Energy drink sales soar; teens ignore the dangers by qiant230


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WHEN          CHARACTER        VITAL
In spite
of the
         Energy drink sales soar;
         teens ignore the dangers
teens continue
to consume en-
ergy drinks. One
popular drink,
Monster, provides                                                              frenzy,” stated O’Brien.               meal, but this is not necessarily     keep them in their place as
                                                         By Mark Ano

a warning on the                                                                  She also remarked that the          true for growing young adults.        adjuncts.
back of the can                                               r i n k i n g    effects on the adrenal glands can         “Kids can’t handle that amount        Talking to O’Brien about
about the po-                                                 coffee     has   also lead to skin breakouts and        of caffeine in their system at one    alternative energy boosters that
tential harm of                                               been a sign      changes to the blood chemistry.        time,” remarked O’Brien.              are healthy for the body, she
consuming                                          of maturity in the past,       In males, energy drinks with           She went as far to say that        mentioned two in particular: water
more than                                          but in the present, there   high levels of caffeine and taurine    energy drinks should be held at       at room temperature with a lemon
five cans                                         is a new form of caffeine    can lead to prostate issues later on   the same standards as alcohol,        wedge, and water containing
in one                                           now being marketed to a       in life.                               with an age limit.                    chlorophyll are perfectly safe for
day.                                            much younger crowd.               Due to the high stress lifestyle       In defense, Larsen stated that     the body, and provide long lasting
                                                  Energy drinks, such as       of the average teenager, kids          he sees kids drinking caffeinated     energy without the crash of an
                                               Monster, Red Bull, and          sometimes feel the need for an         beverages all the time, and it        energy drink.
                                              Rockstar, provide two to         energy boost mid-day. When             doesn’t seem to have a large             “Using these drinks provide
                                             three times the amount of         talking to Matt Larsen, ACHS           effect on them.                       oxygen to your blood, and in turn,
                                            caffeine than a cup of coffee,     junior, he commented on his               “...I think that drinking energy   lead healthier long term effects,”
                                          and have additives that put          addiction to common energy             drinks is just as bad as drinking     O’Brien remarked.
                                        serious wear and tear on the           drinks.                                a can of soda or something,”             In the study of herbology,
                                        body.                                     “I drink one for breakfast,         commented Larsen.                     O’Brien uses her knowledge to
                                           According to Anne O’Brien,          lunch, and dinner, every day,”            In a recent study on how           consult caffeine addicts with
                                        herbalist and owner of Salon Sage,     Larsen commented. “It’s a way to       energy drinks effect children by      herbal treatments.
                                        caffeine in these amounts can be       get me through the day.”               Hector Lopez, the cofounder of           So next time you reach in
                                        very dangerous to the body.               Teens these days live in a          Physicians Pioneers Performance,      the refrigerator for a Red Bull,
                                           “Consuming these energy             caffeinated world where they           it was stated that energy drinks      remember the statistics, and
                                        drinks stimulates the adrenal          see that it is natural for parents     are not a replacement for sound       instead, reach for the lemon
                                        glands and whips it into a state of    to have a cup of coffee at every       nutritional performance, thus,        wedges in the bottom drawer.

 Express yourself...                                                                               served as well.                                   This, however, was not the first year

 Finesse puts students in spotlight
                                                                                                      The seating area was able to hold that the Poetry Slam has been held. It was
                                                                                                   about100 kids at a time. In the front of also held last year, but was no where near

                                                   teachers to read a favorite poem, something     the seating area was a                                         as successful as this year
By Casey Walker                                                                                    podium which is where                                          on account of a lack of
                                                   they wrote, or even to perform a song. The
  As the month of April progresses,                event was held in the library to promote        the students went up to I was a little skeptical               publicity.
English classes at ACHS have been                                                                  read their poems.                                                 “I felt that [the poetry
celebrating National Poetry Month by
                                                   student interest in poetry.
                                                                                                      “I was extremely
                                                                                                                                at first... but I don’t           slam] was publicized
                                                     “We started planning about two weeks
having the students carry around miniature         beforehand,” said Finesse’s editor-in-chief     happy with the outcome think that this could                   much better this year,”
poems in their pockets. During the lunch           Heidi Schoepp. “Which mostly was just           of the Coffee House have gone any better.                      stated Schoepp. “We rarely
hours of last Thursday, though, students
had the chance to take those poems out of
                                                   planning out where everything was going         Poetry slam,” said                         -Sarah Ogborn had lack of participation
their pockets and share them with teachers
                                                   to be set up in the library and who was         ACHS English teacher
                                                                                                   and Finesse advisor
                                                                                                                                             Finesse Advisor of volunteers. The only
                                                                                                                                                                  thing I think we should do
                                                   going to organize it.”
and peers.                                           Extra credit was offered by English           Sarah Ogborn. “I was a                                         different is have people
  ACHS’s Literary Magazine, Finesse,               teachers for both attending and performing      little skeptical at first about kids coming up sign up to read their poems.”
put together the coffee house style poetry         students. Concessions, which included           to share their poems, but I don’t think that      With any luck, the Coffee-house Poetry
reading, which allowed students and                doughnuts, coffee, and iced tea, were           this could have gone any better,”              slam will become a sequoit tradition.

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