Flow chart for job application by a282102


									What happens once my application has
been lodged?
    Letter of acknowledgement sent to all                                  ~ The selection process may take some time and if
 applicants from Human Resources (HR) after                                  you want to check on the progress of the job,
               the closing date. ~                                           please telephone the contact officer named in the
                                                                             acknowledgement letter.

    Selection panel assesses applications for
                                                                              NB. Reference checking may be
                                                                                conducted prior to interview
Shortlisted applicants are contacted and further
            assessment conducted. *

                                                                         * THE INTERVIEW PROCESS
                                                                         The most competitive and suitable applicants will be further
 A recommendation is made by the selection                               assessed. This action usually includes conducting
                                                                         behavioural interviews and/or other tests. The following
 panel and approved by the Director General.
                                                                         information may assist you if you are selected for an
                                                                               Where possible the panel will give you a minimum of
                                                                               two days notice before your interview.
 All applicants are notified of the outcome and                                Interview questions will be job-related i.e. are based
are offered the opportunity to obtain feedback. ^                              on the advertised position, the position's selection
                                                                               criteria and will focus on your past experiences. The
                                                                               same questions will be asked of every applicant.
                                                                               You will be informed prior to the interview if an
                                                                               additional form of assessment will be used.
                                                                               Re-read the job description form, your application and
       Breach of Standard period closes. #                                     think of relevant examples where you have applied the
                                                                               relevant skills, abilities and knowledge (i.e. Think about
                                                                               the duties and how you would carry them out and
                                                                               possible problems that may occur and how you would
                                                                               resolve them).
If there is no breach of standard submitted, the                               Find out whether the panel would like you to bring
        successful applicant is confirmed.                                     copies of reports or other work that demonstrate your
                                                                               Bring the original documentation of any qualifications
                                                                               and/or certificates that were included in your
Suitable applicants not offered an appointment
            are held on “live” file.                                     THE INTERVIEW
                                                                             Dress as you would for work - neatly and
                                                                             appropriately for the job.
                                                                             Attend the interview at the allocated time and place
                                                                             (don't arrive late).
                                                                             Never assume that the panel knows your suitability for
You will be sent a letter telling you the result of the selection
                                                                             the position (even if you have worked with them in the
process. The letter will also provide the name of the person
you can contact to seek feedback on their application and
                                                                             Take your time to answer each question. A well
performance at interview. You are encouraged to seek this
                                                                             thought-out answer will be appreciated by the panel
feedback as it may help you with future submissions. You can
                                                                             even if you take a few moments to prepare.
also ask for written feedback, which will include extracts of the
                                                                             Feel free to ask the panel any questions relevant to
selection report containing the panel's assessment of your                   the position or the organisation.

                             # RIGHT TO LODGE A REVIEW OF THE PROCESS
                             Appointments in the public sector are subject to the provisions of the Public Sector
                             Management (Examination and Review Procedures) Regulations 2001.
                             Accordingly, at the conclusion of the selection process you will be advised of the
                             outcome. Should you be an unsuccessful applicant and are of the opinion that the
                             Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Standard has been breached, you may
                             make application for a review of the recruitment process at that time. It is
                             important to note that the Regulations do not provide for a review to be
                             undertaken on the grounds that you consider that you were more competitive. For
                             further information regarding the review process refer to the Recruitment,
                             Selection and Appointment Standard and Breach Process.

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