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Oct 16 Conn Greenwich During the several visits that ex H QooDnicn G B JUEifi President Cleveland has made here C OOPRICH MARIFor President this summer he has receivedhun- ¬ dreds of presents from manufac- ¬ GRQVER CLEVELAND SATTOREYSATLAW turers ot campaign paraphernalia Of New York The gifts are of great variety and For Vice President Mr Cleveland now has a large coP ADLAIE STEVENSON > lection He receives all the latest V DEAIEE8 m REAL ESTATdesigns in campaign buttons ban Of Illinois KOomplete Abtacta of Caraerorf nere and badges and photographs DKJIOCUATIC ELECTOEotliinibclf and President Harrison 8At Large Dudley G Wooten County Kept In the Office and only e few days ago he got a Jake 0 Hodges Harrison and Reid songster 1 District Joe F Randolph 2 James I Perkins In many instances the exPresi 3 John S S pinks dent has been obliged to pay the HPOWNSVILLE TEX 4 Rohert R Lockett expreps charges but he does so 5 Alvin 0 Owsley cheerfully 6 Henry P Brown NO I KLEIBERS Bakery > 7 Waller V One afternoon recently while 8 Lee Riddle Mr Cleveland was sitting on the 9 Robert II Ward ATTORNEYATLAW veranda of Mr Benedicts lmnd10 George F Burgess 11 Robert W Stayton V sutue house amusing Baby Ruth Office over Fiiet National Bank 12 EUsberry R Lane an express delivery wagon drove 13 Alden Bell into the jard The driver took an For Govurimr Texas Brownsville oval shaped pasteboard box from GEORGE CLARK the wagon and delivered it to Mr f the in any WiM practice of McLennan County Cleveland who upon opening the For LieutenantGovernorcourts otth State when specially box found a large Grandfathers C hi ROGERS employed Hat with these words painted onot Tmvis County Theres ihe crown in large letteiv in it For Attorney General nothing 11 MASON The members of the Benedict e a Mcdowell of Coryell C uury Cleveland who family and M ATTORNEY AT LAW For Cnnptroiltr were watching the proceedings from the house remained iileutETHAN ALLEN OfFJGK Curlier Lcee and ElevwoiMienngwlmt the ex President of Martin County would do with tl piece Then eiitli StreetFor Treasurer they nan him m reli up and down GOIJEEthe vesaiida with a cane orer his TEX S of Cherokee C uiity PCOWNSVILLK Com ot the General Land Office shoulder and Giancl atheis Ilat upon it amusing the baby with W C WALSftSr THURMOND Hurrah for Harrison Ruth Ilur of Travis County For Supt ot Public Instruction rah for Harrison JACOB BICKLEKATTORNEY AT LAW Philadelphias Social Sensation i j f Galveston County Pa Oe 22 Piiiadelphii or Judtes First Supreme District and General Land Agent Through a suit against her father k For Chief Justice which a very aristocratic kittle girl C C GARRETT named Valerie from Washington TEXAS VlfiTOlUA of Washington County Padulford brought in the court of For Aesoaiate Jn6ti3es common pleas the fact comes to A G EimtHt FRANK A WILLIAMS J B MojnxoE light that Mr Padelford has uot STERNE of Houston County MONROE lived with his wife or daughter lor H CLAY PLEASANTSValeries father Ar- ¬ four years of DeWitt County thur Padulford a wealthy south Attorneys at f Law For Congress 11th Diatrict eruer marriedMss BettyOld way WILLIAM HENRY CRAJN- daughter ot General Albert Ordof DoWitt County TEX w y chief of the ordnance bmeanRIO GRANDECLTJ For State Senator 23rd District at Washington iu 1S85 General E A ATLEE Ordway b aa supported Valeriefor SANK of Webb County FIRST near five years Now he thinks it isabout time she should derive The Royal Prerogative a little benefit from her fathers Berlin Oct 22 To mark the 25000 income and he has there o OFJo day oE the infant prin- lore brought suit through his TEXAS christening VfLLE BROWNS ce 8 400 women who were im- giaudchild prisoned for varioiiB offense hare The wedding of Miss Ordway been released and there is conso and Mr Padelford was one of the CAPITA quently much rejoicing among the1 most notable events of the social Kelly erstwhile prisoners and their iamseasou in which it took place The Wm M llAVHAiirr couple wunt to Parifj where Valerie ViceFree- iieB President Then Mrs The ceremony of christening the w e k ° rP in 1887 D Andek60N Cashier J infant princess born September 131 Padelferd oame home to Washing ton her husband did not come took plane this afternoon with her Dikectoes ExSenator Ingalls has been Ke ly The wholesHle grocery house of G M Rsiuhael Wm comoelled to cancel several of his Co of New York Bnrkhalter Robert DaUeli M B Kingsburv engagements in Kansasowingto has failed with liabilities of about DXAnd ersotVhWth


Harrison Mat For Cleveland


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The Ballon Ganges Slayers






Coffeyville KasOcL20 Six city officials of the Missouri Kansas and yesterday teld an admiring and Texa Rr tilroad Company are group of friends abont a vi w he here this afternoon to distribute bad of the Grand Army parade in the 5000 that company gives on Washington account of the extermination of the He took it in fjom a window of- Dalton gang They decided 4o a second story and in the adjoiu- give each of the families of the four ing window the inimitable Bill murdered citizens 1000 and di- ¬ Sterritt sat And he sat in silence vide the remaining 000 among for a couple hours while rank after five other citizens John Kloehr berank of veterans marched past ing one of the five The relief V seemingly never to cease till near- fund with this contribution amounts ly all the 80000 in col nun had now to 10975 Then he broke the si- ¬ gone by Jl Reply To Gladstone Dick said he that story lence London Oat 20 Prof Gold the old Confcdain Texas have been telling about shooting and killing win Smith has written a letter They are ali which is published in the Times toyankeea ia all a lie here alive and walking I dont day commenting on Mr Glad believe theres a Named thing bur- stones recent article on hom rule ied over yonder at Arlington ex- ¬ in the last issue of the North American Review Prof Smith says that cept horses and mules among educated Americans the Serious JEarthquttketraditional hatred of England is i London Oct 23 The Stand- ¬ dead Among the masses it is ards correspondent at Odessa say Tying out but what remains is kept that five villBgea near rlntais in alive by newspapers stimulated by Trans Caucasia have been destroy- ¬ protectionists n their own interest ed by earthquake Many lives are Hatred ot everything British ia reported out So far the bodies of- affected by Americas politicians twentyseven persons have been re- for the sake of ilie Irish vote Con coveied from the ruins of dwelings tinning Prof Smith says have and other buildings It isbelieved yet to sec the American who really many bodies are yet to be found cares for the Irish cause or who clearly understands the meaning of lilldley ffooten in Illinois 111 Oct 22 Hon home rule Americas pretended Chicago Dudley G Wooten presidential love for Mr Gladstone is nothing elector at large for Texas1 has ar- ¬ but hatred of England Americans cannot help in their heartsspurn- ¬ rived and will speak in Illinois and ing the Englishman who while > Michigm for democracy He speaks holding Great Britains highest Govat Freeport tonight filling trnst stabs her character in a forernor Palmers appointment who is sick It is a big meeting and eign press Were Married at the Fair much is expected of the Texas or- ¬ ator Hope Ark Oct 20 The Hope Fair is not without romantic interWIT JUVIi MUMOR est Todry James F Pace a leadDid Mr Pimpernickel dance ing mill man of of this county and with you Thats what he called Miss Saraatitha Cohoarn were married in the presence of 1000 spec Chicago News it

Houston Post Hon R M H ll is in the





What part will Slimhrain play Thuudar I in The Tomrest Inter Ocean think A Mean mangeneraly feels better when he meets a man who is more of a rogue than he is Rams Horn Forrester How time does fly Lancaster I dont blame it Think how many people there are trying

tatore Theweather was fine and several good races added interest to the remaining features


The Cotton Wage Reduction
London Oct 20 Several thousand cotton operatives at Heywodin Lancashire hove been given notice by the mill owners that their wages will be reduced 5 per cent two weeks hence A strike will probably result


to kill it Brooklyn Life Did MiisPhrewziecreateagood iq i i impression at the amateur theatri- ¬ Husband and Wife Found Heal Oil yes She wore her perWayuo Io Oct 20 Mr and cals Chicago Mrs John Sells were found de adfectly lovely pink silk at their home in Swedesburg this News w She I honestly believe the lova morning having been overcome by a making on his part is real He I- gas from heating staves Mr Sells was found under the bed and his shouldnt wonder I hear that her wife on the floor near the door diamonds are genuine IndianapoIwhich she had evidently tried to Ps Journal reach



Emile Kleiber


Jess Whatever Chappie may be Bes Mayor J H Robinson a How be lsnE o cqU How do Collection on all points promptly nine exchange you know Jess He nearly always ard County kwyBrwill TOade and remitted Bills of have hall a months inijail for Extorting illegal pfincipal cities beSin Mb sentence drawn mrecii ou ril mind pension iecs New York Herald arougaeut the worid
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Wdferiom Quincy 111 Oct W T Wan drey aged 90 an inmate of the p 6or farm at Coalsbnrg was found hanging by his neck in a room this morning He came of a noble fain

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Yon had better wait up for the mater to night Thomas and if he is very tired yon might Thomas help him to bed Yes Lady


ily in Germany and emigrated tn this country at the same time Carl Schurz came over in 1845 He was a drummer boy in Blnchers

maam but hadnt John better stay up along with me eaiiBe when the master is very tired hes awfully lively and strong Lady Just aV you please Thomas Pick MqUp


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at Waterloo



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