Case Review Interview Guide by owen213


									                             Case Review Interview Guide

County_____________________________              Date___________ Case #_______


Treatment Team________________________________________________________

Age__________            Gender_________         Funding________________________

Diagnostic Issues:_______________________________________________________

Treatment Issues:
Tell us about this child—what are the child’s strengths? Challenges? Likes and dislikes?

What are the outcomes you would like to see for the child in this case?

What are the treatment/support goals for the child and family?

Who is providing these supports and how are they working?

What are the potential barriers to accomplishing the goals?
Living situation:
What do you think the ideal living situation would be for this child/family?

What issues, behaviors put the child at risk to be alternatively placed?

If the child is alternatively placed, what led to this?

Court/Legal Issues:
How did the child enter the system? (CPS, legal charges, 51, 55, etc)

Prior to this, was this child/family involved with the human services system or Law

What could have prevented this?
Family History/Issues:
Tell us about the family—what are their strengths? How do they view the child? What is
their approach to parenting?

What needs have they identified? What needs have you identified for them?

Are there any family members who have mental illness, cognitive impairments, or are
abusing alcohol/drugs? Is there a history of domestic violence in the home?

How does this impact the child and other family members?

What types of supports are available to these family members and are they using them?
If not, what is preventing them from doing so?

Who are the supportive family members, significant others in the child’s life?
How have they been involved in the child’s support plan?

School/school issues:
Where does child attend school and how is this working?

How do the providers and school communicate? What are the barriers to

How do the family and school communicate? What are the barriers to communication?

Medication/medical concerns:
How are the current medications working and who is monitoring this?

Have there been problems with paying for meds or compliance with taking meds?

What are the co-occurring medical/physical issues that concern you?
In a perfect world, where there were no limitations in resources, what would you do
with this child/family?

What prevents this?

Could you do this if you took funds and resources from other areas? How?

Is there anything we didn’t ask about this case that you feel is important?

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