Cellular Shades Offer New View On Energy Savings

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					  Cellular Shades Offer New View On Energy Savings
   (NAPSA)—Homeowners who
want to reduce their energy costs
may have it made in the shade.
   Experts say that space heating
and cooling is typically the largest
electricity expense for a home-
owner. Whether it’s the hottest
month of the summer or the cold-
est month of the winter, home-
owners spend a considerable
amount of money each month pay-
ing for electricity.
   Fortunately, reducing your
energy bill may be as simple as        Experts say reducing your energy
installing new window coverings.       costs may be as simple as
Some say cellular shades, in par-      installing new window coverings
ticular, can substantially cut         such as the Levolor custom cellu-
energy costs. Following are some       lar shades shown above.
tips from Levolor Window Fash-         your cell size should be. Larger
ions about what to look for when       cells have more static air and act
choosing cellular shades that will     as a better barrier for energy
help cut heating and cooling costs:    efficiency.
   • Choose your shades carefully.        • Learn the R-value of your
Cellular shades add insulation         blinds and shades. Ask a salesper-
and can increase the total R-value     son about specific fabric R-values.
of a window—the term used to           Levolor custom cellular shades are
measure a window’s resistance to       said to have a high R-value rating
airflow. The higher the R-value,       on multiple cellular shade fabrics.
the more effective the window is          In addition to the great insula-
at reducing cooling and heating        tion features of cellular shades,
costs for the entire window unit,      these shades also come in numer-
including the frame.                   ous patterns, colors, operations or
   • Levolor cellular shades come      functions to meet everyone’s home
in single- or double-celled shades.    décor needs.
The more cells you have, the bet-         For example, Levolor Window
ter your insulation and ability to     Fashions recently launched an
block glare. The honeycomb pock-       updated line of custom cellular
ets of the shades trap air within      shades with even more colors and
them and thus increase a win-          patterns for homeowners.
dow’s R-value.                            For more information, visit Lev-
   • Think about size. The big-        olor’s Web site at www.Levolor.com
ger your window is, the larger         or call 800.538.6567.