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									 Occupational Information       | cont.                                                                                                                              Student Support
On-Line                                                About Us
Use any Internet accessible computer to look up        Located on the beautiful northern coast of
occupational information at the following web sites:   California, College of the Redwoods has
                                                                                                                                                 A Pocket Guide to
                                                       a proud history of high-quality education
                                                       dedicated to student success. With a campus
                                                                                                                                                 Career &
   Detailed analysis of careers, including scaled
   ratings of interests, abilities and knowledge
                                                       in Eureka, and education centers in Crescent
                                                       City and Fort Bragg, as well as sites in Hoopa,                                           Job Search              COLLEGE
                                                                                                                                                                          OF THE
   levels needed to work in selected occupations.      Eureka Downtown , and Arcata, Redwoods
                                                       Community College District is the sixth largest                                           Resources             REDWOODS
   California Occupational Guides                      community college district in California.               It offers a wide variety of learning opportu-
   htm                                                 nities to serve the citizens of Humboldt, Del
   On-line occupational descriptions from the          Norte, and Mendocino counties, awarding
   California Labor Market website                     A.A. and A.S. Degrees as well as certificates
                                                       for vocational and professional development.
   California Labor Market Information                 It is a fully- accredited, two-year institution
                                                       offering transfer agreements with major
   Access wage and job outlook information by
   county, as well as the O*Net and Occupational       four-year colleges and universities.
   Guides listed above.
                                                       Contact Us
   Occupational Outlook Handbook                                    Career Development &
   The U.S. Department of Labor’s standard             Student Employment Center
   nationwide job profile reference volume.            College of the Redwoods
                                                       7351 Tompkins Hill Road
                                                       Eureka, CA 95501-9300

Job Search Resources                                     hours    8am–6pm | m – th | fri til 4:30pm
                                                       location   admin bldg | upper level | rm ???
There are hundreds of job search resources               phone    707.476.4159
available through the Internet — below are just           email
a few. Use the Career Center’s |Links| page at
the CR website for easy access to many more              www.
helpful websites — let the Career Center site
serve as your “virtual career center” at home.
   Excellent source of local job announcements,
   and by county throughout California
                                                                  Making a Difference
   Job listings nationwide listed according to          
   college majors
                                                                  College of the Redwoods does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity,
   WinWay Resume Program*                                         religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, color or disability in any of its
                                                                  programs or activities. College of the Redwoods is committed to providing
   An easy-to-use resume-writing program                          reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. Upon request
   with built-in customization options; choose                    this publication will be made available in alternate formats.

   the resume format and style you prefer to                      Printed by Communications & Marketing | Printing Services,
                                                                  College of the Redwoods | Design•Photos by L. Lozier-Hannon
   produce a professional finished product.                       CC/llh           PocketGuide_Brochure.indd              01.09.09
   * WinWay is not available on the Internet.
Career Development &
Student Employment Center
                                                    Career Guidance Inventories                                International Personality Item Pool
                                                    Career inventories are now available on-line               A newer version of a personality inventory
                                                    as well as in the Career Center. Choose from               that measures traits using the “Five Factor
A Pocket Guide to Career                                                                                       Model”. Not a career test, but useful for its
                                                    among the following questionnaires to help you
and Job Search Resources                            organize information about your work prefer-               evaluation of some important work skills.
                                                    ences, and define matching educational goals               Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator
Changes are happening at a very fast rate in        and career possibilities.                        
                                                                                                               Again, not specifically a career test, but
the world of work. Perhaps now, more than                                                                      suggests a basic personality orientation for
ever, it is important that you have information     Career Inventories at the Career Center                    each of us, which can be viewed in relation
available about today’s job market, the type of     Visit the Career Center to access the following            to career possibilities.
education and training needed for the work-         career inventories (these are not available on-line):
place, and how your interests and aptitudes
                                                    The Choices Career System
match up to career possibilities. That’s                                                                    Occupational Information
                                                       A comprehensive career guidance system that
where the Career Development & Student
                                                       cross-references results from three different        One of the best ways to use your results to a career
Employment Center comes in. The Center’s               career assessments: interests, work values,          inventory is to follow-up by gathering information
career resources are available FREE of charge          and work skills. Choices provide many                about occupations. Use any one of the occupational
to community members as well as students. A            options for building your personal list of
                                                                                                            information sources listed here to explore careers
staff person is available to help you begin your       career possibilities.
                                                                                                            compatible with your results.
exploration using the following resources:          The Eureka System
     A career inventory is a questionnaire that        This multi-faceted career resource includes          At the Career Center
     can help you explore new career possibili-        Occ-U-Sort, a brief 36-item questionnaire that       Visit the Career Center for quick and easy access to
     ties. Our self-guided inventories can help        matches career possibilities to your selected work
                                                                                                            occupational information. The systems below are
     you discover career choices that are              preferences; and MicroSkills IV, a skills sorter.
     compatible with your needs and attributes.                                                             not Internet accessible.
     The latest occupational information to help                                                               Both The Eureka System and The Choices Career
                                                    On-line Career Inventories
     you explore new career directions —                                                                       System are excellent sources of occupational
     wages, future employment outlook, skills       Use any Internet accessible computer — at home,            information, including job duties, outlook
     needed, and advancement opportunities.         the library, or the Career Center — to take the            etc. Of special interest to those planning for
     Help with choosing the right education         following career inventories:                              education and training: Eureka includes a
     and training programs needed for entry                                                                    database of schools, showing which schools
     into the career of your choice - and info on      Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential            offer particular majors or training programs,
     where training programs are located.                                         school locations, and a general description of
                                                       Assess the strength of your motivations, and            different educational programs.
     Check out our website for links to                what makes you want to work.
     additional information sources.
     All units in our computer bank are fully

     Internet accessible for advanced research.
                                                       Assess your career potential using the “6
                                                       occupational types” system developed by
                                                       John Holland, and explore occupations
     Changes are happening                             compatible with your interests
     at a very fast rate in
     the world of work.
                                “                      Keirsey Temperament & Character Web Site
                                                       Determine your temperament type and how
                                                       it can affect your career satisfaction.

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