RGV Aggie Moms Club by forrests


									RGV Aggie Mom’s Club Weslaco Professional Building Weslaco, TX Monday, September 17, 2007 6:30 P.M. Minutes 1. Welcome/Introduction of Officers; President Joy Anderson welcomed everyone. 2. Reading of the Minutes/Correspondence: The minutes were reviewed by all members present. JoAnna Tejerina made a motion to accept them with a second by Virginia Phillips. The motion passed. 3. Treasurer’s report: Nancy Seiver read the treasurer’s report. The ending balance as of August 2007 was $3,554.66. An itemized summer month to month report is on file with the club’s secretary. 4. Student Support Services: Monthly student raffle winners this month were Tim Trippel, Jay Seiver, Isaac Ruiz, David Dale, Lisa Gonzales, Liz Correra, Courtney Glover & Cory Garza. The $100 book scholarship winner was Isaac Ruiz. A motion was made by Chris Cowan and a second from JoAnna Tejerina to continue the electronic birthday cards to the Aggie students. The motion passed. We need a mom to volunteer to send these out. Joy recapped some of the changes from the Aggie Mom’s Federation with regards to Senior Gifts. The value is not to exceed $25 per student. Our current plaques are at $38. VPLisa Helle will research this and report back to the club. We will collect $5 from any Mom who wants to send a Halloween card to their Aggie, we will do this again for Valentines Day, 5. Standing Committees; Sign up sheets were put out to sign up for the various committees. Refreshments were donated by the club officers for this meeting. Tonight’s door prize winners were; Loretta Dickinson, Tina Lozano, Miros Garcia, JoAnna Tejerina, Blanca Flores, Suzanne MacManus, Sandra Bitner, Tammy Trippel, Lisa Younce, Becky Hanshaw, Hilda Leal, Lisa Helle, Betty Skloss, Tammy Cowan, Letty Correrra, Hilda Casas, Tracey Lassig & Deanna Henderson.

6. Unfinished Business: none 7. New Business; We discussed the Stepping Stone fundraiser and the craft sessions. We need to find a mom or dad interested in learning the lettering and cutting skills to keep the project as a fundraiser in the years to come. A motion was made by Virginia Phillips and a second from Delores Ramirez to continue the Street Sign sale at boutique as a fundraiser for another year. The motion passed. Another motion was made by Tracy Lassig and a second by Cindy Rodriguez to also continue the Aggie Items Raffle for another year. It was agreed also that tickets would only be sold here in the RGV. The motion passed. Parent’s weekend is April 11 & 12th. Volunteers will be needed to help staff our booth. Our RGV Aggie Mom’s Website was discussed and several options were presented. A motion by Tracey Lassig and a second by Miros Garcia were made to allow Deanna Henderson to look into this for us as long as the cost does not exceed $100 per year. The motion passed. Sharon Di Santis offered to do the jewelry party for us again with the profits going to the club. The date is pending. Marsha Garza volunteered to handle publicity for the club for this year. 8. Other Announcements: Several moms mentioned highlights of their Aggies! 9. Next Meeting is October 15, 2007 10. Adjournment.

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