college application essay 3 by rahulbose


									Kelliann Carney English 12 10/19/03 Per. 1 Topic: Where will you be in ten years?

“Today’s homework is….any questions?” Silence. That was me when I was about seven years old, playing “school” in my cold basement. That was my all time favorite thing to do. But to play school you have to have a classroom, so I turned my basement into a little classroom with a bookshelf, i.e. the library, a tiny chalkboard low enough for me to write on if I stood on my tip-toes, and even to little boxes to place homework or other un-graded papers in. I would run home everyday and teach my pretend class in this little classroom what I learned in school that day. I would imagine that students were raising their hands with questions for me to answer and would even grade their “pretend” homework assignments, which tended to be a black piece of notebook paper with a grade on it. I actually still have a binder in which I saved everyone’s grades in and would average them out at the “end of the year” and even create report cards. Lets see here, Lisa A. got an B+ in math, not bad, and Billy R. failed English that year, shame on you Billy, now I will have to call your parents. One time I even convinced my best friend who was a year younger than me, to be in my class. I can’t believe she agreed to it, but she did. Everyday I would teach her something new and have her do worksheets, which my teachers were glad to give me since they had extras and they knew how much I loved teaching. I still have the folder in with I saved all of her graded assignments because I planned on showing her

parents her progress during my “parent-teacher conference,” but apparently she dropped my class before I ever got to that. I love looking back on these silly things and laughing about them.

These days I no longer have to pretend to have my own class and assign fake homework assignments because I now have my own “real” class. A classroom with real walls, real desks, real chalkboards, and lets not forget real students! This is everything I have dreamt of since kindergarten and I can’t believe that it is finally here. I wanted to be a teacher since the day I entered into Donlin Drive Elementary School all the way up until the day that I walked across that stage and accepted my diploma. Now I am actually planning lessons and teaching each day to class of about 22 third graders at Huth Road Elementary School. The best feeling in the whole world to me now is when I see those tiny hands waving in the air waiting to be called on. To me this is what really lets me know that I have taught these kids well. I worked very hard to make this dream a reality and I am quite proud of myself. I have also longed to teach kids new and interesting things and help educate the leaders of tomorrow, and I hope that I can make one of my students run home everyday to play “school” just like I once did.

I had always had a great appreciation for my teachers; especially the ones whom you could just tell loved their job and loved teaching. They work so hard inside and outside the classroom to help us learn and become successful people. They would even sacrifice valuable time with their families to stay after with the

students who needed a little extra help. They would stay up to late hours in the night to finish grading papers because they promised they would have them for us the next day. They would always greet you will a smile as you entered the classroom each morning. They were someone you know you could depend on and trust. These are the teachers that everyone remembers many years later. I strive to become one of these excellent teachers and I hope that one-day, some former student of mine will look back in their yearbook and think to themselves, “wow, she was a wonderful teacher!” But for right now, I am just taking it one step at a time. I cherish each and every one of my students, whom I consider my “children.” I strive to make them the best that they can be and help prepare them for the many years a head of them. And who knows where I might be in another ten years!

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