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The SARS Relief Package was announced on 17 April 2003. For gazetted hotels, the relief measures included:


an enhanced property tax rebate of $2,000 plus 30% of the property tax payable net of the current rebates; and


full TV license fee rebate of $82.50 per room per year.


Both gazetted and non-gazetted hotels are licensed by the Hotels

Licensing Board. There are currently 100 gazetted hotels and 106 nongazetted hotels in Singapore, accounting for 30,000 rooms and 5,000 rooms respectively.


About 65-70% of the patrons of non-gazetted hotels are tourists.

Like gazetted hotels, they too have been severely affected by the downturn in visitor arrivals. As such, the Government has decided to extend the enhanced property tax rebate and full TV licence fee rebate to nongazetted hotels as well.

Enhanced Property Tax Rebate


All commercial properties currently enjoy a property tax rebate of

$4,000 plus 30% of the property tax payable for the first half 2003 and

$2,000 plus 15% of the property tax payable for the second half of the year.


Like gazetted hotels, all non-gazetted hotels will be given a higher

rebate of $2,000 plus 30% of the property tax payable, after the existing rebates. However, this will not apply to the F&B outlets and retail shops in hotels.

TV Licence Fee Rebate


All hotels currently pay a TV licence fee of $82.50 per room per year,

regardless whether the room is occupied.


In view of low occupancy rates, a 100% rebate of TV licence fees

payable by non-gazetted tourist hotels will be granted for the year 2003.



Who will qualify for the enhanced property tax and TV licence fee rebates?


All establishments (both gazetted and non-gazetted) with a hotel licence issued by the Hotel Licensing Board will qualify.


How can owners of non-gazetted hotels apply for the rebates?


IRAS will be mailing out the revised property tax bills, revised GIRO instalment plans and refunds of any excess property tax to all owners of non-gazetted hotels. Owners paying their property tax

through GIRO will have their GIRO instalments adjusted and credit balances will be refunded where appropriate.

Owners of non-gazetted hotels applying for the TV licence fee rebate should contact the Media Development Authority Licensing Division. Contact details as provided below.

Enquiries For further queries on enhanced property tax rebates, please contact: Ms Nang Peck Yan Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore DID: 6351 2344 Patrick Yeo Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore DID: 6351 2338

For further queries on TV licence fee rebate, please contact: Ms Ho Tan Chee Manager (Operations & Agency Management) Licensing Services Division Media Development Authority DID: 6478 5332 FAX:6738 4142 Email: ho_tan_chee@mda.gov.sg

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