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					                      ‘Moms Who Do Cool Things’ Interview Questions

         Tiffany Balk
       3 Boys – Keegan-13 Campbell-9 Cayce-7
                Mom and owner of Blueberry Haven


Tell us about your business. What exactly do YOU do? Blueberry Haven is a company that
makes specialty gourmet blueberry products, using only blueberries from local blueberry farmers
in Western Michigan. We make gourmet blueberry jams, Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Gift
Baskets for all occasions, fun T-Shirts, etc. All products are available on our on-line store,
www.blueberry-haven.com as well as 3 different boutiques in Western Michigan. One of which
is located in Gaslight Village, East Grand Rapids near Hot Mama!

What made you decide to go into business for yourself? I feel like this idea of creating a
business around blueberries has been in my head and heart my whole life. I used to pick
blueberries as a child and make blueberry pies with my grandmother. Since Western Michigan is
the largest producer of Blueberries in the U.S. – it just made sense – my product was in my back
yard! It just took the right time and support for me to actually take the leap of faith to actually
do it!

What do you enjoy about doing this? I’ve found that owning my own business gives me an
additional identity – other than being a ‘hockey mom’ of 3 boys. Now that my kids are older, I
was ready to have an outlet that allowed me to interact with new people and learn a business –
which I’ve found very rewarding. My husband, kids, family and friends have supported me and
will continue to be there – they are all very proud of their new ‘entrepreneurial mom’.

What advice can you tell other moms about how to balance family life and follow personal
dreams as well? Be organized, but also learn how to let some things go. Nothing needs to be
perfect. If my kids have Mac ‘n’ cheese on their faces and my house is a little messy – its ok.
Starting this business has really shown my kids to follow their dreams, which is a great lesson!

How do you balance work and home? Don’t be afraid to accept some outside help! My
husband, friends, babysitters and family all help with day to day activities. Having a special
babysitter, Ben, who my boys look up to – and having grandparents that love to hang out with
the kids has been a big help. Everyone is very supportive.
My husband, Steve, has supported me financially and is my ‘financial advisor’. He helps a ton
behind the scenes. He is really excited about our success and our potential for the future.

What do your kids think about your business? They think its totally ‘cool’! The first time my
sons saw my product in a store – they thought it was awesome! My middle son, Campbell, has
already to us that he wants to take over the business someday! All 3 boys even help filling
orders when I get busy – tying bows, attaching labels, etc – its turned into a family business!

What is your definition of a Hot Mama? A mom who wants to make the world a better place
for herself, kids and family. A mom who feels good in her own shoes (lots of shoes, of course!)

What do you feel a mom needs to make herself feel ‘Hot’? Taking care of herself, being a
good example to her kids with exercising, eating right and having a positive attitude. Not to
mention a great pair of jeans from Hot Mama as well!