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					CANADIAN FREESTYLE SKI ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DE SKI ACROBATIQUE 808 Pacific Street, Vancouver BC V6Z 1C2 TEL: 604-714-2233 FAX: 604-714-2232 Email: info@freestyleski.com

RBC JUMPS AND BUMPS PROGRAM OPERATING AGREEMENT (08/09) Welcome to the RBC Jumps and Bumps Program where skiers ages 6 and up are taught entry-level Freestyle skills in a fun and safe progression. For more details about RBC Jumps and Bumps go to the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA) website. Link: http://www.freestyleski.ca/en/jumps_bumps/ To register for the RBC Jumps and Bumps program your club or Ski School must meet the following criteria: 1) The host club must be a currently sanctioned CFSA member club before materials will be delivered. For Club Registration procedures, please visit: http://www.freestyleski.com/en/clubs/sanctioning.htm 2) All affiliated coaches, athletes, and supervisors must purchase a current CFSA membership license before the start of the program; this is a requirement of CFSA General Liability insurance. 3) All coaches need to complete the CFSA “Club Coach” (formerly level 1 Freestyle) technical course before the program begins. Clubs may hire coaches who have passed their CSIA Park coach course but then need to contact their PSO or CFSA to complete the requirements to be a full CFSA/NCCP Club Coach. It is highly recommended that clubs have their coaches NCCP/CFSA fully certified as a CFSA “Club Coach” within two years. Please find membership and registration information at: http://www.freestyleski.com/en/memberservices/register.htm If you have any questions please contact: English: Meredith Gardner, meredithgardner@freestyleski.com 905-717-2941 Catherine Trudeau (all French enquiries), catherinetrudeau@freestyleski.com 604-714-2233 Or contact your Freestyle Skiing Provincial Sport Organization at: http://www.freestyleski.com/en/clubs/pso.htm Commitment of Participating Clubs To ensure the success of your RBC Jumps and Bumps program each club requires a J&B leader (usually Head Coach or volunteer) who will meet with coaches to make sure they are using the skill ladder to plan lessons, and record the success of their skiers through the season. One individual in each club must order pins and passports, and ensure that the materials are awarded at a ceremony at the end of the year.

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Your program should be scheduled around the following:      The program should consist of at least 20 hours of instruction and should have one competition/special event during the season. The sessions may take place on a weekly basis or may be compressed into a block of time (one week period such as Christmas holiday or March break). During the competitions/special events emphasis should be placed on participation rather than on winning. Following the last session, a closing ceremony and award presentation should be organized. Clubs will submit a program evaluation by May 1.

RBC Jumps and Bumps has been developed to provide some flexibility with scheduling and required skill completion (with available terrain) as outlined in the program guide (*To be developed with coaching tools*). CFSA’s Safety Priority CFSA has an excellent safety record in a high-risk sport. This is maintained through good training of coaches and officials, and by following techniques and standards of the CFSA. Clubs need to update their Emergency Action Plan each season and share with coaches, athletes, parents, and host club (Ski Patrol and risk manager). CFSA clubs are required to meet the standards and of the CFSA, or sanctioning will be revoked. For information regarding training coaches and officials visit your PSO or contact CFSA. Helmets are required and mouth guards are recommended by CFSA.

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RBC JUMPS AND BUMPS REGISTRATION INFORMATION CLUB/SKI SCHOOL: CONTACT PERSON: ADDRESS OF CLUB/SKI SCHOOL: PHONE NUMBER OF CONTACT PERSON: EMAIL ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER OF RBC J&B PROGRAM LEADER: EMAIL ADDRESS: SHIPPING ADDRESS FOR MATERIALS: ORDER RBC JUMPS AND BUMPS MATERIALS FOR 2008/2009 RBC Jumps and Bumps materials will be offered at no charge – please order only the pins you require so we do not run out of materials! Material Green Pins Blue Pins Black Pins Wings Badge Platinum Wings Passports *Request Sample Set New Clubs only QTY

Please place orders with your Club Registration by November 15, 2008 to ensure delivery of materials before December 15, 08.

Please submit this Operating Agreement by fax, scan or email, or mail to: E: F: M: info@freestyleski.com 604-714-2232 Canadian Freestyle Ski Association 808 Pacific Street, Vancouver BC, V6Z 1C2

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