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   Certified Professional in
   Healthcare Information and
   Management Systems
Top 10 Reasons
CPHIMS Certification

Keep your IT knowledge current through continuing education,            EXPERTISE
field-tested experience and verification of base-level competency.

Validate to those in your field who recognize and respect the value      CREDIBILITY
of professional competence in healthcare, technology, systems and

Promote your career advancement and discover new opportunities for      OPPORTUNITY
professional leadership.

Uphold the highest industry standards and regulations to protect your   EXCELLENCE
organization from the risks of noncompliance.

Take pride in knowing that you are among the elite in a critical field   RECOGNITION
of healthcare IT.

Set yourself apart as a credentialed professional in a highly           DISTINCTION
competitive job market.

Demonstrate that you have mastered proven, broad-based concepts.        ACHIEVEMENT

Prove to employers that you are trained and tested to implement best    EVIDENCE
practices and apply current technology to your organization.

Leverage the right skills and tools to help you make a difference in    RESOURCES
your career, your organization and your community.

Show superiors, colleagues and potential employers your dedication      COMMITMENT
to the industry and maintenance of advanced IT skills.
Make Your Mark…
of Distinction
As a healthcare information technology professional, you face constant challenges. Keeping pace with ever-changing industry
regulations. Learning the ropes of dynamic compliance regulations. Mastering the growing role of technology innovation
in providing quality patient care. Your management decisions have a profound impact on the future of IT throughout your
healthcare delivery organization. You recognize the importance of continued growth – not just in your current position, but
for the success of your future career in a competitive market. And not just for yourself, but for measuring the progress and
professional development of your staff.

As a manager, you must balance your commitment to your career growth while at the same time investing in the success of
those who report to you. There’s no better time than NOW to demonstrate that you – and your staff – have the credentials
and knowledge necessary to succeed in the healthcare IT field. That’s why the Healthcare Information and Management
Systems Society (HIMSS) offers a professional certification program just for healthcare information and management systems
professionals like you: CPHIMS.

CPHIMS-certified professionals recognize the benefit of certification. They know it is an excellent way to evaluate professional
skills against the knowledge necessary to succeed in healthcare IT. The CPHIMS designation demonstrates expertise in three

Environments                                                        Systems
Healthcare                                                           • Analysis                      • Testing and evaluation
• Characteristics of healthcare organizations                        • Design                        • Data integrity
• Interrelationships within and across healthcare                    • Selection-through-            • Security/Privacy
  organizations                                                        Maintenance process

• Roles of healthcare information and management systems            Administration
                                                                    • Leadership, including strategic planning, critical thinking
• Roles of governmental, regulatory, professional and                 and decision-making, organization
  accreditation agencies                                              assessment and more
Technology                                                          • Management, including recruitment and
• Characteristics of applications commonly used in                    retention, team development and leadership,
  healthcare                                                          audits and more
• Characteristics of supporting technology infrastructure
“CPHIMS certification shows authority in the industry and
 that you have an overall understanding of how healthcare
 works in IT.” – Timothy E. Schoener, CPHIMS, FHIMSS,
               Administrative Director of I.T., Susquehanna Health, Williamsport, PA

                                           Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management
                                           Systems (CPHIMS) designation is recognized as the national
                                           standard of industry knowledge. To become a CPHIMS, you must
                                           successfully complete a qualifying CPHIMS Certification Exam
                                           and meet one of the following eligibility criteria:
                                           • Baccalaureate degree plus five (5) years of associated
                                             information and management systems experience*, three (3) of
                                             those years in healthcare.
                                           • Graduate degree plus three (3) years of associated information
                                             and management systems experience*, two (2) of those years in
                                           *Associated information and management systems experience includes experience in the
                                           following functional areas: administration/management, clinical information systems,
                                           e-health, information systems, or management engineering.
Preparing for the
CPHIMS Exam is Easy
Take advantage of these study tools to help maximize your exam preparation…
and optimize your potential for success.

Preparing for Success in Healthcare                               Self-Assessment Exam
Information and Management Systems:
                                                                  This online tool simulates the CPHIMS Exam in format
The CPHIMS Review CD ROM                                          and content—plus it offers useful feedback to future test-
CPHIMS candidates can easily navigate the material in a           takers, that’s the extra value of the SAE. The test offers a
structured yet self-paced multimedia format. New healthcare       rationale for correct and incorrect responses and feedback
information and management systems professionals will also        reports that identify your strengths and improvement areas.
find this series an invaluable ‘ramp-up’ resource. The two-disk   Current certificants can claim five contact hours of continuing
set utilizes a PowerPoint program with audio support and          professional education toward renewal of certification by
printable handouts. Sample multiple choice questions are          submitting a copy of the Individual Mastery report with the
included at the end of each chapter to help monitor learning.     Renewal Application at the time of renewal.

                                                                  Visit to purchase the SAE by credit card.
Preparing for Success in Healthcare
Information and Management Systems:                               CPHIMS Candidate Handbook
The CPHIMS Review Guide Exam Prep
                                                                  The CPHIMS Candidate Handbook prepares you for the
and Comprehensive Resource in One!
                                                                  logistics of taking the CPHIMS examination. It details
Whether you’re taking the CPHIMS exam or simply want              examination content, timing and administration, and walks
the most current and comprehensive overview in healthcare         you through the application process. It provides information
information and management systems today – this publication       on how to apply for the exam, as well as what to do on the day
has it all. But for those preparing for the CPHIMS exam, this     of and following the exam. The handbook provides full details
textbook is the perfect study partner. Candidates can challenge   on eligibility requirements. To request your free copy:
themselves with the sample multiple choice questions
(different from the CD-ROM series) at the end of each chapter.

Experience CPHIMS
Benefits Today

                               Become CPHIMS-certified… use the distinguished CPHIMS designation on letterhead,
                               business cards and other professional communications, in directory listings and in your
                               signature to demonstrate your credibility, expertise, leadership and more. For more

     OPPORTUNITY               information, please contact Julianna Kazragys, program manager, professional services, at
                     , or call 312-915-9216.







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