kathleen Manning Gershuny ’65 Ann Demato Navtree ’65 Eileen Flynn Cronin ’55 Rosemary Rush Barrett ’55 Josephine Bradley Cali ’50 Kathleen Bradley King Patricia Givens Collins ’55 Anita Potemri Pastier ’60 Katherine Frawley Monahan ’60 Victoria Onativia Burke ’60 Evelyn Grady Devlin ’55 Margaret Cassidy Hein ’55 Kay Dolan Madelyn Mahon Mahaney ’55 Ann Brennan Grasso ’60 Joanne Mastrocola DiGilio ’60

The New SVF Alumnae Directory
We are, once again, using University Publishing to put together our Alumnae Directory. In the next few months you will be receiving a mailing asking you to update your information. Please do! Your current information is vital to the school! You will receive the new SVF Directory for free just by filling out and sending in your reply card. University Publishing's Directory Program will ask for a voluntary contribution of $25 to offset the printing of the books, but remember, it is only voluntary. You will receive a new directory just by updating your information. Please be advised, your voluntary contribution to the Directory Program is NOT applied to the SVF Annual Fund. These are two separate programs. Your annual gift to the school should be sent to the school!

Tara Terrebetzky (1997 and SVF faculty) and Stephen Costigliola became engaged on March 12, 2005. They met through another alumna, Erin Gelb ’98, who will be the Maid of Honor. Christine Gaffney ’97 will also be a bridesmaid. Tara and Stephen are planning a July wedding in 2007.

Cheryl Ruggiero (Pender –1996) married Ciro Ruggiero, whom she met in college, on April 9th, 2005, at Saint Joseph’s in Astoria. The reception was held at Chateau Briand on Long Island. Attending the wedding were Melissa Couton and Carmen Cardus (both Class of 1996). Michelle Jackie Bajada (1997) married Paolo Nicolosi at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Manhattan, NY. The reception was held at Terrace on the Park. The happy couple now resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Among those in attendance were Cindy Zapata ’97 and Susan Zysk ’96. Tara DiFilippo (1997) married Robert Ostrowski on July 30, 2005. The Ferrer girls joining Tara on her special day were sister, Lisa DiFilippo ’04, as her Maid of Honor, and Bridesmaids, Ann Marie Mignano ’97 and Angela Buccelatto ’97. Also joining Tara from Ferrer was Maria Manto-Dillon ’98. It was a beautiful day for everyone and having all her friends from Ferrer made the day even sweeter.

Wedding Bells
Patricia D. Shannon (1979) was married on April 11, 2005 to Bruce Andrews Peters on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Karen Murphy (1988) was married on April 29, 2005 at St. Vincent Ferrer Church to William Stapleton. Several of her former classmates attended her wedding. Picture includes from left to right: Christine D’Alton’o-Bailes, Joann DeMartineAruanno, Denise O’Connor-Pawlcruski, Jennifer Orosz-Kerane, Siobhan McHale, and Mary Ellen Reilly. Not pictured is Karen Kessler.

Lisa Marie Fabian (1993) was married to Joseph Gerard Foy on April 1, 2005. After graduating from Ferrer, Lisa continued her education at Fordham University where she met Joseph. Lisa continued at Fordham Law School and received her J.D. degree in May 2002. Lisa and Joseph will be residing in Bronxville.

Wedding Bells

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Michelle Marie Rosario (1998) married Zhi David Liang in a civil ceremony in NYC on June 28, 2004, followed by a church wedding on December 26, 2004 at her parish, Holy Name of Jesus. Among the members of the bridal party were Jennifer Bonelli ’95, and Kristin Parker ’98. Anne McCarthy ’98 was an invited guest. The couple currently resides in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

Monica Curti (1991) and her husband, Anthony, welcomed their first child, Sebastian Filippo, on January 9, 2005. He weighed 6 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20” long. They are thrilled with Sebastian’s arrival. Natalie Diaz (Welsh – 1994) and her husband, John, welcomed twins on December 16, 2004. Anna Amanda weighed 4lbs, 7oz and John Martin weighed 4lbs, 1oz. Her e-mail is Natalie.Diaz@ for any classmate that wants to keep in touch!

Marylin Jagiello (Paetow –1953) and her husband, Henry, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on November 27, 2004. They renewed their vows at a special Mass, and were given a lovely reception in the Church Hall of Our Lady of Mercy.

Rattles and Bibs
Joann DeMartine-Aruanno (1988) and her husband, John, welcomed their daughter, Ava Rosalie, on March 18, 2005. She weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 19 1/2” long. Her big brother Andrew joins her, at home. Alessandra Pulido Gonzalez (1988) and husband, Juan Carlos, welcomed their daughter, Sofia Mercedes on July 24, 2004, and celebrated her baptism on May 22, 2005, in Miami where they live. Long-time friend, Denise Hevia ’88, who still resides in New York, was the godmother. Ann Marie Bermingham (1990) and her husband, Sean, welcomed their son, Brady Redmond, on January 8, 2005. He weighed 8 lbs. 13oz. and was 21” long. He was welcomed home by big brothers Jack (7) and Kyle (4).

Pray for the following members of the Ferrer Community who have passed on. Please remember their families and friends. Sister Helen Mary Whelan O.P 1930 . Catherine M. O’Connell (O’Grady – 1960) passed away on January 19, 2004. Mary V. McGarry (Griffin – 1961) Her husband, Thomas J. McGarry, informed us that his wife, Mary McGarry, passed away on October 26, 2004. She will be dearly missed by her husband, children, family and friends. Susan Marie Toribio (Coyle – 1966 ) passed away of lung cancer on November 11, 2005. She is survived by her husband Manny, two children, Justin and Megan, and her sister Diane. She was the stepmother to Melissa Toribio ’92 and her brother, David. Maria Pesantez 2004, passed away July 2005.

Opportunities to Give Back to SVF
SAVE YOUR STAMPS! Did you know you can now give a donation online using your credit card? Just visit and click on the Alumnae Site! It’s that easy!

OTHER WAYS TO GIVE Vital Gifts to SVF include contributions in the form of cash, check, and pledges sent to the school. Matching Gifts by your employer is a great way to double, or even triple, your gift to SVF. Ask your human resources department for further information. Gifts of Stocks/Securities provides a tax-wise way for donors to give. When making a gift of appreciated stocks, bonds, or stock options, the donor pays no tax on the capital gains. Please call the SVF Business Office for more information. Gifts In-Kind contributes greatly to the auctions at SVF annual events, such as the Walk-a-thon, Reunions, Parents Association Dinner, Mother/Daughter Luncheon. Planned Gifts including bequests, charitable trusts, gift annuities, and life insurance contributions offers the supporter an opportunity to leave their legacy at SVF, as well as, tax advantages and other financial benefits. To learn more about these opportunities at SVF, please contact the Development Office at 212/535-4680 x120.

The Parents Association of Saint Vincent Ferrer High School cordially invites you to attend our Annual Dinner Celebration and Auction
Saturday, March 18, 2006 • 7-11 p.m.
Hors d’oeuvres, Hot Buffet Dinner, Soft Drinks Wine & Beer Bar — Drinks $2.00 each Designer Cocktails — $4.00 each DJ, Dancing and Entertainment by The St Vincent Ferrer Stars of the Future $30.00 per person (adults only please)

Grand Prize Raffle
Two tickets to a Broadway show & dinner (show and restaurant of your choice) • A $400 value

And many other valuable prizes to be announced!
Raffle tickets: $2.00 each/ 6 for $10.00 Yes, I’d like to enter:
Name Address Phone City, State, Zip No. of tickets Check enclosed ($)

**YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN** Mail ticket(s) and payment to: Saint Vincent Ferrer High School • Parents Association Social • 151 East 65th Street • New York, NY 10021













Saint Vincent Ferrer High School Athletics



the time of my arrival in October of 1999, the Ferrer sports teams consisted of Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball. Seven years later, SVF students participate in many different sports. Now our students are involved in Intramural Soccer, The Running Club, Yoga, Step Squad, and Cheerleading.

Overview of the Big 3:
Volleyball The volleyball team competes against the Catholic High Schools Manhattan League during the regular season and consistently makes it to the playoffs where we play teams from Bronx, Westchester, or Staten Island. In the 2004-2005 season, Ferrer went to the finals against St. Thomas Aquinas and won! This year we made it into the finals, but lost in the final round. Basketball The basketball team has a Junior Varsity Squad and a Varsity Squad. The Junior Varsity Team has a limited number of games due to only three other participating Manhattan schools, but there are no playoffs at the conclusion of the season. The Varsity team, on the other hand, has a complete schedule against all Manhattan League teams and routinely makes it into the playoffs against Bronx/Westchester/Staten Island teams. Softball The softball team plays all Manhattan League teams during the regular season but does not have playoffs at the conclusion of the season either. The team always finishes with an above .500 season. Last year we finished 8-1 (.880 win percentage).

All of our sports teams and clubs are subject to CHSAA rules and regulations which reflect the same Christian spirit we at Saint Vincent Ferrer expect from our students in their daily lives. CHSAA’s code of conduct requires integrity, self discipline, good sportsmanship and respect for opponents, referees, coaches and fans from both teams. Saint Vincent Ferrer believes that sports programs can impact students in a positive manner and instill in them life skills such as dedication and teamwork that are essential for college and career life.

Bret Searcy

SVF Donor Plaque
Saint Vincent Ferrer Development Office would like to thank all of the donors who helped make the Capital Campaign for Science and Art a great success. To mark the success and say thank you, a plaque has been installed in the Jean Marie Collin Science Center listing all the generous donors to the campaign. Feel free to drop by the fourth floor to check it out.

Good Luck!
After 9 years as Treasurer of the Advisory Board of Trustees and also the school, David Ralston will retire at the end of February 2006. Mr. Ralston has also served more recently as Vice Principal of the school. At the request of the school, David has agreed to stay on in a limited capacity during the transition period in the Business Office. We thank him for his committed service and dedication to Ferrer.

Saint Vincent Ferrer High School 151 East 65th Street New York, NY 10021 212 535-4680 Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID Jersey City, NJ 07303 Permit #574

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