Caesar Essay by rahulbose


									Blake Berry Caesar Essay

There were many times through out this entire story that characters made bad and even worse decisions. The characters I have chosen to talk about are examples of what I am talking about. Everyone in life makes decisions, its just human to do so but the things some of these people have done are not just accidental miss-haps, they were conscience decisions and they new what they were doing were wrong, some of them anyways. The following is who I chose to speak about and choices they have made. Caesar in the beginning made the conscience decision to trust Cassius even though he said “If I had to fear someone, it would be Cassius”(indirect quote). Caesar was uncomfortable with Cassius deep down and now it has led to tragedy. Caesar made this decision of trusting or pretending not to “fear” Cassius because he wanted everyone to think he feared nothing and no one. Overall Caesars decision has resulted in his death because Cassius played a big role in his killing. I don’t think Caesar thought through the fact of Cassius doing something like that. Cassius’s “bright idea” to kill Caesar probably wasn’t the best idea. He and many others (Cassius was the back bone of the idea) wanted to assassinate Caesar because they feared him being in power or office. Cassius and others thought it would be for the best for Rome. The main result in his decision would be in the end when he killed himself, and this led up to it. A lot of this had to do that killing Caesar ruined him and his reputation and led everyone to believe him to be a conspirator. Cassius’s suicide was led up to from other problems. Brutus had a good life, he was a well respected man above anything else. He had

military positions and was a good guy. Now where Brutus went wrong was when he decided to join the conspirators. That choice screwed up a lot of things going for him. We know that Cassius did everything he could to convince Brutus that killing Caesar was an “honorable” thing and Brutus is all about honor. That’s why he made that decision was because he thought it was honorable. Brutus had several bad things happen to him because of his decision. Just like Cassius, the worst thing that happened to him was his decision to kill himself. These three men could have made their life’s a lot easier and much more laid back. Brutus’s and Cassius’s thoughts of what and what not do about little things that wouldn’t have mattered consumed them. They all could have gone from day to day to be left alone or gone through out their daily life’s but it just was to much for Cassius to deal with for some reason and wanted Caesar gone and had to bring Brutus, a good man with a great life, into this and ruin his life. All of this is sad for all of them that their life’s had to be taken but maybe this could be a life lesson for us all.

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