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                         Centre for Human Rights – Faculty of Law University of Pretoria
                                            6th INTAKE: JULY 2007
WEEK 1               TOPIC                   LECTURER                   INFORMATION
1 – 7 July           Arrive on Campus
WEEK 2               TOPIC                   LECTURER                   INFORMATION
9 – 13 July          General introduction
                     and orientation

WEEK 3               TOPIC                   LECTURER                   INFORMATION
16 July              Economic Literacy:      Greg Fischer, GIBBS        This session will provide an overview
                     Accounting                                         of accounting practices for lawyers:
                                                                               Financial structure of business
                                                                               Funding for organizations
                                                                               Key accounting and finance
                                                                               Financial reporting
18 - 20 July         Economic Literacy:      Prof Jordaan Department    This session will be an intensive
                     Introduction to         of Economics               introduction to concepts within the
                     Economics                                          field of economics and agriculture:
                                                                           The world of economics
                                                                           Participants in economic decision-
                                                                           Markets and prices
                                                                           Market and government failures
                                                                           Labour economics
                                                                           Impact of government
                                                                            expenditure on the economy
                                                                           How government impacts on the
                                                                            economy through its tax and
                                                                            borrowing policies
                                                                           The measurement of economic

              Classes generally start at 9:00 am and ends at 4:30 pm, unless otherwise indicated.

                                                                    performance and the role of
                                                                    economic policy
                                                                  An overview of the SA economy
                                                                 Short assessment at the end of the
WEEK 4         TOPIC                   LECTURER                  INFORMATION
23 July        Introduction to         Prof Michele Olivier      This session will be introduction to
               international law and                             international law:
                                       Faculty of Law
               regional Law: Theory
                                                                    Nature of IEL
               and Source
                                                                    State responsibility
                                                                    Sources of International law

24 July        Introduction to         Prof Dire Tladi           This session will be continue the
               international law and                             introduction to international law:
                                       Department of Foreign
               regional Law: Theory    Affairs                      Relationship between IEL and
               and Source
                                                                     Municipal Law
                                                                    Compliance and Enforcement

26 July        Introduction to         Prof Hansungule Faculty   This session will be an introduction to
               international law and   of Law                    regional law:
               regional Law: Theory
                                                                    African Union Law.
               and Source

WEEK 5         TOPIC                   LECTURER                  INFORMATION
2 - 4 August   Regulation of           Dr Edwini Kessie,            Historical and Institutional
               international trade                                   Context: history of GATT,
                                                                     establishment of WTO (Overview)
                                                                    Legal structure of the
                                                                     WTO/GATT system
                                                                    The participation Of Developing
                                                                     Countries In The Multilateral
                                                                     Trading System
                                                                    The effectiveness Of Special and
                                                                     Differential Treatment for
                                                                     Developing Countries within the
                                                                     WTO Legal Framework
                                                                    Status of the Doha Development
                                                                     Agenda Negotiations
                                                                 Short assessment at the end of the

WEEK 6         TOPIC                   LECTURER                  INFORMATION

6 - 10 August    International financial   Prof. Daniel Bradlow    World Bank -- Institution and Project
                 institutions and loan     American University,    Cycle
                 transactions              Washington College of
                                                                      Part 1: Discussion of the World
                                                                       Bank Group as an Institution – Its
                                                                       Structure and Functions.
                                                                      Part 2: The World Bank Project
                                                                       Cycle and Loan Documentation
                                                                   IMF, Export Credit Agencies, The
                                                                   International Financial Markets: The
                                                                      Part 1: Introduction to the
                                                                      Part 2: Introduction to the
                                                                       Euroloan Agreement
                                                                   The Syndicated Loan Euroloan
                                                                   Agreement Introduction to the
                                                                   Simulation Exercise
                                                                   Short assessment at the end of the
WEEK 7           TOPIC                     LECTURER                INFORMATION
13 - 16 August   Research                  IDLO

WEEK 8           TOPIC                     LECTURER                INFORMATION
20 – 24          Intellectual property law Dr Edward Kwakwa           WIPO
August           and transfer of technology WIPO & UP
                                                                      WTO and TRIPS
                                                                      WIPO-WTO cooperation
                                                                      Institutional competencies under
                                                                       regulating organisations
                                                                      Position of developing countries
                                                                      Transfer of technology
                                                                      Health, WIPO and the WTO
WEEK 9           TOPIC                     LECTURER                INFORMATION
27 – 30          Trade, Environment,     Prof Feris                Trade & Environment
August           human rights and labour Faculty of Law
                                                                      GATT & WTO case law
                                                                      MEAs
                                                                      IP & environment
                                                                   Trade & Human Rights
                                                                   Trade & Labour
                                                                   Short assessment at the end of the

WEEK 10     TOPIC                       LECTURER                  INFORMATION
3–7         Investment and Trade in     Dr. Victor Mosoti - FAO Part I: national approaches.
September   Africa: bilateral and
                                                                     The foreign investment legislative
            multilateral perspectives
                                                                      framework in a number of
                                                                     Key issues that characterize an
                                                                      effective investment promotion
                                                                      legislative framework.
                                                                  Part II: The regional approach to
                                                                  regulation and promotion of cross-
                                                                  border investment under SADC and
                                                                     The promotion of investment
                                                                      under the NEPAD process.
                                                                     Legal questions arising from the
                                                                      NEPAD strategy for promoting
                                                                      agricultural investment
                                                                  Part III: Issues at international level -
                                                                  the debate at the WTO on a possible
                                                                  multilateral framework on foreign
                                                                  direct investment, and also under the
                                                                  ACP-EU Cotonou Agreement.
                                                                  Issues to consider when designing a
                                                                  suitable dispute settlement mechanism
                                                                  for investment disputes; the
                                                                  peculiarities of investment disputes
                                                                  and some of the problems that the
                                                                  WTO dispute settlement process may
                                                                  have to contend with should a
                                                                  multilateral agreement on investment
                                                                  be agreed upon at the WTO
                                                                  Short assessment at the end of the
WEEK 11     TOPIC                       LECTURER                  INFORMATION
10 – 14     Special Sectors:            Mr Hilton Zunckel            The WTO & Agriculture: The
September                               Independent Consultant        GATT & Historical Perspectives
            Agriculture &
                                                                     The Agreement on Agriculture:
                                                                      Market Access, Domestic
                                                                      Support and Export Subsidies
                                                                     Agreement on Sanitary &
                                                                      Phytosanitary Measures (SPS),
                                                                      Non Tariff Measures, Legal
                                                                      Provisions & Relation to the TBT

                                                                      Quality and food safety –
                                                                       Industry perspective
                                                                      Dispute settlement in agriculture

                                                                   Short assessment at the end of the
WEEK 12         TOPIC                  LECTURER                    INFORMATION
17 – 18         Special Sectors:       Prof Engela Schlemmer       Overview of Services in the WTO
September                              UNISA

19 September    Special Sectors:       Prof Feris Faculty of Law   Overview of trade facilitation in the
                                                                   WTO and on a regional basis
                Trade facilitation
WEEK 13         RECESS                 RECESS                      RECESS
24 –30
WEEK 14         TOPIC                  LECTURER                    INFORMATION
1 - 2 October   Regionalism            Dr Ngangjoh-Hodu               Article XXIV of GATT
                                       Nordic-Africa Institute        RTAs
                                                                      Regional Integration
                                                                      EPAs
                                                                   Short assessment at the end of the
3 October       NAMA                   Peter Draper, SAIIA         An overview of NAMA issues in the

WEEK 15         TOPIC                  LECTURER                    INFORMATION
8 - 9 October   Dispute Resolution:    IDLO
                trade and Investment

10 – 12         Trade Remedies         Ronny Mkhwanazi,            Trade Remedies in the WTO:
October                                Mkhwanazi Inc
                                                                          Dumping
                                                                          Safeguards
                                                                          Countervailing measures
                                                                   Application of trade remedies in the
                                                                   domestic sphere:
                                                                          Procedures
                                                                          Investigation Processes

WEEK 16       TOPIC                   LECTURER                 INFORMATION
15 – 19       European Union Law      Ms Patricia Leghnahan        The historical building of the
October                               Faculty of Law – UWC          European Union
(Mon – Fri)                                                        The Institutions of the European
                                                                   Sources of EC Law
                                                                   Relationship between EC Law and
                                                                    Municipal Law
                                                                   Basic principles of EC Law -
                                                                    Fundamental Freedoms
                                                                   The relationship between EU and
                                                                    Africa: Lome – Cotonou
                                                                   The relationship between EU and
                                                                    SA: TDCA
                                                               External relationships of the EU –
                                                               competency and scope
                                                               Short assessment at the end of the

WEEK 17       TOPIC                   LECTURER                 INFORMATION
22 – 26       Financial Services &    Dr Kenneth Mawenda –     An overview of financial services and
October       Securities Regulation   World Bank               securities

WEEK 18       TOPIC                   LECTURER                 INFORMATION
29 Oct – 03   International   Business Adv Wandrag - Faculty of    Conflicts Law : Choice of Law
November      Transactions             Law: UWC                     Clauses in Contracts
                                                                   International Sales of Goods /
                                                                    Contract Terms: Structuring
                                                                    Business Contracts
                                                                   Contract Negotiation, Basic
                                                                    Principles & Clauses,
                                                                   CISG & Incoterms, Case Studies
                                                                   Payment methods, Choice of Law
                                                                    & Choice of Forum Clauses
                                                                   Dispute Resolution, Enforcement
                                                                    Of International Judgments &
                                                                    Arbitral Awards
                                                               International Payments: Letters of
                                                               Credit (Mahonia Case)
                                                               Short assessment at the end of the

WEEK 19       TOPIC                    LECTURER   INFORMATION
5 – 10        Investment           &              The Public procurement Market in
November      procurement                         Africa
                                                     Size and implications for economic
                                                      growth and development.
                                                     Transparency and competition in
                                                      the public procurement market – a
                                                      conceptual framework.
                                                  Governance of Public Procurement in
                                                     Kenya Case Study
                                                  Public Procurement and African Trade
                                                     Public Procurement in Regional
                                                     a. Case Study: The COMESA
                                                     Public Procurement in
                                                      International Trade
                                                  The WTO Agreement on
                                                  Government Procurement (GPA).
                                                     Is the GPA good for Africa?
                                                  Recent Initiatives – transparency in
                                                  Public procurement
                                                  Short assessment at the end of the

WEEK 20       TOPIC                    LECTURER   INFORMATION
12 – 17       Trade Negotiations       IDLO       Simulation
19 November   Evaluation                          International Trade Law 24 hour take
                                                  home exam
22 November   Evaluation                          International Investment & Business
                                                  Law 24 hour take home exam