; Hurricane Middle School 18 Midland Trail Hurricane WV 25526 304 (DOC)
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Hurricane Middle School 18 Midland Trail Hurricane WV 25526 304 (DOC)


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									December 2008

Hurricane Middle School

518 Midland Trail

Hurricane, WV 25526


304-562-7163 Fax

Mission Statement The mission of Hurricane Middle School is to foster academic skills, to nurture social development, and to explore creative abilities in a safe, enjoyable, and secure environment. Ski Club Registration Registration is on Friday, December 12th at 7 PM in the school cafeteria. The cost will this year will be $250.00 for the regular ski package and $275.00 for snowboard package. All of the following are due at registration:  Student must be present  Parent or legal guardian must be present  Proof of Insurance  Payment Notes from Your Nurse On October 27, 2008, the Lions Club conducted their annual 6th Grade Vision Screening Program here at HMS. A total of 238 6th graders were screened and 63 of those students were referred to the eye doctor. A special “THANK YOU” goes to the Lions Club volunteers, teachers and staff as well as the following parent volunteers: Terri Myers, Lori Myers, Missy Mullins, Lisa Krisher, and Kerri Call. UPCOMING SCREENINGS: December: Vision and hearing screenings will be conducted on new students without documented screenings. 6 th graders who were absent for the Lions Club Vision Screening will have their vision screened. January: Scoliosis screenings for all 8th grade students. DON’T FORGET: No prescription or over-the-counter medication without the proper paperwork. Contact Nurse Beth Krall, RN with any questions at 5629271,ext.116. Students of the Month Sarah Frydrych, Matthew Spradling, Jana ElKhatib, Austin Harper, Alexander Estep, Sara Green, Sarah Moore, Thomas Garcia, Stacy Murphy, Tyler Sovine, Chantil Foster, Nemish Shaw, Andy Chandler and Brittany Davis

HMS Wrestling Team The members of our Wresting Team for this year are: Ethan Burnette, Dustin Gowen, Zach Cooper, Eric Parsons, Shane Hudson, Michael Hayes, Jon Runion, Chris Rollyso, Tyler Walker, Bryant Morton, Jesse Board, Jeremy Johnson, Brandon Sowards, Zachary Pate, John Russell, Jeremy Francis, Corey Hoover, Chantz Rankin, Hunter Barnett, Spencer Sharp, Jonathan Francis, Mitchell Fitzgerald, T.J. Hendricks, Michael Dunham, Nathan Fallon, Nick Kirby, Jonathan Parks, Jacob Fletcher, Timothy Henry, Parker Adkins, Ryan Boehm, Thomas Sowards, Zachary Barnett, Charles Martin, Chase Ross, Zach Brant, Charles Ochoa, Brent Sargent, and Brian Hughes. HMS Girls Basketball Team The Girls Basketball Team for 2008-09: Bronwyn Arbaugh, Audrey Barber, Madison Casto, Allison Clay, Tori Dent, Alyx Devey, Eden Garrett, Sara Green, Lexi Harris, Emma Hurley, Alex Kerns, Jordan Losh, Callie McClanahan, Brittany McWatters, Olivia Morrison, Morgan Pauley, Nicole Pierson, Linzie Reynolds, Courtney Rogers, McKenzie Sawyer, Ivy Sovine, Haley Stewart, Hannah Thompson, Abby Watson, McKenzie Walker, and Madeline Witte HMS Boys Basketball Team Representing the boys for 2008-09 are: Landon Adams, Tate Brock, Andrew Brooks, Jeff Burnette, Austin Carey, Nick Clay, Austin Conley, Trey Dawson, Garrett DeFries, Alex Dunham, Alex Estep, Zack Fitzsimmons, Alex Hambel, Rasaan Harris, Trevor Harrison, Cory Hurd, Corey May, Tanner McCallister, Ian Miles, Mike Molina, C.J. Oldham, Ethan Renick, Tyler Rittenhouse, Henry Sorsaia, Alex Wolford, and Christian Zervos. Cross Country Says, “THANKS!” The 2008 cross country team would like to extend their thanks and appreciation to the parent volunteers who took time to make the banquet so nice. Also thank you to our cooks for a wonderful dinner. Lastly, we want to send a special thank you to Tracy Courtright for the programs, pictures and slide show. You did a wonderful job! Coach Grass and Ms. Allen thanks for an awesome season.

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!
Greg LeMaster, Principal Robert Slone, Assistant Principal Doug Cross, Assistant Principal

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