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									                                      Options Resource Center

                                   Board Member Job Application

The Board of Directors govern Options Resource Center by the way of policy determination and
administration so the the purpose, objectives and principles of Options are fulfilled.

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities (see Page 2) in Manual.

               A commitment of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
               Evidence of an active faith growing toward maturity in Christ.
               Sincere desire to reach out with love of Jesus to people in distress.
               Dependable, stable and capable of following through on commitments.
               Wise, respected and capable leader (Exodus 18:21 -23, Dueteronomy 1:5).

Time Commitment:
Spend time in prayer seeking God's vision for Options. A minimum of one year with the option to continue
(with the approval of the Board) for up to five years. Term runs January through December.

               Attend all scheduled Board meetings.
               Serve on at least one Board Commitment
               Support fund-raising activities by volunteering time at events.

                                  Options Resource Center
                                      308 Chess Street
                                   Monongahela PA 15063

                            Application for Board member position.

Please fill out the following application. When received by the board, a full application will be
                      mailed to you and you will be called for an interview.

Please Print.

Name: _________________________________Home Phone:______________________

Place of Employment:______________________________________________

Church Affiliation:_________________________________________________
Your Pastor's Name to Contact for Reference:___________________________

Signature of

*Complete the following if you have previously volunteered at Options Resource Center.
Committee Type and Year:_________________________________________________
Other areas of service at Options at any time:__________________________________

                        Call 724-258-7277 if you have any questions.

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