Bentley University endeavors to attract a strong diverse candidate pool from
which to draw the best-qualified candidate for each position. The following
guidelines are intended to assist in developing interview questions that do not
intentionally or unintentionally violate the law and provide an equal opportunity
for consideration to all qualified candidates.

SUBJECT               SHOULD NOT ASK                 MAY ASK

NAME                  Whether candidate has
                                                     Current legal name and
                      worked under a different
                                                     whether any information is
                      name or any other
                                                     necessary about applicant's
                      questions that divulge
                                                     name to check on previous
                      marital status, ancestry, or
                                                     work or educational record.
                      national origin.

MARITAL STATUS        Whether person is married,
                      single, separated, divorced, Nothing.
                      widowed, or engaged.

FAMILY STATUS         About family planning,
                      number and ages of
                                                     About willingness to travel if
                      children, childcare
                                                     job requires it and ability to
                      arrangements, spouse's
                                                     meet work schedule
                      employment, salary, travel
                      schedule, whether applicant
                      is "head of household."

AGE                   About applicants’ age or
                      date of birth. May not ask     Whether applicant meets the
                      applicant to provide proof of minimum age requirement as
                      age. (This information can     set by law.
                      be obtained after hire.)

RACE, COLOR, OR       Applicant's race, color, or    Nothing.

Revised 08/04/09
ETHNICITY          ethnicity.

                   Note: As permitted by law,
                   the online employment
                   application elicits this
                   information for purposes of
                   Bentley’s affirmative action
                   efforts. HR will report
                   aggregate data to the hiring
                   manager in order for
                   him/her to monitor the
                   diversity of the pool.

PREGNANCY          About medical history
                                                    About anticipated duration in
                   concerning pregnancy and
                                                    the job and anticipated
                   related health matters. Do
                                                    absences from the job. (Same
                   not reject applicants
                                                    questions must be asked of
                   because of pregnancy
                                                    males and females.)

PHYSICAL/MENTAL                                     Whether applicant is able to
DISABILITIES                                        carry out all necessary job
                   General questions about          requirements in a safe
                   whether person is disabled       manner. Employer is required
                   or the severity or nature of     to make "reasonable
                   the disability: questions        accommodations" for physical
                   soliciting information that is   and mental limitations of
                   not job related.                 employees including alteration
                                                    of duties and physical setting
                                                    and provision of aids.

ADDRESS            About foreign addresses in
                   a manner that tends to elicit
                   national origin information;
                   about names or                   Applicant's address.
                   relationships of persons
                   with whom applicant
                   resides; nor about whether

Revised 08/04/09
                   applicant rents or owns a

BIRTHPLACE/        Ancestry/birth place of
NATIONAL ORIGIN    applicant or spouse,           Nothing.
                   parents, or other relatives.

RELIGION                                          About anticipated absences
                   About religious                from job. Reasonable
                   denomination, affiliation,     accommodation must be made
                   religious holidays observed. for the religious observances
                                                  of a prospective employee.

LANGUAGE SKILLS    About language skill unless    About ability to speak, read, or
                   it is a necessary job          write English or a foreign
                   requirement.                   language if the job requires.

MILITARY RECORD    About type of discharge
                   from military.

                   Note: As permitted by law,
                   the online employment
                   application elicits
                   information about those in a About type of education and
                   veteran status covered by    experience in service if it
                   Bentley’s affirmative action   relates to the job.
                   plan. HR will report
                   aggregate data to the hiring
                   manager in order for
                   him/her to monitor veteran
                   representation within the

PHOTOGRAPH                                        May require photo after hiring
                   For photo before hiring.
                                                  for identification purposes.

CITIZENSHIP        Whether the individual is a    Whether an individual is
                   U.S. citizen, permanent        legally authorized to work in

Revised 08/04/09
                   resident, or what if any visa   the United States. Only if the
                   is held.                        applicant answers no may
                                                   s/he be asked if visa
                                                   sponsorship will be required.

EDUCATION AND      About education or
EXPERIENCE         experience not related to       Training and experience
                   job performance.                related to job requirements,
                                                   including names and
                                                   addresses of previous
                   About the nationality, racial   employers, dates of
                   affiliation, or religious       employment, reasons for
                   affiliation of a school         leaving, and schools attended.

ARRESTS            About arrests.                  Nothing.

CONVICTIONS                                        About felony convictions, if all
                                                   candidates are asked, and if
                                                   the information has a bearing
                                                   on job performance of the
                   About convictions unless        specific positions.
                   the information bears on job
                   performance and the             NOTE: The online
                   connection between the two employment application elicits
                   can be defended.           this information using
                                                   language permitted by state
                                                   and federal law. HR
                                                   recommends that this question
                                                   be avoided during interviews.

CREDIT RATINGS     About credit ratings,
OR                 financial status, car or home Nothing, unless job related.
GARNISHMENTS       ownership

RELATIVES          About names or addresses        Nothing.
                   of any relative of adult

Revised 08/04/09

EMERGENCY          About whom to contact in        This question is asked by HR
CONTACT            case of an emergency.           as permitted by law after hire.

                   About sexual orientation.       Nothing.

REFERENCES                                         Request references if they will
                   For a listing of references
                                                   be contacted for employment
                   unless they will be checked.

ORGANIZATIONS                                      About professional and job-
                   About all organizations to
                                                   related organizations, provided
                   which the person belongs;
                                                   no negative hiring decisions
                   particularly organizations
                                                   result if the applicant chooses
                   that tend to indicate race,
                                                   to exclude the name or nature
                   color, ethnicity, creed, sex,
                                                   of an organization that would
                   marital status, religion, or
                                                   tend to reveal race, ethnicity,
                   national origin.
                                                   religion, color, or ancestry.

Revised 08/04/09

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