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									3rd Meeting of the Arab Telecom and IT Regulatory Authorities Network Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 2-3 March, 2005
Final Declaration The 3rd Meeting of the Arab Telecom & IT Regulatory Authorities Network was held in Sharm El-Sheikh/Egypt during the period from 2 to 3 March 2005. 11 representatives of Telecom & IT Regulatory Authorities from the Arab Region participated in the meeting. The participants thanked and expressed their appreciation to Mr. Hamadoun Touré, BDT Director, for the notable support given to the Network by the International Telecommunication Union “ITU” and the Arab Regional Office. The recommendations of the meeting can be summarized as follows: 1. The working plans for all the projects of the strategic plan were agreed, with the emphasis on the commitment of all coordinators, project managers & working groups to the implementation time schedules mentioned in the work plans. The implementation program of the strategic plan consists of 4 cores:  Activation of the establishing process and preparation of the basis for the Arab Authorities Network (4 projects)  Preparation of the general framework for the policies and regulations of the sector (6 projects)  Preparation and drafting of the guiding standards and technical specifications for telecom and information technology equipment as well as the technical description for the quality of the offered services (4 projects).  Human capacity building and development as well as the exchange of expertise and experts (5 projects) 2. The mechanism of the member states contributions to finance the Network financial resources was discussed, and the chairmanship has been assigned to submit a detailed work plan for every objective of the Network including timetables, expected costs for every project and a proposal for financial fund mobilization. 3. The establishing of the Network website was discussed. The website should be ready in April 2005 and is fostered by Algeria. The information in the field of telecom and information technology on the regional level will be posted on the website after revising the database 4. The mechanism for preparing the annual report of the Network was approved. 5. Two working Groups were formed: The first presided by Jordan to assist in identifying the subjects that will be presented to GSR 2005 Meeting and to prepare for it. The second presided by Egypt with regards to WSIS.

6. It was agreed that the Network would apply for ITU membership. 7. It was agreed to accept the Arab Working Party for the Private Sector as observer to the Network and reciprocally the Network becomes an observer to the Arab Working Party for the Private Sector. 8. The participants agreed to convene a workshop to evaluate the achievements of the Strategic plan before the next year meeting of the Network.

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