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Dear Friends, During the coming month we have been invited to reply to the Circuit Review. If you aren‟t sure what this is then I quote from Rev Tony‟s article in the Printed Circuit, “The Nottingham and Derby District has instructed each Circuit to complete a Circuit Review. May I make the plea to everyone, that you engage with this process positively, it is an opportunity to identify, the good things that we are already engaged in and will open our eyes to other opportunities to better shape ourselves for mission. The information that is gathered from the churches will be vital in writing the Circuit Review which will, in turn, inform the District so that better decisions may be made about future shaping and resourcing of the Circuits.” Every church member should have received a copy of the questionnaire with their membership ticket, and there are spare copies available for any one else who wants to take part. We are also going to make available a shortened version for use in worship and other groups. The Methodist Church has always been organized on a Circuit basis ever since our founder John Wesley visited local areas on his horse! The size of them has changed over the years, and our current Erewash Valley Circuit was only formed 25 years ago as a combination of three others. We now consist of 12 churches who pool their finances and property resources in order to afford three ministers and one pastoral lay worker. The Circuit also trains local preachers who take the majority of our worship services every week, and our identity as a circuit allows other groups to form and develop. We as a Circuit also relate to the 30 other circuits in the Nottingham and Derby District through synod meetings which gather regularly in different parts of the District. This may seem very obvious and possibly very dull to many of you but is a necessary part of how we work as a church! We do st need to be ready for the challenges that the 21 Century is sending our way, and be fit as an organisation to be able to influence them and respond to them. Please have a go at responding to the questions, your fresh ideas may be just what is needed! God Bless

PRAYER STREETS Please remember the residents of the following streets in your prayers. Our friends at St. Patrick's Church are joining with us in this activity. th April 6 Philip Avenue & Oak Drive th 13 Cedarland Crescent & Aldrin Close th 20 Blackfriars Close & Bean Close th 27 Hatton Gardens, Bishopdale Drive & Temple Cres.


6 th 20


Ian Foster Jonathan Lee

13 th 27


Ron Tooth Doug Waldram

CHURCH FLOWERS th April 6 Beverley & David Coleman th 20 Diana Nichols

13 27


Jackie Dent Val & Ray Stone


TODDLERS' DRINKS ROTA nd April 2 Sue & Ken Shepherd & Ann Knight th 9 Margaret Cains & Joyce Chaplin th 16 Jean Aram & Joan Buttery rd 23 Ann Towne & Marjorie Silverton th 30 Any volunteers please?

COFFEE CORNER th April 5 Jackie Dent & Jeanette Chawner th 19 Ann Brown & friends

12 26



Bev, Margaret & Heather Beryl & John Wakefield

               All items for the May newsletter to any of the Stewards or by e-mail to by Sunday April 20th, please


MARCH st 31 APRIL rd 3 th 7 th 8 10 th 12 17
th th

Services are held each Sunday at 10.45 am and 6.30 pm. Senior Sunday School (Early Risers) meets at 10.00am, and the Junior (711) and Primary (3-7) departments at 10.45am (except on Family Service Sunday). 6

7.30pm 7.30pm 7.30pm 2.00pm 7.30pm 1.00pm 2.00pm 7.30pm 8.30am

Boys’ Brigade Leaders Meeting House Fellowship at 28 Coronation Road New Members Meeting (at church) Women’s Fellowship – John & Jennifer Giblin „Langley Mill Pottery‟ Thursday’s Ladies Group (see Nuthall News) BPFA Jumble Sale – jumble to church on Friday night or 1.00pm Saturday, please Take Time Together House Fellowship at 28 Coronation Road Hope 08 Breakfast at St. Patrick’s Lunchtime Walk in Wollaton Park (see Nuthall News) Women’s Fellowship Coffee Morning at 94 Nottingham Road, Kimb. (home of Doreen Unwin) BPFA Committee Meeting (at church) New Members Meeting (at church) Network Easter Offering Service (see Circuit News) Christian Aid Coffee Morning (see Nuthall News)

10.45am 6.30pm 10.45am 6.00pm 9.00am 10.45am 6.30pm 10.45am 6.30pm

Rev. Malcolm Jones – Holy Communion Rev. Tony de Boltz Mr. Neil Bullas Circuit Service at St. Andrew’s, Ilkeston Rev. Malcolm Jones – Holy Communion Rev. Malcolm Jones – Family Service Rev. Diane Grice – Women‟s Fellowship Dedication Mr. M. Slater Mrs. Jayne Watson



19 th 20 22 28 29




10.00am 7.00pm 7.30pm 2.30pm






MAY th 17


Door Stewards
Richard Smith & Stephane Chambrelan

L. Page J. Wilson

              
MINISTER Rev. Malcolm Jones 50 Maple Drive, Nuthall SENIOR STEWARDS Mr. Ian Poxon 5 Perivale Close, Nuthall  9763028 (Day off – Friday)  8757414

10.45am 6.30pm

V. Morgan S. Bowerman

Mrs. Val Morgan  9383588  9458496



J. Dale J. Wakefield NO EVENING SERVICE AT NUTHALL V. Stone I. Poxon S. Corah I. Lishman V. Stone L. Page Youth Band J. Wilson J. Wakefield H. Lishman




9.00am 10.45am 6.30pm 10.45am 6.30pm

Chris & Lorna Page

 9273942


Beverley Hallam & Jackie Dent

 8770405

HOWARD STRUTT It is with sadness that we have to report the death of Howard Strutt. He and his family were much involved in the life of this church. For many years he was our Sunday School Superintendent. THURSDAY’S LADIES GROUP Last year several ladies met on a regular basis for some „me‟ time. Tea, coffee and a chat were the basis of an informal get-together for ladies of all ages coming and going between 7.30pm and 9.00pm as their other commitments allowed. The „Chocolate Evening‟ left us all amazed at just how many different types of chocolate products Sainsbury‟s stocks and of course, just how good they all tasted! th The first date for the recommencement of this group is April 10 2008. Please come and join us on this first session and watch the notice board in the coffee lounge for further meeting dates. You do not have to be a regular member to come along – but you might just find you are tempted to become one! WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP DEDICATION SERVICE The Women‟s Fellowship Dedication Service will take place on Sunday April th 20 at 6.30pm and will be led by Rev. Diane Grice. All are invited to this lovely service. BPFA/FAMILY COMMITTEE BARN DANCE The BPFA and Family Committee are jointly organising a Barn Dance to be st held at church on June 21 . Please book this date now! YOUTH WORKER UPDATE A group of us got together with a couple of local youth workers on March 6th to find out more about their work and how it might link with our own aspirations in Nuthall. It became clear from those discussions that this issue needs some prayerful consideration before we make our final recommendations and decisions as a Church. We have, therefore, decided to set some time aside to put our deliberations into the Lord's hands in a series of prayer meetings. To reduce the need for people having to commit an extra evening, the initial sessions will take place every Sunday evening in April at 5.45pm in the Trinity Room. Please come and join us. NEIGHBOURHOOD SERVICE th Our next Neighbourhood Service will take place on Sunday May 11 at 3.00pm. The preacher is yet to be announced. Further details in the May newsletter.

NETWORK EASTER OFFERING SERVICE The Network Easter Offering Service will be held at St. Andrew‟s Church, th Ilkeston on Tuesday April 29 at 2.30pm. Everyone welcome. The money that has been given in the Easter Offering envelopes will be dedicated at this service. Thank you to all friends from our church who have given money.              

Flowers buried beneath the snow Awakening again to live and grow – Leaves that fell to the earth to die Enriching the soil in which they lie – Lifeless-looking, stark, stripped trees Bursting with buds in the Springtime breeze Are just a few examples of The greatness of God‟s power and love, And in this blaze of Springtime glory Just who could doubt the Easter Story!

Helen Steiner Rice

HOPE 08

WEDDING BLESSING OF STEVEN AND JULIE PATTERSON You are invited to attend the wedding blessing of Steven and Julie Patterson th on Sunday April 6 at 11.45am following the usual morning service. It should last around half an hour. CHRISTIAN AID COFFEE MORNING The Wives Group are holding a Coffee Morning at church on Saturday May th 17 from 10.00am to 12 noon for Christian Aid. There will be cakes, books, raffle and bring and buy stalls. Donations to any of the stalls would be welcome. Please support this worthwhile cause.

PYJAMA FUN RUN It would have been so easy at 6.15am on a cold, wet morning to look out of the window and think, „No, not today thanks‟. But no! Many, many thanks to all the runners, walkers and donations that made the event a great success and raised £200 for BPFA. It‟s great when funds can be raised by having a laugh and having fun together. It is hoped to repeat the event. Please feel free to return our survey below. Market Research Was it too early, wet and cold? Was it too far and uphill? Was running in pyjamas silly? Was the drink and bacon cob good? Did you have a good laugh? Yes      No

As part of our outreach for HOPE 08, the Church Council has decided to commission the religious drama group „The Footprints Theatre Trust‟ to go into our five local primary schools to conduct a religious whole school assembly. This outreach will cost approximately £800. Janet and John Wilson are selling „footprints‟ for £8 each, in the belief and hope that 100 people at this church will buy a footprint and support this valuable mission.

That‟s agreed then – Pyjama Fun Run on Sunday April th 5 next year!! Thanks again from Colin and the BPFA.

FAMILY WALK IN WOLLATON PARK The Family Committee have organised a family walk in Wollaton Park on th Sunday April 20 to follow the family service. Please bring a packed lunch which we will eat either at church before leaving or in the park depending on the weather! You may like to bring some bread to feed the ducks, and the more energetic are welcome to bring a ball! Everyone is very welcome, but please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult.

JAMAICA PROJECT UPDATE Our fundraising is progressing well and we now continue to raise funds for building materials and equipment for the school. Thanks this month go to       Junior Boys‟ Brigade who donated their Beaumanor Sunday service collection Friends of Libby Bales in lieu of christening gifts BPFA donation from a jumble sale Paige Higginson who was sponsored for donating her first pint of blood! £47 was made from tea/coffee donations at the recent Boys‟ Brigade open evening School teachers from Kimberley School in lieu of Christmas cards

We once again thank you all for your continued loving support. Gill, Luke, Tom and Jack RECYCLING MOBILE ‘PHONES AND INK CARTRIDGES For the past five years we have been collecting old mobile „phones and ink cartridges to send away for recycling. During this time we have raised over £780 for Sunday School funds. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project. Unfortunately, over the past year, the prices been offered for these items has dropped dramatically and we feel that it is no longer viable for us to continue with this exercise. However, we hope to collect enough items to send one bumper final consignment at the end of April. Please have a good hunt through drawers and cupboards for discarded „phones and encourage your family, friends and neighbours. to do the same. Please bring any „phones and ink cartridges along to church by April 20th and put them in the marked box (under the table) in the coffee lounge. Thank you. Mick and Margaret Sendall BOYS’ BRIGADE NEWS Once again this year our Boys‟ Brigade company have excelled in a number of the national competitions. The chess team (Ben Tantum, Dominic Turner and Thomas Stokes) are the English champions and will play in the national finals in Glasgow on April 12th. The badminton team (Jack and George Maloney, Matthew Foster and James Poxon) are playing in the English finals on March 29th. Well done, lads! Nearer to home, three of our young men have taken honours at Battalion level. Congratulations to Tom Nixey on becoming the Battalion Champion Sergeant Major, and to Elliott Green and Matthew Foster who are joint winners of the Battalion Seniors Medal.

We would like to thank all the Boys‟ Brigade boys, officers and parents who worked tirelessly at Morrisons on Easter Saturday bag packing for five hours. This was to reveal many undiscovered talents including bag packing supremo John Philpot for expertly packing a shopping trolley in record time! The day raised a staggering £907.74 but with a kind donation this has now been raised to £1,000. Our next fundraising event will be a Coffee Morning with a car wash, cake sale, raffle and children‟s tombola at church on Saturday May 10th from 10.00am onwards. We hope to see you all there for a bacon buttie and a drink. Donations of cakes and offers of help, especially with car washing, would be greatly appreciated.

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