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11 September 2007

Kia Ora Parents / Caregivers CATHOLIC CHARACTER: Welcome to our new pupils Mark Auman (Year 0), Tara Carville (Year 0), Noah StoddartSmith (Year 0) and Sean Llido (Year 5) Special Character Badges: Week 7: Ryan Mahy (Y5), Thomas Denham (Y5), Week 8: Liam McKenzie (Y6), Cam Talaboc (Y6) REFLECTION: CARING FOR THE LAND, CARING FOR THE PEOPLE – TIAKINGIA TE WHENUA, TIKINGIA TE TANGATA - “Experience shows that disregard for the environment always harms human coexistence and vice versa. It becomes more and more evident that there is an inseparable link between peace with creation and peace among people.” “Every person and every family can and must do something to alleviate hunger in the world by adopting a lifestyle and consumption compatible with the safeguarding of creation and with the criteria of justice for those who cultivate the land in every country.” Pope Benedict XVI. Our challenge during this Social Justice week is to do something for a person or people and something to show care for the environment. PRAYER: Let the rain come and wash away the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds held and nurtured over generations. Let the rain wash away the memory of the hurt, the neglect. Then let the sun come out and fill the sky with rainbows. Let the warmth of the sun heal us wherever we are broken. Let it burn away the fog so that we can see each other clearly. Let the warmth and brightness of the sun melt our selfishness. And let the light of the sun be so strong that we will see all peoples as our neighbours. Let the earth, nourished by rain, bring forth flowers to surround us with beauty. And let the mountains teach our hearts to reach upward to heaven. Amen. 1 HOLY COMMUNION – The first session for students and parents is to be held on Sunday 16 September at 4.00 pm in the Parish Centre. Congratulations to Charlotte Ambrose, Niel Kulkarni and Victoria Greengrass whose artwork was chosen st for this years‟ 1 Holy Communion booklets. DAFFODIL DAY ART COMPETITION:- Congratulations to the following students whose daffodil artwork will be displayed at the Pakuranga Branch of the National Bank. Kyle Mendonca, Monique Eeson, Jack Greengrass, Kelly Feng, Jakob Ambrose, Aaron Liyu, Pol Llorando, Mikayla Thompson, Danielle Corpuz, Deanna Laroche. SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS:st Year 6 Girls: 1 Michaela O‟Callaghan, st Year 6 Boys: 1 Jacob Courtney, Year 5 Girls: Year 5 Boys: Year 4 Girls: Year 4 Boys: 1 Leilani Jamieson, st 1 Ryan Mahy, 1 Anna Graham, st 1 Christian Edwin,
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2 Chelsea Sloan, nd 2 Peli Fisi‟iahi, 2 Alexandrea Kiriwi, nd 2 David Hough, 2 Adi Tuineau, nd 2 Michael McElwee,
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3 Teuila Muao rd 3 Jonathan Kaveney 3 Charlotte Ambrose rd 3 Michael Hough 3 Amber Egan rd 3 Kyle Mendonca
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CONGRATULATIONS: to the St Mark‟s teams of Matthew Thomas, Jacob Courtney, Pol Llorando, Jakob Ambrose, Campbell Griffin, Adam Petch, Callum Laroche and Callum Urlich who took part in the „Amazing Race‟. St Mark‟s teams th th were placed 6 and 7 and had an enjoyable day. Thank you to Andrea Petch and Kathy Thomas who were the team drivers. CONGRATULATIONS: To ex St Mark‟s pupils who have achieved awards. For Excellence and for Exhibiting Sancta Maria College Values for Term 3:- Scott Ambrose, Samantha Ryan, Luke Bulay, Heather Farrimond, Gailene Alarcon, Joshua Lim, David Tiongco, Candice Stalls, Gerard Nisperos, Jonathan Murti, Alex Corna, Chris Thomas and Ben Roborgh in the ICAS (NSW) Examinations. For being awarded a $7,000 Scholarship in Science:- Michelle Main For Academic Achievement in ICAS (NSW) Examinations:- Kirstan Dantas (Distinction in Science); Joshua Lim (High Distinction in Maths); David Tiongco, Daniela Encinas, Kristen Chua, Sam Vincent and Amadeus Vincent (Distinction in Maths); Alexandra Greengrass (High Distinction in English); Caitlan Hanna, Joshua Lim, Shana Llorando, Amadeus Vincent and Sam Vincent (Distinction in English). For Sports Achievement:- Charney Rooza and Jordyn Fisi‟iahi in Netball (B Grade Reserve Championship winners); to st th Denise Mendonca (1 place in Interschool Cross Country) and Louise Barclay (9 place in Interschool Cross Country).

PARENTS AS FIRST TEACHERS:- Parents are our children‟s first teachers and we know that many of you already create a home environment that supports your child‟s education. We encourage you to get involved in your child‟s learning and make it fun. Some things parents can do to help are:- look, talk about and show interesting work children have done at school; make a time for doing homework and make a space free of clutter; turn the TV off at this time; read alongside, read to or listen to your child read; sign off his or her homework sheet. BOARD OF TRUSTEES SCHOOL REVIEW: Please fill in the Pastoral Care review and return to school tomorrow 12 September. We are analysing this week and they will be displayed on our community notice board by Friday 14 September. P.T.F.A. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The PTFA Annual General Meeting will take place on 12 September at 7.30 pm in the Parish Centre. The PTFA are sponsoring Jenny Hale, an inspirational and entertaining speaker, for a gold coin donation (normally $15.00 per head). You can also mix with other parents over supper. Jenny will talk on Learning the Steps to becoming a Parent-Coach and raise great kids: Atmosphere – how to create a loving and fun atmosphere. Boundaries – guidelines for setting them and techniques to use. Communication – how to get your message across and build a good relationship. Discipline – the importance of I feel, I think and I act. The „thinking chair‟. Example – walking the talk. The importance of modeling. PARENTS PROMOTING HEALTHY EATING Promoting healthy eating has always been done at St Mark‟s. However we are noticing that some students are bringing little bags of chips and artificial fruit wraps – these are not healthy and do not help students focus so they can learn. (For playtime or as a snack please supply pieces of fruit, nuts, vegetables (carrot, celery or little tomatoes etc), scones, dried crackers with vegemite or cheese. Other good healthy lunch or morning tea choices include:- plain water, reduced-fat milk, sushi, pizza bread, toasted sandwiches, bread based pies, vegetable salad, vegetable chow mein, assorted sandwiches and wraps, filled salad rolls, yoghurt, mixed fruit and nuts, creamed rice, tuna and cracker combos, scones, fresh fruit. REMINDER:- For safety and health reasons parents are asked to please contact the school office before 9.15 am if your child(ren) are going to be absent from the school for the day. You need to contact the school each day your child is absent. We have an answer phone service so messages can be left. SCHOOL NEWSLETTER: Newsletters Unlimited are shortly having a new issue of newsletters printed. The newsletters will be used throughout the year to keep the school community informed regarding school activities. The newsletters are financed through the support of advertisers whose advertisements will appear on all newsletters for 12 months. This is a way of keeping your business in front of the local community while helping the school. If you would like to advertise on the back of our newsletter please contact Pierce Brown at Newsletters Unlimited on 5221677. You can now view the latest school newsletter online by visiting the website.  COMMUNITY NOTICES Marriage Encounter Weekend, a chance to enhance the love you share and rediscover your hopes and dreams, take a new look at your marriage, priorities and lifestyle, learn simple effect communication techniques, spend special time just concentrating on each other. This weekend is to be held on 12-14 October at Knock-Na-Gree in Oratia. For more information telephone 0800 362686. Bubble Dome is offering a 3 day school holiday course from 1-3 October at either Willowbank School or Cockle Bay School. Contact or phone 622 670. Sharpmusic is holding a music workshop in the first week of the holidays Tues 25 to Thurs 27 September. Visit the website on or phone Charmaine on 5337248 for further details. Adventures Within offer school holiday programmes including horse riding camps, kiwi farm experiences and ski and snowboarding camps. For more information visit or call 4195644. th Taita College are holding their 50 Jubilee on 19-21 October. Any enquiries to Adventure World is re-opening on 21/9/07 for its new season. Visit their website for further information Learn to play golf in the holidays. Morning and afternoon sessions available in both weeks of the holidays. Phone 2650581 or visit

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FORTHCOMING EVENTS Tuesday 11 September Interschool Cross Country (Saving Day 13 September) 7.00 pm – Matthew Thomas competes in the APPA Speech Finals at Ponsonby Primary Wednesday 12 September PTFA – Annual General Meeting. Venue Parish Centre. Friday 14 September Junior School Cross Country Tuesday 18 September PTFA Sausage Sizzle Friday 21 September End of Term 3