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									Quick Reference Guide: MED Job Search
How it works                                             Logging On                                                Check Messages & Tasks
         From the main screen you can click on          Existing Users                                                     You will be sent messages by email.
          Search Jobs at any time to see what            If you already have a logon, click Sign In.                        You can also check all messages received
          current vacancies or future opportunities      Enter your Username and Password and click the                      in the system under My Communication or
          you can register for.                          Login button.                                                       under My Messages or My Tasks on the
         To apply for a position you will need an                                                                           Home page.
          email address and must logon to the site to    New Users
          apply for vacancies.                                     Click the New Users Join Here button.
         If you don’t already have an email address,
          you can create one for free at
                                                                   Review the current vacancies or                Other Information
                                                                    opportunities and choose Apply Now.
          www.gmail.com or www.yahoo.com. You                                                                      Security, Privacy and Terms &
                                                                   You will be taken to the Create an Account
          can check email from these accounts                                                                      Conditions
          anywhere you can access the internet.                                                                             You can review the MED Privacy Policy,
                                                                   Complete the form then click Next
         You will be sent messages by email. It is                                                                          Site Security and Terms & Conditions for
                                                                   You will be sent an authentication token to
          important you check your email regularly for                                                                       use of the site under the About Us menu on
                                                                    your email inbox. Click on the link provided
          any new messages.                                                                                                  your homepage when you log in.
                                                                    to become a registered user.
                                                         If you do not receive an authentication token, check
Completing an Application                                your Spam or Junk email boxes or contact your email
                                                                                                                   Technical Help
Question Help: Click this button to get more             provider, as they may be blocking the email.
                                                                                                                            The Help button in the system lets you
information about how to complete the question
correctly.                                               The system will take you through a series of forms to               raise a request for technical support to
                                                         complete your first application.                                    StaffCV.
Click the Save button regularly. If you lose your                                                                           StaffCV provide the system technology.
internet connection, it ensures the information you      Lost Password
                                                                                                                   NOTE: Staff CV do not have any information about
have already entered is safe. You can also use this to            Click Forgot your Password?
                                                                                                                   recruitment at MED. Please contact us directly if you
save your application and come back to complete it                Enter your username and the security            have any questions about the job or the recruitment
later.                                                             characters.                                     process.
                                                                  Click Submit.
NOTE: your application is not sent to MED until you               Your password will be emailed to you.
have clicked Submit. Click the Submit button to send
your Application to MED.

* Compulsory answer. This means you must
complete the answer to this question before your
application can be submitted. If you have not
completed a compulsory answer, the system will
highlight it in yellow and ask you to answer it.

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