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MINUTES OF COMMITTEE MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY 7 OCTOBER 2008 AT 7.30PM IN THE NAMBUCCA HOTEL PRESENT Allan Newman; Jim Brazel; Greg Bell; Chris Bell; Allan Hall; Darell Perks; Ken Laverty; David Brunsdon; Ken Atkins; Barb Bethe; Bill Richardson; Chris Stewart; Jeneane Donohoe; Col McNeill; Jason O’Donnell; Tony Hardge APOLOGIES Daniel Kingston MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2008 Resolved on the motion of Ken Laverty/Col McNeill that the minutes be adopted. MATTERS ARISING 1. Electricity Account problem – very high. Thought to be the big glass 2 door fridge in the kitchen. Currently switched off to see if that resolves the high cost. Members believe it needs to be replaced. That or other options to be discussed. Account for IRB to be sent to Brisbane. Cost $836.00 including GST. Resolved on motion of David Brunsdon/Jim Brazel quote be accepted and paid. $4$ completed for 2 x soft foam three quarter length rescue boards Club to see in one month if successful. Radios have been returned. Still waiting for waterproof bag. Gear trailer reported all lights working. Working bee on 28/9. Thank you to all who participated. A job well done.



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TREASURER’S REPORT 7. Chris Bell submitted a written report. Resolved on motion of Chris Bell/Barb Bethe that the Treasurer’s Report be received and the accounts paid.

SURF GUARD OFFICER’S REPORT 8. Chris Bell submitted a written report. Resolved on the motion of Chris Bell/ David Brunsdon that the report be received and that the new and rejoining members be accepted.



Secretary advised key to mail box was late arriving and no in correspondence able to be recorded. Out were accounts to patrol sponsors.

CLUB CAPTAIN’S REPORT 10. 11. Ist round of patrols nearly completed. So far all patrols good. Club Captains meeting at Port Macquarie this week. Chris and Daniel Kingston to attend. Resolved on the motion of Chris Stewart/Barb Bethe they attend.

CHIEF TRAINING OFFICER’S REPORT 12. Bill Richardson reported that so far he had 1 candidate for bronze training testing. Resolved on the motion of Bill Richardson/Jeneane Donohue

BOAT CAPTAIN’S REPORT 13. 14. Ken Laverty advised meeting held and moral good. Nominations for boat series now being called. 2 male crews, 1 reserve crew, 1 u/19 male crew, 1 u/23 female crew, Cost is $150.00 per crew entry Resolved on the motion of Ken Laverty/Jim Brazel 5 crews be nominated. Red boat trailer has all new lighting thanks to donation. All trailers have been serviced.

15. 16.

IRB CAPTAIN’S REPORT 17. David Brunsdon advised prop and prop guard under $4$ grant has been received. Resolved on the motion of David Brunsdon/Chris Stewart report be received.

BOARD & SKI REPORT 18. Jason O’Donnell reported 2 racing board have been purchased. A dolphin brand and Kraker brand. Total cost $1,400. Cath ? raced at Yamba carnival. New board and ski racks have been made. Area is looking clean and tidy. Received a letter from Baker Film asking for clubhouse use to screen a film on 8th November. Said Club would gain income through sale of drinks. Treasurer said club already booked on this night. Club to contact Baker Films and advise. Baker Film would need to decide on new date if club house required. Members to discuss further if and when.

19. 20. 21.

JUNIORS PRESIDENT’S REPORT 15. Ken Atkins advised the Treasurer was on holidays. Chris Bell said need to speak with Treasurer urgently. 1st sign on day completed. A good response. Parent interest was good..



Next sign on day at Macksville pool on Sunday 12/10 for proficiency. 10.00am – 12.00pm. First official day for Nippers 19/10. Noted that Seniors had proficiency testing that day as well. Chris Stewart asked if notification for proficiency could be sent to all members. Chris Bell advised a high cost involved and would do it this time only. Said all members should look at web site. It has all the information members needed to keep up to date.


GENERAL BUSINESS Ken Laverty Offered congratulations to Chris Stewart on a job well done to date. Advised he was able to cover the bar at Pro-Ag on Friday night but not Saturday. Suggested raffle for Pro-Ag be $200 petrol voucher from Caltex. Resolved on the motion of Ken Laverty/Chris Stewart. Said Graeme Pawsey has beast feeding up for carnival and will be ready to slaughter. Said need competition caps for this weekend. Cost is $7.50 each. Asked that letters be sent to Macksville Country Club, Butcher shop Scotts Head and past supporters for support for boat series. Said Jason O’Donnell has beer taps for sale. Need a little work. Said cost $800.00 and perhaps could hire them out for income as well. Resolved on the motion of Ken Laverty/Darryl Perks they be purchased. Jim Brazel Said had a large number of DVD’s left over from project. Said could be as many as 600 – 700. Asked for recommendations on how to gain income from them. Seconded Ken Laverty on congratulation to Chris Stewart on a job well done to date. Said was sad to see Tim and Terri Anne Brown not rejoining. Said was not aware of reason why they had not rejoined to date and recommended they be approached to rejoin. Resolved on the motion of Jim Brazel/David Brunsdon President to speak with them. Jason O’Donnell Advised last Tuesday 30th Sept while putting gear away was required to administer oxygen and defib on male person. He said also lucky off duty ambulance officers on beach at time as well but unfortunately male person deceased. Asked why there were no lifeguards on duty during holidays as Macleay and Bellingen Council beaches’ have lifeguards during current holidays. This matter was endorsed by President who said especially as weather was good and crowds large. Resolved on the motion of Jason O’Donnell/Chris Stewart we write to Council asking why no lifeguards and requesting they be employed in this lot of holidays and not only Christmas. Suggested Club operate a casual BBQ and drinks on a Sunday afternoon with possibility of light entertainment at club house. Meeting advised liquor license still

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being prepared and could not do anything until then. Chris Bell advised would also need a till system and stock control system in place. President advised would need to have more RSA approved members to work. David Brunsdon Said had taken and stored ski trailer at his work until the club clean up had been completed. Also said trailer needed to be sandblasted. Ken Laverty Said goose neck on red boat trailer needed replacing. Resolved on the motion of Ken Laverty/Jim Brazel new part be purchased. Darry Perks Advised that when selling meat and fruit trays on a Saturday morning that we have a photo of the meat tray as only have fruit tray to show public. Jeneane Donohoe Said thank you to all who helped on the Louis Ballangarry Memorial golf day. Said it was a good day and estimated net profit could be $5,000. Said had not heard from Licensing Police if permit to work bar at Pro Ag had been approved. Said would not hear until possibly day before. Ken Atkins Offered congratulations to Jeneane for golf day. Said it was a great day. Barb Bethe said needed key to radio room. Advised she would get it on Sunday. Spoke about Peter Hanley who lost a club jacket in a recent house fire. Resolved on the motion of Chris Stewart/Jim Brazel his club person of the year jacket be replaced at club cost. Registrar to check on year of award. Chris Stewart said need to look at major raffle for the year. Also need to send letter to Co-op asking for dates to sell raffle. Suggested 1st prize - $1,500 Caltex fuel voucher, 2nd prize Kayak, 3rd prize Surfboard. Discussion took place. All agreed. Said there were no broad brimmed hats for patrol. Resolved on the motion of Chris Stewart/Ken Laverty club purchase 20 broad brimmed hats for patrol. Said public shower on eastern side of club house needs to be repaired and/or moved. Base of shower is cracked and water is seeping into foundations of club house. Resolved on the motion of Chris Stewart/Chris Bell letter be written to council advising same. Resolved on motion of Chris Stewart/Chris Bell letter of thanks be written to Tony Koch for service to MSHSLSC. Resolved on motion of Chris Stewart/Chris Bell letter be written to Rob Jamieson requesting he remove his gear and equipment from club house due to outstanding and unpaid fees. Removal date to be 7 days from date of letter.







37. 38.







Jason O’Donnell Requested interior of club house to be painted and cleaned up. President advised club is waiting on grant to update all of club house on a staged basis. Chris Stewart Advised 15 patrol caps had been ordered. Alan Newman Advised web page sections needed to be updated. Said club paying for service and all departments have the opportunity to “advertise” their section. Said all information to go through either him of Club President as information must be controlled to avoid duplication and wrong information. Greg Bell Spoke about last Branch meeting whereby Port club showed poor attitude to Branch clubs. Said they have a Branch approved function on same day as Scotts Head carnival. Resolved on motion of Greg Bell/Barb Bethe club write letter to Branch advising lack of support from other clubs in Branch. Said he and Chris Bell would not be present at next meeting and extended apologies. Spoke about club carnival.  Letter to all previous sponsors.  Branch gear trailer. Greg to sort out where it is and get it.  IRB drivers - have enough at this stage.  Working parties – should have enough staff.  Officials.  Letter to Nambucca River Co-op requesting $50.00 as per last year.  Meat for BBQ – Jim Wilkes to provide.  Eggs –Miles fruit & Veg, Bacon – Jim Wilkes.  Bread OK  Butch to arrange meat.  3 kegs on alcohol plus wine has been donated plus raffle prize.  Cost of dinner on Sat night. $12/$8 last year. This year $15 & $10 u/12’s.  Silver box for recording gear.  Cost of drinks – this to be worked out on the day.  Emergency exits at club house plus other areas to be sorted out through working bee on Sun 9th Nov commencing 9.00am.  Gas bottles to be checked. Jason O’Donnell Said in light of emergency as noted earlier in minutes suggested sign be placed at First Aid room advising if unattended see caravan park proprietors. Chris Bell Said United Hospital Auxiliary requested hall hire 20 th Oct. Resolved on motion of Chris Bell/Greg Bell approval be given and fee for hire waived.








Meeting closed at 9.05pm.

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