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        Online Job Search
Guide of the best practices
      International Careers Service
                        October 09

The multinational websites
 Monster, Hobsons, Careerbuilder and Stepstone
 have websites in almost every country.
 Don’t hesitate to change the .com into .fr or .de to
 find foreign job opportunities
 These sites have the biggest amount of offers and
 give a lot of advice on how to find a job
 They are used by big companies, or will refer
 companies’ career websites.
 They are building strong and worldwide network –
 don’t forget to consult their forum to find useful
 information and register to their community
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The international websites
 The European Union website!
  • Free and in every European languages, it will give you job
     opportunities and advice for working in Europe. It provides links
     for national jobsearch. offers job vacancies in raw material industry
 such as petroleum and gaz extraction is very helpful when seeking a job in the
 touristic industry is excellent when looking for a job anywhere on
 the planet. It also gives precious pieces of advice on job seeking
 methodology : European jobsearch career information website on how to work
 abroad. Summary of how to apply in different
                                                           EMLYON Business School
The national websites
 Every country has its own national and regional websites,
 very few are translated in English.
 A simple search on google.XX (selected country) will give you
 the best websites to visit. Newspapers also have job search
 tool for national and international opportunities.
 Do not forget that for instance big French companies are also
 very international. You may be selected for international
 Most of national websites offer international opportunities, as
 well as country and career tips
 They offer numerous indication about national companies and
 their recruiting methods.
 Some are dedicated to functions or sectors
 Don’t forget the national employment agencies, which also
 have internet access!
                                                     EMLYON Business School
The best French websites : junior offers; international offers;
 headings advice - career files – international career file –
 toolbox (CV/cover letter) : videos and testimonies about hiring
 companies and training programs. Zoom companies and jobs. : videos and testimonies. Blogs.
 International search. CV & Cover letter deposit. Headhunting
 tool for companies. : in english. Junior job offers. Top 10 of
 hiring companies. : color code to match searching criteria
 with recruiters’. About 20,000 job offers, France and
 International. Sectors tendencies forecasting.
                                                   EMLYON Business School
The French websites by sector : IT dedicated. IT sector news.
 Best Practices. Video with recruiters’ explanations. : sales sector dedicated.
 commercial Network. News and advice. : distribution channels jobs. No
 internships. Search by responsability level. News. : financial sector.
 Companies’ listing. : UK – Belgium -Switzerland

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Rhônes Alpes Job Search : About 3,000 job
 offers in the region. Agenda of the recruiting
 events. Tips and advice. : Good tips to work
 in Lyon. : the website of the chamber of
 commerce. Listing of companies based in Lyon.
 Agenda of events. Networking opportunities. ERAI is the
 cluster aiming to internationally develop the
 region. There are 14 clusters in the region, in
 different areas. Also in English.
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UK Jobsearch : over 32,000 job offers in UK and
 elsewhere. CV check online & profile testing. : IT jobs. : graduate and internship offers. : graduate programs. : biggest job search engine in UK. 97,000
 jobs offers. Salary calculator. job search for executives
 only. Salary mentioned. RSS search. Career services. Jobs for experienced graduates. graduate career website part of the Guardian Media Group
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USA jobsearch : well designed site to browse jobs in the US : need for a registration first, but free
 jobsearch engine. and are useful information
 sources about American companies.
 Most of the MBA dedicated websites are American.
 Most of US jobsites are international and therefore have a national
 site, like Monster.
 Watch out for commercial websites, which tell you that you can
 search for an offer but always redirect you somewhere else.

                                                         EMLYON Business School
Germany jobsearch
 Most websites are in German.
 French companies are seeking German speakers to hire.
 Most of the good VIE or internships opportunities are in
 Germany pays well and have highly international
 opportunities, but speaking German is a must have. : good job search engine. Top jobs. Last
 minute jobs & : internship offers in
 Germany or abroad. : links to international websites for job
 searching : jobs in Russia, Germany, Austria and

                                                  EMLYON Business School
Switzerland jobsearch
 Job offers are often for executives. Websites are
 translated into several languages; either FR, GE,
 IT or FR, GE, EN. – : both in
 German/French/Italian – : both in
 English as well as in French. offers to
 search by working permit.
 Be careful to the work regulation in Switzerland,
 which is NOT in the EU, but only has signed
 working agreements and Schengen.
                                           EMLYON Business School
Belgium jobsearch : (FR, NE)publishes a
 magazine. Job news. Search by the language
 of the ad. : (FR, NE) dedicated page
 to junior and graduates.
 Belgium has the European Parliament and
 therefore has many international companies
 based in Brussels. It is a bilingual country,
 with a high percentage of English speakers.
                                      EMLYON Business School
Spain jobsearch
 Every websites are in Spanish : best offers; urgent
 offers; international work :
 national job search website with a
 dedicated page to MBA.

                                   EMLYON Business School
Recruiting agencies : (EN) select a recruiting agent
 for you and help you find the right job consulting: international
 recruiting consultant. : (EN) easy quicksearch for job : RSS flux for job
 search : recruitment specialist : international executive

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Jobsearch Engine
 A guide of every job search is available on FR-EN: 7 Billion of
 international offers FR FR FR FR FR Europe and Latin America
                                     EMLYON Business School
Work placement agencies
 They are full of tips to get to know how to
 work in a foreign country. Some are
 specialized for internationals. FR – EN- ES

                                    EMLYON Business School
 Viadeo: the French LinkedIn now exists in
 every European countries
 LinkedIn: Famous and inescapable! organizes networking

                                   EMLYON Business School
Stay in Touch Most of the recruiters will
 check on your profile! the last tool to be up to date and allow to
 keep up with your network’s professional lives.
  a lot of job search websites offer a forum or a
 network once you registered, they might be a
 good source of advice!

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Just for the MBAs association of MBA’s:
 networking, jobsearching, career events... career advice,
 coaching, jobsearch... global social
 entrepreneurship MBA network : connect MBA and
 companies events; virtual
 fairs; recruitment

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Listing of dedicated MBA and
Graduates Websites     

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Recruiting actors listing                                                (commonwealth+US)  (german website for job search in Germany, Austria,
 Russia and Switzerland)    

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French useful websites                                            (also in English at footpage)                               

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Networking websites
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