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					M/A/R/C Research                                                                                    Final
5050329 – Staff                                                                         October 19, 2005

                           PAHO Image and Perceptions Interview Guide

Respondent Name:       _______________________

Respondent Title:      _______________________

Date:                  _______________________

Time:                  _______________________

Country/HQ:            _______________________

Staff Level:    Top Manager       Middle Manager         Professional    Consultant          General Staff

       Independent third party researcher
       Confidentiality
       Personal opinions: you are not speaking on behalf of the institution you work for.

 I would like to thank you for taking the time today to help us with our research. The purpose of our
conversation is to get your impressions of PAHO’s mission, strengths and opportunities for improvement.

I. Role in the Organization (5 min)

To begin our discussion today, I would like to understand your role in PAHO which will provide a context
for me to understand your answers.

1. Please briefly describe your role at PAHO.
       a) How long have you been with the organization?
       b) What is your current position? How long have you been in this position?
       c) Who do you work with within PAHO?
       d) What external parties, including government offices, communities, other organizations or
           donors you interact with?
2. What initially motivated you to work at the PAHO?

3. What do you like most about working at PAHO? What is the most appealing aspect of your work?

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M/A/R/C Research                                                                                  Final
5050329 – Staff                                                                       October 19, 2005

II. PAHO’s Role, Mission and Values (10 - 12 min)

Now, I’d like to get an understanding of the way you see PAHO’s focus based on what you have been
told, read and experienced while working for PAHO.

4. In your own words, please tell me what you think PAHO is all about. What does it represent?
       a) Now, please try to capture the most important aspects of PAHO in one sentence.

5. When you introduce yourself or if you were describing PAHO to someone who knew nothing about
   it, what would you say? What else? (PROBE FOR THREE MOST IMPORTANT

6. What does PAHO do especially well? What are PAHO’s greatest strengths?

7. What are gravest problems facing PAHO as an organization today? (PROBE: image, awareness,
   values/goals, organizational structure, leadership, qualified staff, lack of resources, member
   countries not paying the fees, political environment, political clout)

8. In your opinion, what can PAHO do to improve or solve these problems?

9. What do you believe is PAHO’s current primary goal? What other goals is PAHO is trying to
   achieve? Which of these do you think are most important?

10. What does PAHO do to achieve these goals? How well do you believe PAHO is doing in achieving

11. In your opinion, what are the values that guide PAHO?
     Convening capacity: Facilitates the dialog among partners for development, governments and
        civil society

      Coordination capacity: Harmonizes the cooperation with and among local governments and
       non-governmental agencies

      Impartiality: countries know that PAHO speaks only for the public health and not for a certain
       country or government.

      Public health focus: concentrates public health capital in support of the public good—
       mobilizing resources and knowledge in the region and promotes policies, strategies and health

      Equity and focus on the most vulnerable: Works to achieve equity re access to health
       services, with emphasis in the most vulnerable groups.

Now, I’d like to discuss changes within PAHO.

12. How, if at all, has PAHO’s focus changed in recent years? (FOR EACH CHANGE MENTIONED,

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M/A/R/C Research                                                                                   Final
5050329 – Staff                                                                        October 19, 2005

13. How, if at all, has the organization changed over time? What changes have you recently

   a) What is your perception of these changes? Which are particularly positive to the organization?
      Why do you say that?

   b) Which, if any, have had a negative impact on the organization? Please explain.

III. External Perspective (5 min)

Now I’d like you to think about how PAHO is perceived by people outside the organization. I will be
asking about people in communities served by PAHO, donors and member governments. Please let me
know if there are any constituencies you do not feel qualified to discuss.

14. How do you think various outside entities view PAHO’s work, achievements, and activities?
          a. People in communities served by PAHO
          b. PAHO member governments
          c. PAHO donors

15. How do you think each of these entites perceive PAHO’s effectiveness? (PROBE TO

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M/A/R/C Research                                                                                     Final
5050329 – Staff                                                                          October 19, 2005

IV. Competition (15 - 20 min)

I’d like to spend the next few minutes discussing some other non-profit organizations.

16. From your perspective, which organizations does PAHO compete with for funds, resources,
    recognition or technical services? (USE LIST IF NECESSARY) Please identify the top 3 to 4
    competitors from your perspective.

UNICEF                              Red Cross                           Family Health International
Inter-American Development          Swedish International               Canadian International
Bank                                Development Agency                  Development Agency
CDC                                 Doctors without Borders             US Aid
World Bank

17. Please describe how each organization competes with PAHO? (PROBE: for funds and
    resources? For public awareness of services? In technical areas for services or information?)
18. What are the strengths of this organization over PAHO?
19. In what ways is PAHO better than this organization?

V. Wrap-up (5 min)

I just have a few more questions and then we’ll be finished.

20. Think about the W.H.O, the U.N. and the Inter-American System and the role of each in the
    formulation of PAHO’s external communication strategy.
        a. In your opinion which of these three organizations should PAHO continue to associate with
             in forming the external communication strategy? Why do you say that? (PROBE:
             advantages/disadvantages of continuing association)
             PAHO should disassociate with this organization? (PROBE: advantages/disadvantages of
    I’m interested in any suggestions you may have on other organizations that you think PAHO should
    associate with in forming and executing its external communication strategy? In what ways do you
    think this organization could be most beneficial?

21. Some people have indicated that PAHO has lost its leadership position in improving health and living
    standards of people in the Americas. What is your reaction to this statement? Do you agree or
    disagree with it? Please explain why.
22. .IF AGREE, ASK: What improvements within the organization would you recommend to help PAHO
    regain its leadership position?

                         Those are all my questions. Thank you for your time.

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