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TIME FOR GIVING 16-22nd October 2006 is ‘National Giving Week’, there are many ways to help support Depaul Trust to turn around the lives of young people and it does not always have to be raising cash... there's more information inside on
how you can do this.


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A very warm welcome to the autumn edition of Safe & Sound. I hope that you have all had a lovely summer and enjoyed the remarkable UK weather. As I write this column the annual review for 2005 is in production. This report covers April to December 2005 – a nine month period as we moved from the English accounting cycle to the European period to be more inline with our sister charities, Depaul Trust Ireland and Depaul Foundation. If you have not informed us that you would like to receive a copy of this review then please do get in touch. We would be delighted to send this onto you but in order to cut costs we do not simply send it out to all of our supporters. There are so many ways that our supporters can raise money for Depaul Trust – from new media initiatives to the more traditional ways of fundraising. One idea which has been around for many years, and which some of our loyal parishes and groups run to support our work, is the 100 club. Not only is this of help to the charity but to the individual people taking part as well, who could benefit from a cash prize. The basic rules are that 100 people sign up and donate a specified amount each week or month. Then each week or month a draw takes place with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd cash prize being donated to the winners. The money left over is then donated to charity. If you would like to speak to someone further about setting up a 100 club, please contact Laurie Delaney on 020 7939 1276. In the meantime, sincere thanks for your support of Depaul Trust. We look forward to hearing from you. With every best wish,

Nikki A A Challenger

This summer 13 of Depaul Trust’s young people have been on volunteering placements in Europe doing things such as looking after elderly people in a day centre in rural Poland, decorating a primary school, rebuilding a derelict park, working on an educational children’s camp or helping out on a German ecological farm. These placements are funded by the European Voluntary Service programme, a Europe-wide scheme encouraging European mobility and volunteering for young people who have faced disadvantage in their lives. Depaul Trust has accessed the scheme so that the disadvantaged young people we work with get the opportunity to do some European travel whilst also gaining valuable work experience. For our young people this experience is much more than just a month overseas. Many of them have never left their home town, let alone travelled to London, used the underground, been to an airport and flown by an aeroplane to another country where people don’t speak English! It is a very big step for them and one that needs to be planned for meticulously. For example: One young man arrived at the airport two hours before his flight (as advised) but didn’t know that in order to get on an aeroplane you must ‘Check-In’ unlike taking a train or a bus; but what is ‘Check-In’ if you’ve never travelled before and no-one has explained it to you? (He did get to his placement in the end!) It is experiences such as these that really help our young people on the path towards independence and learning vital life skills. Quotes from our young people: “If I give my bag to this lady at the desk how do I know it will get on the same plane as me?” Matt, 22 homeless - Stansted Airport “I love it here and I don’t want to come home.” Mark, 21, homeless in Poland “This is a great experience, I want to come away again, volunteering really is fun and has helped me realise that other people are much worse off than me.” Sam, 24, homeless “I’ve met people from Slovakia, Germany, Norway, Lithuania and Spain they are a good lot.” Brian, 19, ex-offender If you are interested in finding out more about the EVS scheme please contact Isla Haigh, the European Programmes Manager on or call 0777 565 4571/020 7939 1234.

Depaul Trust volunteer cycles to placement in Poland

Classroom decorated by volunteers

Great news came early this summer when the Big Lottery Fund announced that it is donating £119,000 over the next three years to Depaul Trust’s Sports Development programme. Specifically, it will help the International Sports Development initiative at the project, run in conjunction with Northumbria University. Sports Development, based in Newcastle, helps more than 400 homeless and disadvantaged young people from throughout Tyne & Wear every year; and the Big Lottery grant ensures not only the on going sustainability of the project, but enables us to reach out in new ways to even more young people from the area. Sports Development works with young people 16-25 years old (many of whom are at the lower end of this age range), to help them: I Stay safe from harm and neglect I Develop skills for independent living and adulthood I Develop good physical and mental health practices I Develop good citizenship and make positive contributions to local communities (and, equally, not engage in anti-social behaviour) I Earn qualifications that help with employment I Engage with further education through Northumbria University Young people at the project are not only engaged through a popular medium – sports – but are asked to help shape the programme’s activities, to volunteer in the local community, and to take on leadership roles, working with younger course participants. The benefits to young people enrolled in the new International Sports Development programme include increased sense of citizenship, of maturity, reduced rates of anti-social behaviour, achievement of vocational qualifications, engagement with education, and opportunities to provide sports training to young people in deprived wards in Tyne & Wear. Sports Development is also seeing some emerging sports stars! Richard, a 17year-old from Newcastle, and Roger, a 19-year-old from Sunderland are looking set to make the England squad in the 2006 Homeless World Cup, held this year in South Africa. We wish them the best of luck!

Training staff to train young people is one of Depaul Trust’s strategic priorities. Beginning in 2006, and over the next three years, Accenture and Depaul Trust will be working in partnership, with the consultancy donating £90,000 to help shape and deliver Depaul Trust’s training programme, in conjunction with Accenture staff volunteering across the UK. Depaul Trust’s training programme ensures that the young people who come to us for help each year are equipped with the skills needed to overcome disadvantage, homelessness and low self-confidence, and to gain a sense of citizenship and employability. Equally, Depaul Trust staff are consistently provided with appropriate training, with the explicit aim of ensuring that our service delivery continues to meet the needs of young people today and continues to be on the ‘sharp edge’, progressive and relevant. The three-year partnership between Depaul and Accenture not only sees consistent financial investment in our training programme, but also professional expertise from Accenture staff, who will help develop our training curriculum and deliver it to young people and staff. We are confident that Accenture’s investment in Depaul Trust will yield some terrific results. We would like to thank everyone at the company who helped make this partnership possible, most particularly Kris Wadia, Senior Executive of Accenture’s Global Delivery Network, whose leadership and advice were the driving force behind this collaboration.

In Erdington, Birmingham, Depaul Trust projects assist young ex-offenders with housing, support needs and moving away from crime, and also work with the local community to overcome disadvantage and learn new skills. It can be a challenge, without a doubt, but supported by the Freemasons’ Grand Charity as part of a two-year grant, Depaul Trust’s work in Birmingham is really effective. A grant of £50,000 over two years is supporting Depaul Trust’s Hostel for young ex-offenders, and the next-door Community Centre which caters for hostel residents and members of the community who want to extend their skills through IT-based training courses. A cheque presentation at the project with members of the Provincial Grand Lodge in the West Midlands was held in March this year. Laura Chapman, Chief Executive of the Freemasons’ Grand Charity, said; “The Freemasons’ Grand Charity is pleased to be supporting Depaul Trust in the delivery of this important project, offering positive opportunities for disadvantaged young people.” The two projects work together to help residents at the hostel to begin to reintegrate into the community, and enable local people and residents to interact in a positive and constructive way. This has helped to build community spirit in the Erdington area, which has suffered from a lack of opportunities and deprivation in terms of employment and training, and quality housing. The hostel currently has a very settled group of residents who are keen to engage in training and other opportunities available to them. Several have signed up this year to do courses at the community centre, and others have been helped to access training and education opportunities. Residents and clients at the community centre are enjoying the popular ‘employment development days’, where learners are taught essential job and workplace skills. Over 90% of the learners who have participated in Depaul’s day-courses are from backgrounds of youth offending or long-term unemployment, and often find mainstream training daunting. We’ve been told, time and time again, that the non-intimidating, non-judgemental and friendly environment at Depaul was a real boost and helped their re-entry to learning. In addition to learning new skills, they also gained new levels of confidence. Thank you to the Freemasons’ Grand Charity, and to all our donors supporting Depaul’s work in Erdington - not only helping to improve the life chances of individuals, but also challenging stereotypes and helping to support the local community.

Whether it’s chef and upcoming musician Tim Kay dropping in for an informal recital, or a day trip to Brighton to take advantage of the wonderful summer weather, free time activities are an essential boost to morale. The young people staying at a Depaul Trust hostel often have a full and busy programme in order to help them on the path to independent living. From essential life skills training and key working sessions to accessing further training for employment. However, free time activities are also important to motivate and encourage our young people, allowing them the opportunity to gain new experiences.

Tim Kay with residents of Westbourne House

Gideon and Bakri enjoying Brighton Beach

During 2005 legacy donations to Depaul Trust reached an all time high with nearly £230,000 being left to the charity in wills. These donations make so much difference to our work and we are committed to using legacy income for the development of new projects which we would otherwise find hard to fund. Including a gift to Depaul Trust in your will is perhaps the most special, personal way that you can make your concern for homeless young people live on for many years to come. Your gift to Depaul Trust doesn’t have to be big to make a difference to the lives of young people trying to escape the streets. You may already already made a will. If not, we suggest that in the first instance you contact a solicitor who is best placed to give impartial guidance and will advise you on how to include a legacy to Depaul Trust. If you have already made a will then it is easy to include a gift to Depaul as a Codicil – that is a simple change to your will. This is an additional document, which needs to be witnessed separately and then becomes part of your will. The fundraising team would be delighted to talk this through with you or answer any questions you might have on making a legacy donation to Depaul Trust. Simply call 020 7939 1273 or email and someone will get back to you.

Donating shares is an easy way to support the work of Depaul Trust without having to part with your hard-earned cash. In addition, donations made in this way are tax efficient and are not eligible for capital gains tax. You may get a donation of shares when a company you have invested in goes public. Why not give those unexpected shares to Depaul Trust? You may already have shares that you would not miss donating. You could make a huge difference to the lives of young homeless people by donating these shares to us. The tax benefits can be really worthwhile. For example: if you are a 40% taxpayer and you donate shares worth £1,000 to Depaul Trust, you can claim income tax relief of £400 which effectively means the donation has cost you only £600. Mrs H had Centrica shares worth £5,000 in her portfolio of shares; she decided to donate these to Depaul Trust, along with some smaller value shares after seeing an article in Safe & Sound. As she quoted in her letter to us, “I won’t miss these but I hope they will be of benefit to Depaul Trust and help young homeless people to a better future.” If you are interested in donating your shares or would like speak to someone about this way of making a donation, please contact Nikki on 020 7939 1280 or email

We are so grateful for the ongoing support of our donors which allows us to continue to have a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of the young people we work with. The Christmas period can be a difficult and lonely time for many of those we work with so each year we ask our supporters to consider buying a gift for a young person in one of our projects. As we all know, the receipt of a gift can lift a person’s spirit and make their Christmas season a little brighter. If the idea of donating a gift appeals to you, then the best way to get involved is by: I Popping an extra gift in to your basket when you are out doing your Christmas shopping. All gifts are welcome apart from alcohol and cigarettes I Wrap it in Christmas paper and indicate if it is for a male or female I Contact the fundraising team on 020 739 1273 and we will be able to let you know the hostel closest to you. To ensure that we can get all the gifts to the projects for Christmas Day we request that all gifts are received no later than 8th December. The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing other’s loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of Christmas. - W. C. Jones

Now in its third year, National Giving Week, Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd October, encourages people to think more about the causes that matter to them. This year’s campaign, being run with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), is called ‘Give it up for’ and Depaul Trust challenges you all to take part and raise as much money as you can. Why not think about giving up smoking, cutting out a drink each week, missing a night out each month, or switching your mode of transport to cycling into work everyday – then donate the money you would have spent to Depaul Trust, either through a monthly bankers order or through payroll giving. Or why not host a meal for friends and family during the week and ask them to make a donation to Depaul Trust? At the same time you could ask them to bring round old mobile phones that they no longer use which Depaul Trust can turn into donations. See the websites and for more information and some great ideas on ways to fundraise.

What would you be prepared to give up for your favourite charity? A night out with friends? Driving to work? Your time?

If you are taking part in the week we’d love to hear from you and let our other supporters know what you are doing. Contact Andy on 0207 939 1279 or He can also provide further information, ideas and mobile phone recycling bags.

The weather was once again perfect for the 7th Charity Golf Day at the Bedford Golf Club held in June. The event is growing in popularity and this year saw 27 people taking part in the Texas Scramble and 60 golfers playing the Stapleford in the afternoon. Congratulations go to Brian Lay, the overall winner of the day. The event, as in past years, was sponsored by the Collins Group plc who show a keen interest in the work of Depaul Trust – Mrs Collins handed out ‘goodie bags’ to the golfers that she had prepared containing water and fruit to make sure players were kept hydrated whilst spending long periods in the sun. A really lovely touch that was appreciated by all. The end of the day was enjoyed relaxing in the clubhouse sipping a well deserved cool beer or two, while Grace and Trish, two SVP ladies, were kept busy selling raffle tickets. There was also an auction during the evening with several quality items going under the hammer - two Tottenham FC signed shirts were extremely popular – thanks to Dr Mark Curtin for donating these John Curtin presents prizes to the raffle for the event.

Depaul Trust extends thanks to everyone who took part and supported the day, but one person should be noted for special thanks and that is John Curtin. For seven years John has been the helmsman of the event. He, with his small team of helpers, organises the day with true professionalism, zeal and focus that makes the day the success it is – thank you John.

The raffle ticket sellers - Grace & Trish

Some disappointing news – this year’s trek to Croatia has had to be postponed. It was to be the first joint venture between Depaul Trust UK and our sister organisation in Ireland. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Ireland recruitment was delayed and therefore participants were late to register for a place. This led to a delay in the deadline for securing flights and accommodation, the result being that, despite interest from Ireland, we have had to cancel. Our pilgrims here in the UK were obviously disappointed but fully understood and we once again send our sincere apologies to them. However, all is not lost and there is good news. We have managed to transfer our flight deposits to next year, and as the pilgrimage route has been finalised and suitable accommodation found, the pilgrimage will go ahead in September/October 2007. Actual dates to be confirmed. More good news: we are in discussion with another organisation with a similar heritage to Depaul Trust, albeit being founded from the great Wesleyan tradition and its mission work being overseas, which has shown an interest in joining with us on this pilgrimage. More about this as it develops. Once again, we ask you to think of joining us on this exciting and special challenge, and please do not hesitate to contact Laurie on 020 7939 1276, or if you have any questions or for further information. What was it the Mother Superior said to Maria on her return to the convent in the Sound of Music? - “When one door closes, a window will open up.”

Sincere thanks go to KDAAT (Kent Drug & Alcohol Action Team) for inviting Depaul Trust to be part of the KDAAT marquee at this year’s Kent Show (July 14-16th). With the Show attracting up to 10% of the population of Kent over three days, it was a wonderful opportunity for us to let local people know the valuable work Depaul Trust does in the region. It is through our work with young offenders at HMYOI Rochester that Depaul Trust’s resettlement workers have built relationships with many local service agencies like KDAAT in order to provide our young people with the expert support they require to tackle their, often multiple, needs. The marquee’s theme of “Helping the People of Kent” was full of interactive games and quizzes to engage both children and adults alike and covered the themes of Young People, Care Management, Harm Reduction, Alcohol, Criminal Justice and Workforce. Also joining KDAAT were Charlton Athletic Football Club, Double Decker Living, Grey Zebra Outreach and Kent Scientific Services. A huge thank you to all at KDAAT, to Anthony and Shelly (our resettlement workers at HMYOI Rochester), and to all those involved in our participation at the show.

Do you ever get stuck when it comes to thinking of gifts you want for a special birthday? Or perhaps you are getting married, but have all the items traditionally given to the couple to set up a new home together? Why not ask family and friends to make a donation to our favourite charity instead? For many years now Depaul Trust has partnered with to provide supporters, who are taking part in a sponsored challenge with the facilities to set up an online donation page that can be emailed out to friends and family. Sponsorship can be made through a secure online server and all relevant donations are tax efficient. It really takes some of the hassle out of collecting sponsorship money after the event. As well as having your own online donation page for sponsorship events and challenges you can now set up a page to highlight a special event and ask for donations to celebrate it. You first decide what to call your webpage; you can then add photos and a personal message, and finally email a web link to all your friends, family and colleagues. People responding to your message can leave you a message and have the ease of online giving and being able to tick a box to make their gift tax-efficient. It really is that simple and can be used for so many different occasions: a birthday, wedding, birth of a child, christening, anniversary, or even in memory of a loved one. You could also use the justgiving pages to set yourself a personal challenge like losing weight or giving up smoking – and gaining support through sponsorship for your favourite charity to help keep you motivated. Any friends or family who pledged support would certainly help you to keep on target! If you would like more information on using the justgiving site, or need some help in setting up your page, please do not hesitate to contact the Fundraising Team on 020 7939 1273 who would be delighted to help.

Thanks go to Amna, our fundraising volunteer in the North East, who recently organised a sponsored women’s spinathon and auction to raise money for Depaul Trust’s InLine project based in North Tyneside. Around a dozen women took part in a sponsored spinathon at Healthlands Gym, in Whitley Lodge, and managed to raise nearly £400 for over an hour of constant cycling. This was followed by an auction of items and gifts which had been donated by businesses, which raised a further £600. Event organiser, Amna Ahsanuddin, has volunteered in the North East office since January 2006. She wanted the £1,000 raised to go towards Depaul Trust’s InLine project which focuses on accommodating young people in housing crisis and works with over 160 young people each year. She said: “The Trust works with young people who are homeless, some of them are young offenders, some have mental health problems or a whole range of issues that need dealing with.” Our sincere thanks to Amna, the ladies who took part in the spinathon, and also to the businesses supporting the event, including Domani, Amanda Lee, Picassos, Simply Sparkle, Wendy’s Fruit Shop, Cool Joolz, Tranquillity, Alliance Pharmacy, Local Whitley Bay, AK leisure, Taizen, Dance City, Aloe Vera Centre, Whitley Bay Playhouse, Kathryn Flynn, Matt Fiddas Martial Arts, Sheila Wilkinson and Anthony Brown at Healthlands.

A big thank you to the 25 runners who have signed up to take part in the Great North Run, raising money for Depaul Trust. This famous half marathon takes place on Sunday 1st October starting in Newcastle and finishing 13 miles later in South Shields. All of our runners have been provided with a Depaul Trust running vest – so if you are taking part yourself or simply going along to support the other runners, and you spot a Depaul Trust runner please shout out words of encouragement. From everyone at Depaul Trust we wish our 25 Depaul Trust runners the very best of luck!

After the success of last year’s Eden Valley Cycle Loop we were delighted when Arragon’s cycle centre in Penrith Cumbria got in touch to say they would like to organise another one for 2006, this year sharing money raised with the Great North Air Ambulance. So on Sunday 10th July nearly 100 people turned up to take part either in the 16-mile route for leisure and family cyclists or the 26-mile loop for the more competitive entrants. Both routes take in the beauty and tranquillity of Eden Valley. Our sincere thanks go to Arragon’s cycle centre and to everyone who took part. Sponsorship money raised has totalled over £725 for Depaul Trust!

On Sunday 16th July a team of Depaul Trust cyclists, together with thousands of other cyclists raising money for all sorts of worthy causes, set off on the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride organised by Bike Events. It was a beautiful hot summer’s day, although perhaps not the best conditions for a 56-mile bike ride! However, all of Depaul’s riders finished the course and received a well-earned goody bag at the end. Special congratulations go to Sean, who at the tender age of eight also managed to complete the ride. Hurrah for Sean and the other cyclists!
Team Depaul, ready to go! Congratulations Sean!

On Sunday 21st May 2006 Manchester City centre was filled with enthusiastic and willing athletes - both competitive runners and those raising money for their favourite charities. Manchester’s annual BUPA 10K run had arrived!! With its ever increasing popularity it is now the most successful 10K race in the country with 25,000 people taking part. This year Depaul Trust had four individuals plus a team of runners from Digital Vision eagerly awaiting the start gun - fired by Sir Alex Ferguson. The course itself weaves and bends through the streets of the City taking in some of Manchester’s well known land marks like Old Trafford stadium (home of Manchester United Football Club) and the City’s town hall. Many congratulations to our runners who all finished the gruelling course raising much needed funds for Manchester’s disadvantaged young people. We hope to see you there again next year!

Just when you thought the 2006 marathon frenzy had died down the 2007 Flora Marathon has just kicked off. The ballot for the 2007 Flora London marathon is now open. Ballot forms have been sent to over 320,000 runners and are available in a free magazine called ‘Marathon News’ which is available from all major high street sports stores in the UK until October 20th when ballot entries close. If you are interested in running, please apply through the ballot system first. If you are offered a place, and would like to raise funds for Depaul Trust, please do get in touch…we would love to hear from you. Please contact Depaul Trust if you would like further information about our work or ways that you can help through fundraising and volunteering In the 2006 Flora London Marathon we raised £9,000. All proceeds went directly to providing essential services to the young people we work with. In 2007 we aim to raise £15,000. If you are energetic, enthusiastic and ready to enter this amazing challenge we’d love to hear from you. We have 10 Golden Bond places available for the 2007 Flora London Marathon. If you are interested in becoming a member of ‘Team Depaul’, please contact us. The date of the 2007 Flora London Marathon is Sunday 22nd April 2007 Contact: or call her on 0207 939 1274 Tel: 020 7939 1273
or write to Depaul Trust, 1st Floor, 291-299 Borough High Street, London SE1 1JG

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