Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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					Internet Marketing: Mistakes to Avoid

A well-planned marketing strategy helps you achieve newer heights in doing business
online. However, even in the best of strategies we often make those mistakes, which do
not work in our favor. It is better to recognize these mistakes and avoid them while
making online marketing strategies.

1. Not focusing on the right market

While building a marketing plan it is very important to pick the right market. You offer
wonderful products but fail to choose the right market. It can be the worst mistake for
your business. Use various tools to find the appropriate market and spend some time to
search for the correct keywords to focus on the market.

2. Dropping your present customers from the marketing plan

While building your marketing plan, you just focus on making new customers and not on
how to keep the old ones. If you do not offer anything to your existing customers you will
lose them as well. Including your present clients in your marketing plan will always
benefit because if they give a good word about your web site to their friends or
associates, then you have a fair chance of building new customers.

3. Be careful with hard sell

Hard sell never sells! It only turns off some otherwise keen customers. Don’t make the
mistake of making every webpage sell to the customer. Instead concentrate on making it
interesting and useful to the visitor. Visitors should feel happy in making the decision to
buy. Any ad copy that forces a visitor to buy loses him for you for all time. Ensure that
your web pages present the details in a sober/matter of fact manner, with sophistication
so that the customer buys your product and leaves satisfied. Remember that selling is an
art. Practice it judiciously and pleasingly.

4. Offering no content

Remember the online rule - content, content and more content. Online business can be
very exciting and you might forget that your target customers are life and blood bodies
not automatic machines. They need to be hooked to your website through valuable,
interesting and updated content. Offer them good information and build lasting goodwill
with them. Offering only advertisements on your site will not interest any customer let
along result in sales. So remember the rule, content, more qualitative content rules the

5. Ineffective Web Site

Many webmasters feel that only a dazzling, flashy website is attractive to the visitors.
This not necessarily true. There are different ways of ensuring that your website looks
good. Use a catchy headline that draws the customer’s attention. Offer genuine customer
testimonials which will help the visitors relate to the other customers and buy your
products based on their recommendation.

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