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									                                                      Engine Paint, Gray
                                               Material Safety Data Sheet
                                                                       Part #P1
                                  1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION
Product Name: Engine Paint, Gray
Product Type: Paint                                                    Region: United States
Company Address:                                                       Contact Information:
Silver Seal Products Co., Inc.                                         Telephone: 800-521-2936
19224 Allen Rd.                                                        Emergency Telephone: 800-521-2936
Trenton, MI 48183                                                             www.silver-seal.com

HMIS Hazard Codes: Health: 1                Fire: 4           Reactivity: 3          Personal: B

                                     2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS
          Ingredients        OSHA PEL TWA       OSHA PEL Ceiling     ACGIH TLV-TWA        ACGIH TLV-STEL        CAS #       % by Wt.
       Acetone                 750 ppm            1000 ppm              750 ppm             1000 ppm           67-64-1       < 20
       Tolnol                  100 ppm             150 ppm               50 ppm                N/D            108-88-3       < 20
       Propane                1000 ppm               N/D               1000 ppm                N/D             74-98-6       < 20
       N-Butane                800 ppm               N/D                800 ppm                N/D            106-97-8       < 15
       Glycol Ether EP          25 ppm               N/D                 25 ppm                N/D           2807-30-9       < 10
       Xylene                  150 ppm               N/D                100 ppm              150 ppm         1330-20-7        <5
       Ethyl Benzene           125 ppm               N/D                100 ppm              125 ppm          100-41-4        <5

                                         3. PHYSICAL/CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS
Boiling Point: -44 to 308ºF            Specific Gravity: 0.7724      Evaporation Rate (Either=1): Faster Than Either
Percent Volatile: N/D     Vapor Density (air=1): >1      Vapor Pressure: 40 psi   Solubility in Water: Slight
pH (Full Strength): N/D         pH (Dilution): N/D           Appearance and Odor: Gray Liquid, Aromatic

                                                   4. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES
Flash Point: -4ºF Ignition Temp.: N/D Extinguishing Media: Water fog, dry chemical, CO2, alcohol foam, foam. Flammable Limits: N/D
Special Fire Fighting Procedures: May cause flash fire or explosion! Vapors may form explosive mixture with air. Containers can build
up pressure if exposed to heat or fire. Treat as cylinders of compressed gas. Use approved positive pressure-demand MSHA/NIOSH self-
contained breathing apparatus and full protective gear.

                                                        5. REACTIVITY DATA

Stability: Stable  Hazardoux Polymerization: Will not occur Storage: Clean, dry area
Conditions To Avoid: Heat, sparks, flames, electrical arcs.
Hazardous Decomposition Products: May produce hazardous fumes when heated to decomposition. Fumes may contain
carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide.

                                                      6. HEALTH HAZARD DATA
Effects of Overexposure Acute & Chronic: Possible reproductive hazard,

               Ingestion - Liquid is toxic and may be harmful if swallowed. Irritating to mouth, throat, and stomach.
               Eye Contact - Moderate to severe irritation. Liquid, aerosols, and vapors are irritating and can cause pain, tearing, redden-
                              ing, and swelling accompained by stinging sensation and/or a feeling like that of fine dust in your eyes.
               Skin Contact - Prolonged contact may produce irritation. Allergic reactions are possible. Prolonged or repeated
                               contact can result in defatting and drying of skin which may result in skin irritation and a rash.
               Inhalation - Headaches, dizziness, nausea, decreased blood pressure, changes in heart rate, and cyanosis
                            may result from over-exposure to vapor or skin exposure. Prolonged inhalation may be harmful.
Emergency First Aid Procedures:
               Ingestion - DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING! Rinse mouth with water. Give victim a glass of water or milk. Contact Poison
                            Control Center or Physician IMMEDIATELY! Never give anything by mouth to unconscious person..
               Eye Contact - Flush with copius amounts of water. If irritation persists, contact physician.
               Skin Contact - Wash skin with soap and water. If irritation persists, contact physician.
               Inhalation - Remove to fresh air. If breathing has stopped or is irregular, begin artificial respiration and
                            administer oxygen. Immediately contact emergency medical personnel.

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      Silver Seal Products Co., Inc., 19224 Allen Rd., Trenton, MI 48183 • Phone: 800-521-2936 • Fax: 800-521-0580
                                                  Engine Paint, Gray
                                             Material Safety Data Sheet
                                                                     Part #P1
                                                  7. SPILL/LEAK PROCEDURES
Material Release/Spills/Disposal: Ventillate area. Remove all sources of ignition. Cleanup dispensed inert material and dispose
                                  of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. Aerosol containers - DO NOT
                                  PUNCTURE OR INCINERATE! Empty containers may be disposed of through normal
                                  channels. Full or partially filled containers are considered Hazardous Waste.

                                      8. PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFE HANDLING AND USE
Respiratory Protection: A NIOSH/MSHA approved air purifying respirator with an organic vapor cartridge or canister may
                          be required under certain conditions where airborne concentrations exceed exposure limits. Use a
                          positive pressure air supplied respirator if there is any potential for an uncontrolled release (exposure
                          levels are not known), or any other circumstances where air purifying respirators may not provide
                          adequate protection.
Ventilation: Normally, local exhaust ventilation is all that is required. Local exhaust ventilation may be required to control any
             air contaminants to within their TLVʼs during the use of this product (e.g. use in enclosed area).
Gloves: Neoprene or polyethylene gloves and barrier cream for exposed skin areas..
Eye Protection: Wear approved safety goggles with splash guard shields or safety goggles.
Other Protective Equipment: Rubber apron to protect clothes, barrier cream for exposed skin areas..

                                                     8. CONTROL MEASURES
Handling and Storing: Store in dry area separate from incompatible materials and away from heat, sparks, flames, electrical
                       arcs, and direct sunlight (temperatures exceeding 120ºF).
Warehouse Storage: NFPA Code 30B - Classification Level 3 Aerosols
Other Precautions: Avoid breathing vapors. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Avoid eye contact. Do not ingest. Wash skin
                   with soap and water after contact and before handling foodstuffs and drink.

                                                  9. LABELING INFORMATION
                       D.O.T. Labeling Information (49 CFR 100-199): Paint Label: FLAMMABLE GAS
                Labels: Markings: UN-1950       D.O.T. Hazard Classification: ORM-D       Level 3 Aerosol

                                         10. HAZARDOUS PRODUCT INFORMATION
                OSHA: Hazardous by definition of Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200

CERCLA - SARA HAZARD CATEGORY: Product reviewed to EPA Hazard Categories Section 311 & 312 and is considered to
         meet the following hazardous categories - Fire, Pressurized Gas, Immediate & Chronic Health Hazard.

                         SARA SECTION 313 TITLE III & 40 CFR PART 372 SUPPLIER NOTIFICATION:
                     This product contains the following substances subject to reporting requirements.
CAS #108-88-3 Tolnol < 20% by Wt.           CAS #1330-20-7 Xylene < 5% by Wt.              CAS #67-56-1 Methanol < 1% by Wt.
CAS #100-41-4 Ethyl Benzene < 5% by Wt.                               CAS #2807-30-9 Glycol Ether EP < 10% by Wt.

                                                        U.S. State Regulation:
NJ: Following Material non-hazardous but is among top five components in this product: Chemical Name Acrylic Resin (CAS # Proprietary)
PA: Following Material non-hazardous but are present at greater than 3%: Chemical Name Acrylic Resin (CAS# Proprietary),
    Chemical Name Magnesium Silicate (CAS #14807-96-6)
CA Prop 65: Known to cause cancer or birth defects and other reproductive harm: Chemical Name Tolnol (CAS #108-88-3)

                                                         10. DISCLAIMER
The information presented herein is believed to be accurate based on raw material information available, as well as in-
formation provided by other component material suppliers, and is intended for the normal use of the product. Because
we cannot control handling, storage, and the end use of the product, the information provided is without WARRANTY
of fitness or merchantibility of any kind, either expressed or implied, or the correctness of this Material Safety Data
Sheet. Therefore, we assume no liability or responsibility with respect to personal injury or property damage resulting
from the improper use, handling, storage, disposal, or results obtained from using this product.

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     Silver Seal Products Co., Inc., 19224 Allen Rd., Trenton, MI 48183 • Phone: 800-521-2936 • Fax: 800-521-0580

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