PROMUS Hotels JOB Application by a282102


									                                     Hilton Hotels Corporation
                                  Internal Application Instruction
                  (Careers Outside the US and US Careers not on eRecruit)

Instructions & Guidelines (for applicant):

The following criteria must be met in order to apply for a position:
   1. You must be meeting expectations in your current position (as evidenced by the last Performance Review or
       upon confirmation by your current supervisor).
   2. If you are in a manager-level position at a hotel, you must have been in your current position for at least one
       year. For hourly hotel team members you must have been in your current position for at least 6 months. All
       corporate team members must have been in their positions for a minimum of 6 months. (NOTE: If your
       position is being eliminated due to a reduction in force, you may be eligible to apply for other positions within
       the company through internal sources until your termination date, even if you do not meet the 6 months or 1
       year requirement for time in position. In order to express interest in available positions after your termination
       date, you must apply as an external candidate via Careers on
   3. You must meet all the minimum qualifications of the job as described on the posting.
   For all qualified applicants please do the following:
            Discuss your interest in another job opportunity with your supervisor or department head.
            Complete the Application below.
            Obtain your supervisor’s/department head’s signature.
            Remit your signed application and resume to your HR Department.
            Your HR department will submit your application and resume for the posted position via email to the
               HR department at the hotel or business unit for which you have applied. Contact your HR department
               on the status of your application.
            Please keep your supervisor or department head informed of any next steps required for your
               consideration in the position.
            The position for which you are applying may require a work authorization for a specific country,
               background and/or credit check, verification of education, driving or motor vehicle report and/or a drug
               test. For any of those positions, a successful report must be obtained in order to be eligible for the
            Note: It is recommended that you review the job opening information in detail to see if a strong
               candidate is identified. For jobs in the US, this information will be noted as “yes” under “Strong
               Candidate Identified” column.
                          Internal HHC Application (Please attach resume)
Position Title: _____________________________________                                Date:____________

Location of Posted Position:________________________________                        Job Listing ID:_______________

Employee ID # (7 digits) _______________
Home Address:_____________________________________                  Home#__(___)__________________
__________________________________________________                  Work #__(___)___________________
Present Position:____________________________________
Present Location (hotel name, city, OR corporate location, city):___________________________________
Present Department Name: _____________________________________________
Current Work Schedule: _______________________________________________
Job Grade (optional):______________________(For HR Use only)
Annual Salary: $__________________
Start Date of Present Position:_________________________
Original Hire Date:__________________________
Supervisor Name/Phone # _____________________________(___)_______________________________

Please describe your qualifications for this position on another sheet of paper or you may use the space provided.

Job Skills:_________________________________________________________________________________

Work Experience: __________________________________________________________________________





Department Head Signature:_________________________________________________ Date:_____________________
 (By signing this, you are verifying the applicant is currently meeting standards in their current position.)

HR Department Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: _____________________
  (By signing this or forwarding this application along with the TM resume, you have acknowledged, to the best of your ability,
that the applicant meets the minimum requirements for the position.)

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