CRS Interview Questions for CRS Spotlight Article in The by jazz84


									CRS Interview Questions for CRS Spotlight Article in The Torch
Sponsored by ASTD Metro DC Chapter Career Services

   1. What is it like to work independently?

          a. It is great! It is fulfilling, challenging, and empowering. I have the
             freedom and opportunity to create the life that I want and the opportunity
             to leave a legacy for my family and community.

   2. What led you to work as an independent consultant?

          a. I’ve always had a “fire” inside of me to be an entrepreneur. The timing
             was right, because I was not happy where I was professionally and I knew
             that I could do something bigger and better. I knew that I wasn’t using the
             talents that I was blessed with. So after careful thought and prayer, I was
             assured that the time was right for me to make a change. I later shared my
             entrepreneurial desire with some family and friends that I knew would
             motivate, challenge and encourage me to act on my passion. They helped
             motivate me into a state of action!

   3. Tell us about your most successful client engagement….

          a. I would have to say that it is my current experience with Washington
             Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) Customer Outreach
             Group/Speaker’s Bureau. I attended a corporate matchmaking session
             with them during December 2006, it was the last interview of the day. I
             was contacted for a follow-up session within an hour after leaving the
             building. Within a few weeks, I secured a contract opportunity with them.
             In January 2007, prior to my first workshop session, they (WSSC) had
             everything setup and ready before I arrived. We had a successful,
             productive, and fun workshop that involved demo presentations, “360”
             evaluations, and brainstorming. All of us left the workshop empowered.
             As a result, I achieved an overall evaluation score of 4.7 out of 5.0. They
             are a first class organization.

   4. Which of your service offerings do you like best and why….

          a. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills workshops. This is at the heart of
             my passion. According to most studies, public speaking (a social phobia)
             is the number one fear for most people. The fear of death ranks 5th.
             According to a recent Wall Street Journal article (February 6, 2007), Gail
             Golden (no relation), a consultant for RHR International, states that the
             skill [Presentations and Public Speaking] “is really important for career
             success, promotions and professional credibility.” The article also states
             that “presentation-skills training is booming.” The [Golden] opportunity
             is here, pun intended.
CRS Interview Questions for CRS Spotlight Article in The Torch
Sponsored by ASTD Metro DC Chapter Career Services

   5. Where do you see yourself in ten years….

          a. I see myself and my business being a multimillion dollar enterprise that is
             recognized as a leader in training and coaching. I also see us moving into
             the performance management field. I envision being a highly sought after
             motivational speaker and “full-time” college professor (I’m currently an
             adjunct). I envision a running foundation that provide scholarships for
             underserved youth that want to develop oratorical and debating skills.
             Finally, I envision creating a fun, challenging, and dynamic place of
             employment for talented, positive and motivated individuals.

   6. What do you see as the greatest challenge for WLP practitioners in the coming

          a. Ensuring that we understand what the customer need before developing,
             implementing, and delivering a learning solution. Then developing a way
             to effectively measure and explain the return on investment (ROI).
             Understanding and providing the data to support this can help
             tremendously when explaining to a manager or executive why they should
             implement our program, course, or workshop.

   7. What do you know now that you wish you would have known back when you
      launched your business?

          a. The benefit and power of establishing and maintaining relationships. It’s
             about the relationships!

   8. What is your ideal kind of work and why?

          a. To work in an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial environment with a focus
             on learning, coaching and motivation. I find this work fulfilling because
             its largely about helping people to rediscover themselves and their

   9. Complete the sentence: “The one thing that you should know about me/my
      company is…”

          a. Generally, I’m a positive and spiritual person and I believe that these
             powerful emotions are transferable. I’ve always had little tolerance for
             constantly negative people. They can be a drain and have no place in my

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